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  1. Damn! Beat me to it literally one click!
  2. What’s the media coverage for today’s game?
  3. Well there you go. Didn’t go today due to disinterest after seeing six losses live this year and having 2 x 5 year old kids parties to attend. I had to remove myself to the front yard at the second party after I shouted ‘PLUGGER MCDONALD!’ during ‘pin the horn on the unicorn’ (metaphorically sums up TMac’s attempts at finding form this year, really) as I hovered in the corner refreshing the afl app. Now the kiddies are crashed out, couch time and replay. Nice win Dees, now let’s finish the year stronger and build towards 2020 🔴🔵
  4. I mean the extended bench, lever named in starting line up. I/C gets named at Casey
  5. No. Extended bench always gets named in 2s
  6. Off the extended bench, I’d like Weed, Hibbo, ANB and ........ Smithers, release the Preuss
  7. Just finished watching delayed. I burst out into maniacal laughter after Weeds miss. I’m genuinely questioning my sanity.
  8. Anyone know if the game is on the radio?
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