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  1. Saying goodbye to quite a few players that havent really helped our season this year. Hore to continue playing well. No more injuries. Summer holidays.
  2. Nonetheless will be an interesting dual. Watching Freo playing pa at the minute and Hogan shades of his better form. We miss him as someone that would run all the way down the ground to take a mark or crash a pack.
  3. Perhaps we could have used the $ spent on Preuss since we dont play him.
  4. Delivery has been shocking but Tmac is dropping simple marks, missing said shots and barely tackling. I think its mostly between the ears and perhaps injury. Tom is clearly a confidence player and for whatever reason cannot pull himself out of this rut. A rest may do him the world of good and certainly wont hamper our chance of winning.
  5. Without a full forward who can average a minimum 2 goals a game and a decent crumber feeding off him we will never b e competitive on the scoreboard. Tmac was the obvious choice but where was his back up. Weid was really an unknown quantity. Why we didnt replace Hogan is hard to understand.
  6. Speaking of stats......now we are 1 game away from the bottom.......does anyone know how many teams have gone from prelim to wooden spoon in one season?
  7. His form dropped off at a crucial time 2 years ago and he hasnt played that well since. I hope he leaves this year. Played a part but his best seems well behind.
  8. Jeffy used to keep his feet but nowadays goes to ground too quick.
  9. More like ..... Next time clean my bloody golf shoes after you borrow them.
  10. Leadership is shown. Its tough being a captain and while jack has leadership attributes he doesnt show enough in performance on the field to someone like Max.
  11. Well lets all be honest with ourselves. This is the real Melbourne weve come to know and loathe. Not without reason. GCS will win a flag b4 us.
  12. Saw at least 6 doing that..........almost looked happy with themselves. I guess they are more happy than most of cos at least they got paid.
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