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  1. I've reached the point where I am forced to ignore almost every comment made on demonland about the Wagners. These boys cop unbelievably harsh reviews week on week, regardless of the way they play.
  2. Hell, given Vineys kicking he could have been aiming for the left behind post and he'd still nearly hit the right behind post
  3. Lewis as been largely unfairly treated around here in all 3 of his years at the club, but he's been a good servant for us in a time when we've needed leaders. It's going to be a hindsight decision, if we have another injury crisis in 2020 we'll be wishing he is still here. (Vince would have played this year) If not, he is a waste of list space Besides, I think Lewis is ready to retire himself, hopefully he plays out the year in the manner that he has the last 3 weeks and the club shows him the respect he deserves, Last game at the G is a Friday night against Sydney, maybe we can try rally some Hawks fans to get behind him, we know there won't be many dees fans making the effort to get there
  4. The operation was a complete success... but the patient died.
  5. Oh i actually think Preuss is a fantastic get for us. I just think he should be playing at Casey. I can accept we need him playing right now because we have no key forwards, but if Weid is fit next week I'd have him back at Casey continuing to learn to be a ruckman, not a forward.
  6. Dropped doesn't even come close to describing what he did, You would have thought he'd never seen a football before the way he went for that. Half way through the 3rd qtr I noticed Barrass starting to pretend Preuss didn't exist and just left him standing alone
  7. Top of the "away table" clash! According to the (flimsy) rules they've set out in this article a win could have us take the lead as the best traveling team in the league. http://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-18/trick-question-are-the-magpies-really-the-leagues-best-travellers
  8. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-17/what-happens-when-the-onekick-games-are-flipped-blues-in-the-hunt We'd be in the hunt for pick 1 without them
  9. Player is tackled (assume legally) one of 3 things happen: Ball is held in: Ball up Ball spills out: Dropping the ball, free kick Ball is correctly disposed of: Play on Remove the 'he tried' bs that just causes a 30sec scrap, would result in many fewer tackles and fewer throws.
  10. Melksham says he's 2 weeks away from a half at VFL then should do some running and play the following week, similar path to Jettas VFL run. Quite possibly the most informative injury update to come out of the club in the last decade (Inside Melbourne podcast)
  11. Bray -> Trac. Missed kick by 5m, Trac in space Trac -> Tom. Kick to def adv, strong mark Melk -> Weid. shanked set shot, no def spoil Harmes-> Melk. kick to def adv, def slips over Selwood slips -> Viney kicks straight to def, ball bobbles Trac -> Jones -> goal Henderson slips -> Hannan goal Omac the ol' Reverse Falcon spoil. I'm on team Goodwin, but I have to admit, it's amazing how when you're winning things just all seem to work out in your favour, ball bounces the right way, opposition panics, our mistakes get covered up.
  12. I agree that the dogs didn't put any work into him, the first bounce sums this up perfectly. Wood looked straight at Petty then lined up 10m away from him. That said I still think you reward that performance, he was taking contested marks while Pruess was dropping chest marks and neither Hannan or Dunkley could touch the footy. Personally I'd drop Pruess and one of Dunkley or Hannan for both Weid and Smith (if they're fit). Without NicNat and Vardey I'm happy to live with Weid in the ruck as the backup. Hopefully Smith can play the same role on McGovern and that should give one of Petty or Weid Barass and the other a chance against a smaller opponent.
  13. I believe they are disappointed that "Good off the ball running patterns and accurate ball use between AFL midfielders and forwards" was not listed as a definition for "Connection" in the Oxford English dictionary.
  14. Thank God, thought it was coming next week when we would have to play them on the rebound
  15. You're right we could have Lochie O'Brien and Ned McHenry instead of Lever! We'd be way better off.
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