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  1. Bottle of Jameson’s mysteriously disappearing😋 Can’t get to the G tonight so do some screaming for me Want to see us hang the Hawkes on the fence in the back paddock. Go Dees😝
  2. Outside gate 1 before the game, a seagull cra!pped on my Geelong mates beanie Never looked back from there!
  3. He was hiding behind the Stalking Horse. Dutton.
  4. I see him as a long term leader Always hoped and now it has come to fruition!!
  5. Thank Christ for Harmes hope no one wants to drop him!
  6. A true star! Just gets the job done week after week
  7. When he arrived I was told by a football expert that he was a "Complete Spud" Who's the spud now
  8. Enjoy the drive back to Melbourne .. oh. And not gloat to my cats supporting mate
  9. Hope not or I will be facing a looong drive home with my Geelong supporter mate
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