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  1. Renewed on 10th December, still nothing in the mail. I’m in no mad rush but that seems lengthy for a Melbourne metro mailout..
  2. My mate texted me saying Maxy had broken his ankle running between wickets. Poor humour 😑
  3. Here’s a summer feel-good(ish) story for ya. So a colleague of mine is a cricket-loving Kiwi who plays in an amateur league here in Melbourne. The name of the league escapes me, but it’s pretty well organised whereby they have player ranking points across the all teams. My mate is pretty good and as such, got selected to represent the Kiwi ‘All-Star’ team or some such in a one-off exhibition game played today. Weeks ago he cane to me with his good news of selection. With his limited knowledge of AFL, my mate said rumour was getting about that a footy star was going to be on the team. Some tall bloke with a beard, he says. I immediately opened a file on my work computer filled with humorous Max facial expression pics that I use to punctuate light-hearted emails and showed him - is this the bloke? Confirmed, Max Gawn was selected as wicket keeper / batsman for today’s game! I haven’t seen too many keepers of Max’s height, but apparently he goes alright! I’ve read about his passion for the Black Caps and the fact he was born there so makes sense I guess. My mate said he’s a ripping bloke. Anyway, the Kiwis lost needing 2 runs off the last ball. Guess who had most of the strike in the last but couldn’t get bat to ball? Can’t win em all; shades of R1 2018. At least he didn’t pull a hammy or anything. My mate was pretty filthy on the loss so I don’t have much match detail at this stage, he said it was too soon so must have been a heartbreaker. But best of all, my mate was kind enough, and Maxy gracious enough, to sign a picture for my 4.5 yo twin daughters to go alongside their one from Daisy Pearce on our fridge. The conditioning is almost complete. Thanks Maxy, go Dees!
  4. Come over to my place; still saved on my Foxtel IQ. Sad but true 🥴
  5. Just renewed - how hope springs eternal. Go Dees 2020!
  6. Bearnaise, dude. All the way
  7. Jeez, relax guy, we’re not gonna take you! Imagine he gets a long term injury in those first two seasons, paper bags of cash down the dunny, tee hee!
  8. Haha , so is she! SOS presents as arrogant, self centred, defensive and controlling. When the media challenge him about his decision making, he either deflects blame/responsibility or gets all aggro. You know, a jerk. Not the kinda bloke you’d want to be stuck on a desert island with. Could play though, I guess.
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