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  1. Not a snowflakes chance in hell we will make finals this year. I do believe we will next year if we recruit well and get rid of around 6 to nine players. Too many losses and injuries under the bridge. We will refine our plan and list. Reset with the talent we have and its quite a lot. Hopefully pick up a star ff . #mfcflag2020.
  2. love your passion pk. Clearly you wear red and and blue in your heart as well as your sleeve.
  3. Agree. Tough game to officiate but there were several absolute howlers. Dont believe it is sinister.
  4. Gee if we are all going to be honest lets admit we have all hated this club at times. The are the annoying little brother you love that often dissappoints. I do believe we will win several flags in the next decade but until then I reserve the right to dump on them. The simple fact is umpires are prone to be influenced by larger cr o wd support discrepancies.
  5. Has not set the world on fire for sure. Max ius a good alternative I guess.
  6. And Tmac couldnt mark much. Jeffy p l ayed one quarter. Marty Hore will be a star. Stretch wont. Viney used to be. Harmes is. Hunt could be.
  7. Intercept marks and umps and shocking kicking. Tmac no goals. Why Preuss wasnt picked I will never understand.
  8. Tom mac cannot mark. Apart fro dropping sitters he doesnt attack the ball like Hore. Just waits for ball. His first 4rt was so different. His brother sucks too.
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