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  1. I actually think we might beat West Coast over there. The ground dimensions suit us. We can't defend space and are absolutely shizen on the MCG. I have no faith in Garlett or ANB in the furnace of pressure football.
  2. Reactionary or Radicals are usually intolerant of other's views. Whether Left or Right.
  3. I was listening to it on the radio in 83 I believe and the first time in a long time we beat them there. Matthews was playing at Full Forward and couldn't get a kick. The radio said he'd plastered his nose across his face (but he may have also broken his jaw). Dog act.
  4. I heard the story from a long time Demon fan (not sure if he was at the game though) The way he told McMullin never played again after Matthews broke his jaw, but clearly he did. It wasn't unusual for Matthews, but it would have been worth the price of admission to see Big Carl chase him round the ground. To add innuendo to further tarnish his notorious reputation, I've heard Matthews departure from Collingwood wasn't all that amicable either, especially from a particular player's perspective. Matthews, Thompson, Carey, Buddy.... good players, but 'friends' like them you can do without.
  5. Don't forget they need to talk up the Bummers because they'll be stinking it up next Friday night and the following one. FWIW it's blowing a gale in Canberra ATM and it may or may not die down for the game tonight. Doubt it will be a high scoring affair which brings Adelaide back into it.
  6. Richmond resting Nankervis this weekend, we don't have that luxury. I suspect that if they're worried about Max, then it would actually be Weideman that would come in to ruck. We have one forced change with Smith out, but it will be interesting to see if they make another one. I wouldn't be surprised if Hunt comes in for Smith and maybe Cam for Bernie who looks off the pace.
  7. Yeah the funny one!
  8. I think Bernie is on thin ice once players come back from injury. He was way off the pace today.
  9. If Deledio has done his calf again it's probably career over... certainly season over, old man injury that never comes up after just one or two.
  10. Unfortunately I was there, dragged along a mate from NSW who had never been to the footy before, to rub salt into the wound he started to barrack for Essendon based on that 'quarter'.
  11. He copped a knock on his hip (knee in a marking contest) against Geelong. The commentators mentioned it at the time and said if he could keep moving it should be fine, but he'd feel it during the week. You could see it being worked on during the game and he was clearly inconvenienced by it and then he copped another knock to the knee. I don't think it's a given he needs a rest as it might come good during the week.
  12. Was dropped by Eade and Dew, he’s a quintessential NQR.
  13. Must have been the very early years because once they got going Sparta regularly spanked the Athenians unless the match was played at sea. The Spartans never could play in the wet!
  14. I think West Coke will also try and get Mitch from the Crows who wants out and possibly Kelly from the Cats. They need Gaff to go for salary cap relief and also compensation that they can use to shore up potential trade/s.
  15. He'd be irresponsible to stay... ergo he will leave. Not sure if it was Healy or not, but Gerard usually gets pretty good mail. He's pretty close to a number of players.
  16. From one of the commentators over the weekend (sorry can't remember which one, but it may have been Gerard Healy) was that with the money the Eagles had offered Gaff he'd be financially irresponsible to stay. I think they're probably pretty keen to get the other McGovern who apparently definitely wants out of the Crows - so that limits what they can pay Gaff whose compensation they would need to help get McGovern.
  17. With Casey playing in 'heavy' conditions as well, it will be a case of wait and see during the week to see who pulls up OK in terms of recovery. The only real fresh player is Bernie who didn't play this week. He has to come in for Lewis who should get a week off to help him recover. If Smith doesn't get up then someone else will need to come in as I am firmly in the camp of not playing Vince and Lewis together in the back line. Probably Hannan. I was chuffed for Frosty and his first game back last night, and I think as soon as Kent and AVB get some miles back in their legs ANB will come under serious scrutiny to hold his spot.
  18. AVB 16 tackles. Now there's a man making up for lost time. Expect him back in the seniors if he can string together a few more games like that.
  19. Grundy gets the nod, because Eddie thinks he'll win the Brownlow... and 9-10 Herald Sun readers are Collingwood supporters - the ones that actually still bother to go to a newsagent to buy a paper anymore. No Neville Jetta either. A complete outrage.
  20. Let's not forget he's also played some very good games as a run-with players as well (at least once this year). He offers some versatility. I wouldn't be surprised to see him run with Sidebottom on the weekend.
  21. I have only one thing to say after that. Suck Arse Jed Lamb you toe rag!
  22. The example they used on 360 was from.our game against the Saints with Clarrie vs Carlisle, but Clarrie is watching the ball, so how is that a block compared to Langford vs the Swans when he never looks at thw ball. Storm in teacup. Maybe Clarko should appoint the umpires too!
  23. The only co fidence I have is he's an ex Cat. Not that that would ever be a factor?
  24. Yeah nah. You're still running on a logical algorithm that two identical incidents will be treated in the same manner by the tribunal. You clearly haven't been paying attention for the last few years. ?
  25. I think both Viney and Salem come back in. Who for will be tough. I'd also like Garlett to come back in with our new structure up forward as he's able to provide more opportunities than Hannan IMO.
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