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  1. https://thehill.com/homenews/498341-south-korea-soccer-club-apologizes-after-using-sex-dolls-as-stand-in-fans-at-empty
  2. Well, that’s it guys, I’m done with footy.
  3. So does McGowan think that keeping WA borders closed is leverage for forcing all other clubs to form a hub in Perth, thus reaping the economic and competitive advantage?! And now he’s having a sook because no one’s buying it. If he just made FIFO exemptions for AFL teams (and SA), everything would be hunky-dory; but no, he wants to play brinkmanship. While they’ve been open the whole time for hundreds of FIFO mining and defence workers. What a fool- he’s now essentially forcing his two state teams into a situation they don’t want.
  4. My 5 yo kids are doing children’s yoga in front of the telly right now, does that count?
  5. Indeed, still a bit to play out here. Apart from different group limits in each state, the issue is also around players in WA and SA who have returned from interstate and are still in a quarantine period. In any case, there will be a uniform AFL policy for all 18 clubs to follow until everything’s eventually aligned between state jurisdictions. It was mentioned on Classified tonight there will be an announcement on this tomorrow.
  6. Oh god, I can’t un-see that now
  7. Dave-o’s just itching for a merger.
  8. Ok Dave, let me try and understand your rationale here. So, if initially I was to provide the name of the player, even at a time when the information was unconfirmed, you wouldn’t be having a goddamn aneurysm right now?
  9. Out of morbid curiosity, ding, what were some of his other monikers over the journey? Same person as Range Rover? I get all the [censored] heads mixed up.
  10. Sit down, Dave. It took you two weeks to stand up. You’ve clearly got time on your hands, so go back and read all my comments and its context. It was on the same day where there was debate about another player (from North I think) who was falsely named in the media. I was strong on NOT naming the name I heard for that very reason. That’s kinda responsible, right? The source of this particular murmur was very close to the player apparently involved and I felt it relevant to the topic at the time and worth sharing on this site. So it seems the player had another ailment and was isolated as a precaution. Probably a good move, given the [censored] was just starting to hit the fan with the biggest global health crisis in a century, its crippling effects to be felt in every area of every individuals lives for months, years, even generations. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it Dave?
  11. And by winery tours, you mean going from bottle-o to bottle-o panic buying premix Bundy and Coke?
  12. Same, Spalding, we’ve all had a few distractions the last few weeks, understandable really.
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