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  1. After doing the hard yards at work tonight and driving home, my phone just went nuts with messages! Finally got to see the last two minutes and then the song being sung, insane feeling. Left with a massive grin. They are building. This all has a certain feeling about it.
  2. I think if we can just be in the head space to hunt the Roos from the very start and get them on the back foot, somewhat like we eventually did against Adelaide, then there is nothing that can stop us. We didn't let the height of Adelaide get us like what Hawthorn did to us the week before, I am hoping we won't slip into poor habits and cost ourselves again. It sounds simple, play smart, hunt them and we should get the points.
  3. I still can't get over seeing him grabbing the ball while he is in mid air and before his feet have hit the ground he has already fired out a handball. The awareness and speed is insane.
  4. Soon as I read about the sponsorship this morning I figured they probably have access. Considering a few others here have had phone calls too, it all makes sense.
  5. If Sheedy loves the need to label matches that ultimately mean [censored] all to hype them up (City v Country.. incredible, can't wait for this one), then I'm looking forward to him drumming up next weeks game against West Coast! Wonder what he could call it..?
  6. Prior to those phone calls, I had never been to the site or had anything to do with iSelect. Just happened out of the blue for me.
  7. Had them ringing me non stop that I blocked the number, feel a little bad now haha.
  8. This one has always frustrated me. We have heard it so many times over the years. What these blokes do for a living is no mystery. So why are they all switched off at the start of a game?
  9. It always feels like we are slow to react to what is happening in front of us. Every game so far this year has had elements of that happening. We have been lucky a few times but the ability to stop the opposition doing damage for long periods of time is what will continually do us in. I would love to say it is just a matter of coming out and playing 4 quarters and everything will be right. How easy would that be! But just having a mind set to see that a change is needed earlier rather than later could mean a game won rather than lost.
  10. Thought Tyson worked his way into the game a little better this week. Hopefully can keep building for next week.
  11. Hurley just doing what Rance did last Monday. When you don't have much of a forward line.
  12. Just wait for him to nail one and go from there..
  13. Is it a case of Tyson getting out his rut by just working his way into the season due to his pre season?
  14. It was noticeable on TV too. I just felt that someone should have stayed down with him. Two blokes going up for a spoil and it tips out the back, it never ends well.
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