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  1. Ladder: 5th -7th (13 or 14 wins) Finals exit: Semi final loss, B&F: Pettraca Big improvers: Weiderman 40+ goals, Pettraca avg 23+ touches and 30+ goals AA squad: Gawn, Oliver, Pettraca, Lever, May AA team: Gawn, Pettraca RS Nomination: Pickett Surprise win: WC round 1. We'll catch them napping in the Perth sun Surprise loss: GC round 5. I guess when you think about it, it wouldn't really be a surprise Best win: a nail-biter under lights in Brisbane round 14
  2. Maybe they haven't changed to daylight savings time
  3. I think Jackson it depends a bit on form and injury of TMac, Weid and Petty. I think they'll try playing some combination of 3 of those 4. Particularly with TMacs running and Jacksons athleticism. Pickett in the other hand, given a promising preseason and showing some signs in the JLT I could see him playing round 1. We don't have any genuine crumbing forwards, if they want one in the side then he's a damn good chance to play straight up.
  4. Imagining a centre bounce with Gawn, Jackson, Tomlinson and Oliver. Mightn't be very effective but would tower over any other midfield
  5. Classic AFL media management: Intern: "The public wont like this" Gill: "No worries we'll release the news 1 hour before the draft, nobody will even notice"
  6. Only 1 premiership from pick 10?? Best we split it!
  7. The glass half empty view on Kemp (ignoring his ACL) is that he is a jack of all trades, master of none. There are many players in the league who seem to be able to float around and play anywhere, but those are rarely the superstars. Doesn't mean he won't be/isn't a gun. But most of the best players are stars of their respective position, not just good at lots of positions. That said, I would be happy to see Kemp in the red and blue, if the cards fall that way. Even if he never rises to the top echelon of players. But as it sits now I don't think he's likely to be picked by us
  8. Kinda blurry but pretty sure that's TMac in the background coming 4th. That guy is a running machine, coming off a knee injury
  9. The under 18s finished playing weeks ago, how has he gone from a late first rounder to risky top 10 to a sure thing top 10 and now to an expeted top 3 pick without doing anything??
  10. If he is to play forward I'd like to see some more small forward craft, hitting packs front and centre, that's what we need from him. But most of his best footy in 2019 was playing almost as a lead up forward. With TMac, Weid, Fritch and to a lesser extent J Smith all capable in the lead I think we need to more dynamic small forwards, not another small key. No matter how quick he is. His set shot to general play shot ratio is too much like a kpf. Only 10 shots in general play for the year. We need quick smalls who are a threat at ground level Tom and Trac as comparison:
  11. That's unfortunate, we play them in round 5
  12. Just going off the totals it's actually pretty fair. Hawks and dogs probably a bit higher than deserved and Saints and Giants unlucky but overall reasonable balance of performance vs big money clubs
  13. We have a similar run against the Eagles. The only time we are the home team against them is in the NT. Since 2010 we've only played them at the G twice
  14. 2 things guaranteed every year. A game in Geelong and 2 games against the Saints
  15. My favourite part about Jason Taylor's interview is that so many listen to then then proceed to come on DL and explain why it fits in with their predetermined opinion on who we should pick/pick we should trade. So anyway here's how it fits into my opinion. I liked him actually saying that pick 3 is bring treated like pick 1, means we are unlikely to trade it unless it's an insanely good deal. He also spoke about 97 but without explicitly saying so it sounded like he thought that we would be trading in from there, which would have to mean that we're likely thinking about trading 8, hopefully we wait to do it on the night, just incase someone slips to 8. On that note I was surprised when Cal asked about Serong at 8 and not at 3... given that he has had him right up around picks 3/4 for much of the year, wonder if he has mail that he might be slipping with the likes of Jackson coming up the order and clubs still planning on taking Kemp before 8. On a side note: I'm also fascinated to know who JT wanted to play state footy but couldn't get it to happen. What I'd give to sit in on those meetings where they go through and plan their whole draft.
  16. Wangaratta and Wagga Wagga. Richmond's drawn the short straw
  17. I don't really want him, and it appears the clubs in the same boat, but a heavily front loaded contact would be better for us. Easier to manipulate our cap for just this year rather than next. Our salary cap crunch will come trying to re-sign everyone for beyond next year. If the bulk of a hypothetical Martin contact us paid 'up front' so to speak that would be ideal.
  18. I've been wondering if we might use pick 8 in the live trading. Use 3 on Young then wait, come pick 8 if our 2nd target is available (say Flanders or Serong) we take them if not then we try to do a pick swap with a Geelong or GC. 14 and 17 or 15 and 20 respectively for 8 then we might be able to hedge our bets and grab both Wightman and Pickett.
  19. I haven't been following Young too closely but from what I've seen I'd say Ash is more like Bacher as they both use run and carry as their weapon. I'd liken Young more to Shannon Hurn, using intercept marking and elite kicking as a weapon. But either is good
  20. Lots of people across many threads suggesting particular players will be available at 3 but not at 8. So for my own curiousity. Where are everyone's own top 10 Phantom drafts? (Assume no trading) Mine (At least for now): 1. (GC) Rowell 2. (GC) Anderson 3. (MELB) Young 4. (ADEL) Stephens 5. (GWS) Green (matching bid) 6. (SYD) Serong 7. (FREM) Kemp 8. (MELB) Flanders 9. (HAW) Maginness (matching bid) 10. (CARL) Ash Thoughts: Adelaide puzzles me I really don't know what they'll do, personally, I think Kemp would be their best choice to build the new era around, but given the big gap to their next pick they'll struggle to go past the talented local. Serong suits Sydney the most, with Jones on the move and Paley likely following next year but clearly they bid With 2 late top 10 picks Freo is in the perfect position to take the punt on Kemp. Working with Fyfe would do wonders for his development If Flanders or Serong slip to 8 I think we'd be negligent not to take them, my current list has Flanders slip. But if they're gone we'll probably as expected take Weightman Maginness would slot right into Carltons midfield next to Cripps and Walsh, so they bid and have it matched. Before taking Ash as the ready replacement for Simpso
  21. Hibbard is an All Australian defender. He might be past his best but he's better than your average player.
  22. I've been pro Serong or Flanders mostly because I think they're talented enough and with the goal sense we desperately need, but I have to admit I'm a sucker for a beautiful kick. Would love to have him in the side. Particularly with our forward press. Get him intercepting 80m from goal and his kicks inside 50 are a lead up forwards wet dream
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