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  1. I'm not sure what people want in the clubs marketing campaign.. #ToHellandMaybeBackUnlessWeDontMakeItBackThatWouldBeUnfortunate 2020 is a year for redemption. They may very well fail miserably and it will end up "They know we're coming" 2.0. But this is the campaign that will generate the most interest. Particularly if the club gets on a roll and isn't that the point?
  2. Ladder: 5th -7th (13 or 14 wins) Finals exit: Semi final loss, B&F: Pettraca Big improvers: Weiderman 40+ goals, Pettraca avg 23+ touches and 30+ goals AA squad: Gawn, Oliver, Pettraca, Lever, May AA team: Gawn, Pettraca RS Nomination: Pickett Surprise win: WC round 1. We'll catch them napping in the Perth sun Surprise loss: GC round 5. I guess when you think about it, it wouldn't really be a surprise Best win: a nail-biter under lights in Brisbane round 14
  3. Maybe they haven't changed to daylight savings time
  4. I think Jackson it depends a bit on form and injury of TMac, Weid and Petty. I think they'll try playing some combination of 3 of those 4. Particularly with TMacs running and Jacksons athleticism. Pickett in the other hand, given a promising preseason and showing some signs in the JLT I could see him playing round 1. We don't have any genuine crumbing forwards, if they want one in the side then he's a damn good chance to play straight up.
  5. Imagining a centre bounce with Gawn, Jackson, Tomlinson and Oliver. Mightn't be very effective but would tower over any other midfield
  6. Classic AFL media management: Intern: "The public wont like this" Gill: "No worries we'll release the news 1 hour before the draft, nobody will even notice"
  7. Only 1 premiership from pick 10?? Best we split it!
  8. The glass half empty view on Kemp (ignoring his ACL) is that he is a jack of all trades, master of none. There are many players in the league who seem to be able to float around and play anywhere, but those are rarely the superstars. Doesn't mean he won't be/isn't a gun. But most of the best players are stars of their respective position, not just good at lots of positions. That said, I would be happy to see Kemp in the red and blue, if the cards fall that way. Even if he never rises to the top echelon of players. But as it sits now I don't think he's likely to be picked by us
  9. Kinda blurry but pretty sure that's TMac in the background coming 4th. That guy is a running machine, coming off a knee injury
  10. The under 18s finished playing weeks ago, how has he gone from a late first rounder to risky top 10 to a sure thing top 10 and now to an expeted top 3 pick without doing anything??
  11. If he is to play forward I'd like to see some more small forward craft, hitting packs front and centre, that's what we need from him. But most of his best footy in 2019 was playing almost as a lead up forward. With TMac, Weid, Fritch and to a lesser extent J Smith all capable in the lead I think we need to more dynamic small forwards, not another small key. No matter how quick he is. His set shot to general play shot ratio is too much like a kpf. Only 10 shots in general play for the year. We need quick smalls who are a threat at ground level Tom and Trac as comparison:
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