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  1. Jeez, relax guy, we’re not gonna take you! Imagine he gets a long term injury in those first two seasons, paper bags of cash down the dunny, tee hee!
  2. Haha , so is she! SOS presents as arrogant, self centred, defensive and controlling. When the media challenge him about his decision making, he either deflects blame/responsibility or gets all aggro. You know, a jerk. Not the kinda bloke you’d want to be stuck on a desert island with. Could play though, I guess.
  3. What a bunch of poseur clowns. Which one is Murray, anyway?
  4. ‘You’ MFC supporters, or ‘we’re’....seems like you’ve got an identity crisis. I have to ask, what are you even doing here?
  5. Krusty the Klown > Sideshow Bob > Ben Brown, muthafuckas! Amirite, @Yokozuna?
  6. Cook it out and make some crack chamomile. Free base that [censored], man, and double the yield.
  7. Deeeerwayne Russell was dropped at birth.
  8. Richmond are a bloody good footy team. That was electric to watch. *sigh
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