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  1. I am waiting for weid to play like he did in those 2 finals games. This may be tbe one. If he doesnt have a breakout game soon , how long should we persist with him?
  2. So sad but so very true. The team that was going to bring home the bacon
  3. Club will do Whatever it takes to keep Preuss out Im afraid.
  4. No doubt about it our injuries have been a large part of our downfall. The issue for me is the other things thhat have contributed. Mainly players like tmac, hibberd,Viney,gus, having shocking seasons. Even jetta b4 injured was bad this year. Also we have way too many who wont show consistency in Weid, omac, garlett, hunt, wagners, anb and 3 or 4 others. Also Goody is very slow to change things that are not working if at all. I would argue a quarter of our list should go. No small ammount.
  5. Thanks for the migraine.
  6. Part of me now hopes they do. Maybe the club might start taking steps so that next time we almost win a flag we dont win the spoon the following year. Damn disgrace.
  7. Shocking skill errors as well truth be told. From weid dropping sitters to Gus I have no idea where Im handballing to. With the continued exceptions of Gawn, salem and Harmes perhaps a couple more, the rest of the team need a huge kick up the bs. As soon as I saw Tmac on tv pregame talk about his new form I had my worries. Also how long do we have to wait for weid to become a good forward? Finally, why is Goodwin so inflexible?
  8. This club was cloned over summer with dodgy seconds made and replaced with originals.
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