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  1. With Lyon being sacked from Freo (who Langdon has a close relationship with), you would think that would only strengthen the case for him leaving.
  2. John Ralph just commented on Fox Footy that we aren't in the race for Zak.
  3. The stats don't support that view. If you take Pressure Acts, Contested Possessions and Tackles as the measure then it's easy to see which Captain has dropped their bundle this year in terms of work rate: Avgs: Pressure Acts, Contested Possessions Tackles Career Viney 20.4, Jones 11.1 Viney 10.9, Jones 8.5 Viney 5.8, Jones 3.7 2019 Viney 21.5, Jones 11.0 Viney 9.3, Jones 6.8 Viney 5.3, Jones 2.2 2018 Viney 21.0, Jones 15.4 Viney 13.5, Jones 9.0 Viney 5.9, Jones 3.7 2017 Viney 21.5, Jones 16.3 Viney 11.8, Jones 9.4 Viney 7.0, Jones 5.4 2016 Viney 21.0, Jones 17.1 Viney 12.8, Jones 10.5 Viney 7.0, Jones 5.4 2015 Viney 18.4, Jones 14.9 Viney 12.1, Jones 9.9 Viney 6.6, Jones 4.3 2014 Viney 19.6, Jones 16.4 Viney 8.7, Jones 11.6 Viney 4.4, Jones 5.2 2013 Viney 18.8, Jones 13.4 Viney 9.2, Jones 10.9 Viney 4.2, Jones 3.5 Viney is rated elite for Pressure Acts and tackles and above average in contested Possessions. Jones is rated as below average for Pressure acts and average for Contested Possessions and tackles (below average for all three this year).
  4. That's a good pick up - fifth last for tackles in the comp... we were third last year, we've dropped away by nearly 10 tackles a game. Given that tackles are a good measure of work-rate I would think this more a sign of the players attitudes than any change to the game plan. Fortunately next week we play the worst tackling side in the comp, unfortunately we're likely to have a couple more players unavailable due to injury (including Max I suspect).
  5. Had a lot of injuries at the Roos and now dropped in the second last game of the season - seems he might be on the way out. Doesn't get a heap of the ball, and his DE% isn't flash either. I know North supporters had high hopes, but I think with Petracca, Fritsch, Melksham, Hannan and Joel Smith we have his type covered.
  6. Darren Burgess should be all over this.
  7. Players are only worth what other clubs are prepared to pay. Player rankings though a far from perfect measure (too many variables), but one that can provide a rough guide on what players might be worth, can be helpful. Obviously one of the key constraints here is that clubs are constrained by what draft picks they have to offer. Currently ANB is the 158th ranked player in the league and 14th for position (that will actually go up at the end of the year with player retirements). Stretch is the 533rd and 123rd for position. Similar players traded last year (rankings are based on rd 1 2019 rankings) were: Gary Rohan 302/40 for pick 61, George Horlin-Smith 453/112 for pick 59, Jackson Thurlow 444/110 for pick 70 Sam Lloyd 402/43 for pick 64 Dean Kent 487/81 for pick 65 Taylor Duryea 379/82 for future 4th round pick. The ball-park measure for a joint trade was Jared Polec 90/48 and Jaspar Pittard 303/64 and 3rd round pick for pick 11 and future 4th round pick. (North in a similar position to Gold Coast in that they needed experienced AFL players to fill a need and balance their list) So ANB is probably worth a third round pick and Billy is probably worth a fifth round pick. If we were to trade our first pick along with ANB and Stretch (both have positive cultural attributes the Suns need in terms of training and preparation and as players looking to extend their AFL careers this maybe attractive to them as well) to Gold Coast for King we could reasonably expect another late first round pick* to come back. * depending on what happens with their bid for a priority pick, but also what happens with Jack Martin and Peter Street remembering they also have Brisbane's first pick for this year as well.
  8. Delayed start, bit of moisture in the air, might be a good toss to lose. Watching Stuart Clark take some wickets from yester year and Binga spray them all over the pitch 😋
  9. I think a combination of a loss of power, (presuming his foot still isn't right) and the opposition knowing how he plays means he's getting tackled a lot more with (and without) the ball. I like the idea of trialling him as a small forward. He will create turnovers. I remember his final against the Hawks last year with 27 disposals and 8 clearances as vintage Viney. He's as tough and competitive as they come, he will be more disappointed than any posters on here about his form this year. He'll be back.
  10. You mean like going out on benders and getting a club suspension?
  11. There are a number of unknown factors in all this such as whether we have to use a first round pick this year -I think based on the rules we do - I guess this isn't an unknown for the club or the AFL, but I'm still unsure. Then there is what if any priority pick GC get and finally whether we think we a) need King or b) He is worth giving up pick 2/3 for. I think high on GC drafting strategy this year is to try to keep top end talent tied to the club by drafting Rowell and Anderson together. I think GC may have known it would be hard to keep King when they drafted him, but if he wanted to go home they'd be able to break even - a better risk than drafting a lesser player. If GC aren't given a pick at the pointy end then our hand is significantly strengthened if we are interested in getting King. But what we are giving up is Anderson for King and we would still need another of GC later first round draft picks to come back - so expect a player/s (ANB/Stretch) or later/future picks to be involved.
  12. Has he? I know there was a twitter link earlier in the year saying he was close, but since then I haven't heard whether he's actually signed.
  13. It was reported earlier in the year from a poster in the know that he needed surgery on both hips at the end of the season. I suspect this may not have helped him with his form over the year.
  14. Well he would be because he's a Free Agent.
  15. England rolled for 85 before lunch by Ireland.
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