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  1. ‘Once in a lifetime’ ?.... not in mine yet 😓
  2. I was attending a birthday dinner tonight, thank [censored]. Got home and watched first 10 mins of last quarter. Unable to watch, I then immediately flicked over to a recording of Open Mike featuring Ray ‘Razor’ Chamberlain FFS. Dark times indeed.
  3. I’d say it would be time to crack open everyone on Demonland’s skulls and feast on the grey goo inside.
  4. Agree on this. I've noticed Roos, when discussing MFC and other present dysfunctioning clubs this year, takes the view of putting it back on the players not executing plans properly. Coincidence?
  5. I’m ashamed to say I left at 3 q time - literally never left before final siren. Absolutely gutted. The upside is my family will get to see a bit more of me this winter. And loving the fact I rushed to get a [censored] GF guarantee before round 1. I WANT MY [censored] MONEY BACK YOU IMPOTENT WANNABES 🥵
  6. Who fuckkkkin cares? So very very despondent
  7. Totally agree , I reckon the FD are onto something here. He’s got the tackling/forward pressure , just to work on his crumbing/front and centre and he’ll be a real weapon. Pretty good set shot and can kick them on the run. Go Hunty!
  8. Lots of people worried about Spargo over Jeffy, but little mention of Hunt. Hunt is about as ‘zippy’ as they get; I reckon he’ll find his calling in the forward 50 once he gets a consistent run at the role.
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