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  1. Following the seniors game plan then.
  2. There were rumours last trade period. There's a lot of pressure on Hinkley and Port this year, another poor year and ...
  3. I was at the game in Sydney, so I had a front row seat, so to speak, about why. He certainly has assets: tall, athletic and quick..., but he torches the ball. In years gone past I remember when opposition sides were happy to sit off certain players to allow high possession numbers in the back half because they'd always turn it back over. He's in the same boat. I actually wanted him to get the ball because he would either a) dispose of it poorly leading to a turn over, b) sell a team mate into trouble leading to a turnover or c) would take off like a headless chook without considering who to give it to next. I'm not sure what his DE% is, but i'd be surprised if it was higher than about 34%. Also for a bloke his size I actually reckon (like a lot of defenders now) he has very little idea about when to mark and when to spoil.
  4. For the first time in a long time I look at the lineup and think that's probably how they'll start on Saturday night. I've got no doubt that I'm wrong.
  5. Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. Good sides defy history and predictions. We will put up a better showing down at the cattery. I'm not losing any sleep about going 0-2
  6. Thanks A F, I think that is what Hinkley was probably referring to then. Clearly this wasn't helped on the weekend with so many players underdone and out of gas towards the end of the game.
  7. I think if you had to pick out one metric to measure forward pressure then turnovers would be probably it (though - again no single metric is likely to give you a complete answer). Genuine question - do you know how we fared with Forward 50 turnovers last year?
  8. Maybe, is tackling inside the forward 50 was the only measure of defensive effort (it is certainly one indicator of work rate)?
  9. May will definitely come in probably at the expense of Frost or Hore. I think it's extremely unlikely KK will come in after a significant injury and only one run in the reserves. It's hard to see too many other changes being made unless they decide to bring in Preuss or Keilty to give Max a chop out as he looked well below his best yesterday. It may be an option with the smaller/narrower ground at Geelong.
  10. On the commentary they made mention of the fact that Hinkley had primed his side to take us on that we were underdone through the pre-season due to so many players having operations etc. The most glaring deficiency yesterday was our defensive spread and is definitely the result of not having a lot of outside speed. It's why I can't see Jones being a long term option to play wing. another comment that caught my attention was Port's assessment that our forwards are poor defenders and that all Port needed to do was be patient with ball in hand and they would be able to find a way to move the ball out of defence. For those that question why ANB and Spargo keep getting games see above. For those that think that when Garlett is fit his leg speed will see him back in the side, see above. I think as others have already observed the one structural deficiency we have is a hardworking small that has both speed and a natural goal sense.
  11. Nice idea Bob, I was considering taking mine to a seamstress and getting a couple of decades worth of scarves turned into blankets!
  12. Absolutely should have been point, I was sitting just to the left of the goals and watched it go through. One of the few occasions I'd ever ventured to Princess Park with my best mate who is a Carlton supporter down from the country. He was dumbfounded and I had a [censored] eating grin like a cheshire cat. After copping stick all day from him about Craig Smoker I was happy to keep reminding him how 'unlucky' Carlton were!
  13. channelling your inner Nathan Buckley!
  14. I actually don’t think it’s that weird. If you read between the lines there’s clearly a number of reasons why he was delisted by the Suns. 1. It seems clear he has no defensive aspect to his game - or an unwillingness to follow the game plan at any rate (you would think that as a senior player this might not go down well with the FD - think Lynden Dunn) 2. Despite getting a lot of the ball he butchers it. 3. We know the Suns were having a salary squeeze and the article alludes to the fact he was on good coin. He would have been happy to be delisted I suspect to pick up a three year contract now rather than the uncertainty of what sort of contract he could get after running around in the NEAFL for twelve months. 4. It’s highly likely their crosstown rivals knew this - so why trade for him if you don’t have to. The Suns win because they free up salary cap space at the same time as moving on a senior player who chooses to run his own race rather than follow team rules.
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