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  1. If the biggest issue for us in pre-season is debating the limitations of ANB and whether he plays Rd 1 then we have had a pretty good preparation. Fingers crossed it continues.
  2. Pick 3 Jackson. Pick 10 Weightman Pick 28 Cooper Stephens
  3. Listening to JT, I don't think we will be trading pick 3. I think we will bid on Tom Green and GWS will match, we will then take Luke Jackson.
  4. I understand his groin aint real flash either. I'd be surprised if Sydney hadn't done a full medical on him and as a consequence were never prepared to offer anywhere close to what Essendon were demanding. Fox footy alluded to the deal being Pick 9 (from the potential Papley trade) for Daniher and Pick 15. Much ado about nothing. I bet he only plays half a dozen games next year and goes as a RFA to the Swans on a substantially reduced contract once Essendon miss the finals.
  5. This time last year he was tweeting comments about how good our on-ball brigade were and picked us to finish top 5. Fast forward 12 months and on Trading Day he said that we managed to 'fluke' a preliminary final last year. I'm glad David King didn't let the comment pass without rebuttal- He replied that side's don't fluke their way to a preliminary final. Quite frankly it was a ridiculous comment that reflects a superficial understanding and analysis of the game. I think Ralph like a few of his media commentator fraternity are a little salty that we embarassed their season predictions.
  6. The issue for GWS is that they want two top end (elite) players in the draft and therefore need a pick before anyone bids on Green. It's why they would need to get us to split pick 3 to guarantee they have that pick before they have to match a bid. Pick 6 is obviously the starting point but they'd likely need another low end first roundish pick 15-20, unless they have a player we want that they're prepared to trade. If not they need they're going to have to trade out some quality and keep some picks in hand to pay for Green when a bid does come. With their academy they're always going to have players coming through in coming years and can't go to far into deficit to match bids. edit: Hawthorn will not give up pick 30 for Patton, he's likely to go for a fourth or fifth rounder so GWS can clear TPP room for Jeremy Cameron. Even though he's a former first round pick after two knee recos I can't see someone giving up a first rounder for Bonar... Caldwell on the other hand.
  7. Best Available talent with Pick 3 works for me.
  8. Let me guess, it's a work from home gig where he just has to populate a spreadsheet every week with what he's had for breakfast.
  9. His arm wasn't in a sling at the BnF. Seems to be a fair bit of doubt as to whether this is true.
  10. Mark Stevens saw that as good sign he's staying. On the other hand he may have been telling Collingwood that he's leaving and waiting for his manager to announce it after he's left on holiday.
  11. 1st post by the OPster. How do we squeeze Gaff into our TPP?
  12. Was I the only one that noticed the AFL webpage this morning had the Saints down for two premierships? I see it's corrected now, but seriously if you don't have a basic grasp of AFL history and your job is to display that in a graph... yikes.
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