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  1. Flash back to AFL X with Trac in the ruck?
  2. So I assume the plan will be to kick the ball along the ground all night and take talls out of the equation
  3. When people are critical of our depth I always think about this. Nobody has quality depth down to the 40th man. Hopefully Chandler proves to be a gem. Lord knows we need one
  4. If you cant trade picks then it will never work. Whens the last time teams just traded players straight up? Edit: To answer my own question. WC & Syd Lewis Jetta for Callum Sinclair in 2015.
  5. This should be fun, Obviously everything is going wrong right now so naturally people are trying to work out why. Recently the infamous camp was brought up again as a possible turning point. Now I thought that was as far back as anyone could go. But of course before that the was the trade for our 2nd best defender, Lever. Getting a young star and future leader into the club, surely that's where we stuffed up! But this morning I'm reading about Jones' "haunting past" with a link to an article that's now 5 years old! I think it's time to set the challenge to demonlanders: What's the oldest and/or most irrelevant article you can find that explains our current situation. Get creative, I will accept anything from footy to climate change to astrology. All you need to do is explain why it [censored] us up so badly. If we're going to complain, might as well make a game of it.
  6. What bugs me about this is that he treats us like idiots. (although with some things I read around here it could be a fair assumption). But why couldn't he talk about us controlling the ball but still being aggressive at times and switching the ball with purpose today, talk about how we were able to go end to end on those switches from hard running a few times and how it was just finishing and some skill execution that let us down, that's what they see and that's what the coaching team is happier with. You can still counter that to talk about the lack of intensity in the latter half of the 2nd and whole 3rd qtr that ultimately cost us the game. But saying [censored] like "trending" is just crap it means nothing to anyone.
  7. They always start well. Over the last 4 years more than half their wins have come in the first 5 rounds. After that they fall on a hole. From the start of 2016: GC Record first 5 rounds: 11-9 GC Record round 6 onwards: 8-57
  8. Sorry I should have bean clear, I don't think that the harder fixture had anything to do with or failures this year. We we're just about shot by round 8. Well before it mattered who we were playing What I was getting at is that 12 games of any given season is made up of 12 teams. The remaining 10 games are made up of only 5 teams. In a year where finals are actually a chance for us (hopefully 2020) the fixture is a big deal. As it is for everyone else, Brisbane has it this year: North, Suns, Hawks, Dogs and Port. At best 1 finalist in that list, still a chance of no finalists. 8-1 with only a game against the Suns to come. It's made their season.
  9. The double up games make and break seasons. 10 games come against double up teams. From those games we're 1-7 with Coll and Syd to come. Last year we were 7-3 in double ups and lost those 3 by a combined 7 points. (Geel x2 and StK). Oh how far we've fallen
  10. Great post, Lots of interesting stats. Is there any chance you can get some of these turnover->score stats with other defenders across the league? It seems pretty logical that when a defender who usually has the ball in the back half would have high scores per turnover compared to mids and forwards. Just would be interested if our defenders are outliers compared to everyone else's defenders
  11. As a whole I agree, but you're including Sier as a best 22 player? He couldn't get a game until they had an injury 'crisis'.
  12. Now i don't watch footy classified as I have better things to do like watch grass grow or paint dry. But I assume they spent time discussing collingwoods injurys? I hope she was as blunt about saying Collingwood fall from the top 4 since getting injurys is also pathetic. If (and i admit its a big if) we beat Collingwood this week both teams will have 3 wins post bye, one of theirs by a point and another against the Sun's. Teams with injurys lose matches, it's not that complicated
  13. I can't believe I'm going to suggest this because I want Gus to stay. But thinking slightly outside the box... Pick 20(ish), our 2020 first round pick and Gus for Langdon, Hill and their Pick 8(ish) Get in the runners we need and take 2 Top 10 selections to the draft backing ourselves to climb again next year.
  14. Lewis again did a brilliant job, this time on Grimes, he had 0 influence. Given his career is coming to a close and that he's paying in dead rubbers, the way Lewis is performing his role over the past month is demonstrating outstanding leadership.
  15. Just a question, do you think me being accepting of the reality that we were unlikely to beat the best side in the comp is the same as being happy with it? This seems to be a common mistake made by the perennial whingers. I'm always disappointed when we lose, no matter the week, I nearly broke my hand punching the coffee table in last qtr watching the West coast game. But I was still postive after the game.
  16. Ignoring the rest of this this post, I have to ask, Harmes?? The case could be made that he is now our best midfielder. He's more certainly more damaging with the ball than Oliver.
  17. I know right! Goodwin on the next month: We’re just trying to pull some guys in for execution. We’re hopeful [this] will have immediate impact tomorrow night. Our players have been unbelievable they will get sorted out very shortly. Just have to read between the lines really 🙄
  18. Undoubtedly he is harshly criticised. I do think he gets in his own way trying too hard to be the 'team player'. He should have had 5 goals on the weekend, gifted one to Lewis he could have kicked himself and threw one away for Wagner to eventually clean up. Maybe not a "breakout" game but the game where the footy world sits up takes notice is getting closer.
  19. Pros: Deadeye Infront of goal, can pinch hit in the ruck. Cons: If he doesn't get a free kick or lace out delivery he is a liability, neither of which come in abundance at MFC. Would cost us the farm, the kitchen sink and perhaps some magic beans. If anyone thinks we overpaid for May or Lever then they'd probably have a brain aneurysm looking at any realistic trade for Brown
  20. Not a fan, all the Richmond supporters I know continually complain about his ball use and decision making. Exactly the opposite qualities we need. The equivalent would be Richmond going after ANB, not many here would be all that upset about it
  21. Side note: Freo play Geel (H), StK (A), Ess (H) and Port (A). They're no guarantee to win any of them.. depending on other results (including Melb vs Syd) they could still fall as far as 15th and really take the value out of a potential trade where we slide back in the first round.
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