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  1. Hopefully we beat the Saints and Freo in the next two weeks to make it into the virtual 8. 🤗
  2. The Age had Hibberd in our best players. Hopefully that was from a journalist and not offered by the club!
  3. I got so frustrated I ripped my vintage Demons t-shirt I was wearing in half as I was watching the game. Ok it was an old T-shirt -because I'm really not that strong... but you get the drift. An incredibly disappointing display. I think we have to persist with the core unit such as Lever, but he really needs to be schooled as to staying inside his driving lane when he kicks and doesn't try to be too inventive. Hopefully Rivers comes on quickly to replace Hibberd who is a woeful kick.
  4. I agree with everything you wrote and you can add Max to the leaders group. Strangely lacklustre performance from the Captain in his first game in the role. I can't understand how coming off the back of 2019 we could come out with such a lack of intensity. Gerard Healy made a very good point that all our midfielders tend to get possessions around each other with very few moving forward of the ball. There were a lot of examples of lazy defensive running.
  5. What the... I thought he along with May and Lever gave us something to build our defence around. Hibberd and Jetta worry me. Lockhart was great.
  6. I actually thought Hibberd was worse. I counted at least half a dozen occasions he literally kicked it long to West Coast players with no Melbourne players even near them.
  7. The way to beat West Coast is to kick the ball along the ground inside F50. Kick it in the air and you are just feeding one of their strengths. Four smalls (only three on the ground at any one time) inside forward 50 to apply pressure and gather crumbs. I suspect Bedford or Kozzy have benefited from Chunk's absence.
  8. Thanks Andy, good photos. Good to see the boys enjoying themselves.
  9. I think it's far more likely that Adelaide get an extra first round pick after Brad Crouch joins the Cats on a five year multi-million dollar deal as a RFA.
  10. If the biggest issue for us in pre-season is debating the limitations of ANB and whether he plays Rd 1 then we have had a pretty good preparation. Fingers crossed it continues.
  11. Pick 3 Jackson. Pick 10 Weightman Pick 28 Cooper Stephens
  12. Listening to JT, I don't think we will be trading pick 3. I think we will bid on Tom Green and GWS will match, we will then take Luke Jackson.
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