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  1. Thanks for updates KC and DJim, unable to stream today 👍🏻
  2. I’ve got a funny feeling in my waters about Sydney tonight. Please convince me it’s a silly idea to change my tip to Sydney.
  3. Like a fossilised turd that wouldn’t flush, it has finally broken apart and dissolved in the toilet bowl that is channel 9.
  4. Clarkson dropped Roughead. ATTN MFC: IT CAN BE DONE
  5. Anyone else a little concerned Goodwin says they’re leaving the decision on playing Viney ‘completely up to him’? Jack’s pretty much admitted he’s rushed himself back before and we know what happened then. Surely the medical staff should be involved in this decision, but hey, that’s probably for the Shaun Smith thread...
  6. This. I’ve raised this before with no satisfactory response. He looks like one of those bobble head things one puts on the dashboard of their car. Or a Thunderbird. Creepy
  7. I found it interesting that not one of the footy shows I watched (360, otc, classified) touched this story tonight. Would’ve thought it’d be first on the agenda. Would this be for legal reasons given pending police investigation or the media have pulled the reigns on the story because of the other contexts around it, I wonder?
  8. Lamb and chicken, extra meat, with garlic sauce, chilli sauce, no tomato is the rumour.
  9. I think it’s high on the agenda.
  10. Incidentally, why does Fyfe wear that arm condom thing? Does it serve any purpose other that looking like he wants to play in the NBA?
  11. Good game of soccer at Adelaide oval
  12. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/hawthorn-supporter-bashed-at-afl-match-20190505-p51k8r.html pretty ordinary stuff
  13. Any more details about this punch-on in the stands?
  14. Haha, I found a pair of red speedos next to a blow up swan by the pool. Mounting evidence ...
  15. Second that motion. In Bali and q by q replays don’t work on AFL app 😫
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