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  1. Lockhart and Sparrow to get chances maybe?
  2. I understand that we aren't particularity likely to be able to see any live footy this year. But this would really blow up in their face if they set up games in these tiny stadiums only to have the mass gathering ban lifted in the second half of the year.
  3. Given the under 18 comp would also be cancelled take the opportunity to move the draft age back to 19. Have a mini draft for any retirees but push all future draft trades from 2019 back to the 2021 draft
  4. Let's make Rd6 the new round 1. Start the year with Richmond and Melbourne on ANZAC eve. And then create a new 17 game fixture from there
  5. Will just result on 6 defenders vs 4 forwards instead of 7 defenders vs 5 forwards. What's the difference?
  6. I have had similar concerns. But the T20 final Sunday still clocked over 85000 in the peak of the great toilet paper panic. I think there will be a dip in attendance over the early parts of the year but I'd expect it to be in the range of 5-10% not 30-35%
  7. If Lockhart misses out on round 1 for Salem and Hibbard plays then its a travesty
  8. Jackson, Spargo, Brayshaw, Bedford, AVB, Hore, Brown, Lockhart Interesting interchange list, I assume like against Adel they will play with 5 on the bench and 2 subs. Brayshaw and AVB are obviously in but I wonder who the other 3 will be. Jackson, Lockhart and Brown? Personally I'd like to see them play Bedford, both to see him at the level and also if they intend to play Kozzie rd1 then it will be the like for like forward structure.
  9. Liability is way too harsh for Viney. But if sub par disposal and effort was enough to make people happy then ANB would be a demonland favourite instead of whipping boy Jack clearly has issues, his complete lack of versatility probably being the primary issue here. But like a few others mentioned I'd like to see him have a crack after a solid preseason.
  10. Half back flanks. The one spot we have covered in spades... I'd almost have rathered they move him forward. Put selection pressure on the ANB type defensive high half forward role. But I have to admit his marking for his size should really help him slot in as an intercept rebounder. Wonder if we'll see as many don't argues from him coming out of the backline
  11. His set shot is strangly better than his field kicking. But I think as a forward he plays too much like a key forward for his size. He seemed to do most his good work on the lead last year. He's competing with Fritch/Melksham as a player who can be a lead up/mid sized forward option. But both of those players are a class above him and you could probably say Vanders could play that role too. This is all assuming pettracca plays majority midfield minutes and we dont play all 3 of Tmac, Weid and Brown... Unfortunatly he's skill set as a forward is not really what we need, just too many players infront of him. We need a player who is more dynamic at groundlevel. thats why we a frothing at the mouth to see Pickett out there even if he's not quite ready. One thing we could always rely on is Jayden giving his all whenever he's on the park so if he does get another chance I hope he takes it. His attitude and effort in the red and blue will never be questioned.
  12. In october last year the AFL cut their whole website dev team and outsourced it. Which is why right after the team had got the new site up and running last year, it got scrapped and replaced by the current horse [censored]. The outsourced company didnt want to maintain a custom built site, so they've just put in one of their own website templates.
  13. The torpedo was a fluke and we all know it. (Don't get me wrong it was great but we can't judge him on that) The rest of his kicking is awful, his poor decision making down back meant he couldn't remain. Once teams stopped him from running he rapidly declined. He got moved forward and contributed but only because there where players missing. He's never demonstrated any ability to play as a wingman - and no running from the half back flank at full pace then kicking out to nobody is not evidence of him playing on the wing. I always thought his best bet was a Jetta type back pocket role but Lockhart's showing more potential in that already. And Rivers will likely be groomed to be the next Hibbard. I just don't see where he gets in the side. Honestly, remembering he couldn't get a game in 2018 when we were playing well, baring injuries is not unreasonable to suggest he won't play many games (if any) in the seniors this year. And if that happens for the 2nd time in 3 years... He'll be genuine trade bait. If not that then in the delist discussions. Which would be really disappointing for a kid that looked so promising just a few years ago.
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