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  1. this hits it on the head for me. we have been great at getting the ball but shocking with our disposal. contested ball is not where the game is won now. we need to go nuts on skills and move those on that can't do all the basics well. players like Hunt are a classic example, terrible skills by hand and foot stuffed up our connection forward so many times. you also need a sprinkling of elite balls users and we don't have them. you could see last year if the chaos ball 'wave' wasn't at full steam, we got into trouble. geez we can't get it right can we, Bailey wanted skills ball users and we got elite ball users in Maric, Strauss, Tapscott and then we can't get the ball.
  2. totally agree. When the going gets tough, we fold like a deck of cards.
  3. it should absolutely be relevant. they are wearing the jumper and our history is so important. We should be the most hungry club in the AFL, and we are the least. stunning level of sh1tness.
  4. yep and he said he is sick of finishing every year badly since hes been at the club. and yet it happens yet again.
  5. Side show bob to win the coleman and Lewis to get rubbed out. load up !!
  6. rubbish. like the player is going to talk up his injury as an excuse. he was miles off what he could do last year. you could see it from the start playing on Rance in the preseason who rag dolled him. he just didn't have his body right. I likened him to an elephant. just could not jump, and was not making space well at all. even his 6 goals against the blues I wasn't convinced he was 100% right. remember a lot of games in 2018 he was the number one key forward.
  7. right on the money. I watched Weagles yesterday with Jetta, Liam Ryan, Petroocelli, Rioli all in the one side and we have none of those types since recruiting Garlett what 5 years ago ? astonishing.
  8. maybe. we played them a month ago and we smashed them all over the ground in the first half but couldn't convert (for something different). 3 players down and they came back to scare us in the end. we shall see how they perform when the dust settles. Richmond did the same thing on the weekend. over by half time. they've improved but they need Cognilio to even think of hitting finals next year.
  9. beginning to think our 2018 drafting was a disaster.
  10. i think people just assume we are crap at everything. One main problem is when you pump the ball in soften (and often more time than the opposition) and don't score, you lose the edge. it takes away all our energy to do all the hard work and watch forwards who have no idea in front of goal.
  11. yes they were doing pretty well but I really think the 2018 draft has left us with nothing in the short term and who knows longer term. They will get a real good look at it this year though. have to strike some gold.
  12. Rubbish. Teams have not worked out how to stop our forward entries in so many game we win the forward 50 entires. At times out midfield has transitioned well. We are simply our own worst enemy. We had the saints at our mercy in the first quarter but squandered a great start with atrocious delivery, unforced mistakes one after the other. Just unable to execute the basics in footy a local footballer can do. We are devoid of confidence and skill. It’s palpable and appears irreversible. I’m convinced now it’s the club. It goes beyond personnel. I’ve never really not wanted to follow the dees but I’m now at that point. We have a disease and it feels terminal.
  13. It is a monumental f&do up by the club. Even at the time he had a contract. He was improving the arch year but made finals once. He’d want to do it again with this list to make up for 2018 falling short. But we extended a contract. For 3 years now we have him. Beyond belief.
  14. they just can't give it. Lions didn't get it and it took years but finally they are a finals team. They did dominate the super draft last year.
  15. I bet you its more than that. when these 'done deals' happen to Melbourne we are offering up both massive coin and high picks. im tipping equivalent of a mid to late first rounder.
  16. anyone who didn't coach us is to blame. Vince Lombardi included. how silly is this thread.
  17. exactly. and add to that we simply p00p our pants when close to goal whether it be taking a mark, connecting a standard handball or having a shot. we simply make it harder than it should be like we are handling kryptonite.
  18. both injury prone and now both out for the rest of the year at their clubs,
  19. not so sure. against carlton he had quite a few balls to his advantage and could not take one of them.
  20. Demons are the number one team in the AFL for stuffing up gimme goals. We just panic within 25 metres of goal at either end. And we get no better at it. Not just when Gus runs in with a non shot from 30 metres, the amount of time we found a free player for a clear shot on goal and fumbled. It keeps happening every week. Middle of thd ground and we can be the harlrm globe trotters. Get within goal and we poop ourselves. Its sooo psychological because we have the ability.
  21. I thought that had merit. ridiculous he wasn't being played. he'd be just what we need for a couple of years. Gibbs would be the best kick in our side, so throw him on a wing for a Craig Bradley role. he might last a few years.
  22. after watching our tall backs last few years, he has them convered in every department. very quick, very good one on one, good reader of the play and organises the defence. Hope to see May, Lever, Hibberd and Frost in for the rest of the year and see how that develops.
  23. plenty. Heath Shaw, Phil Matera, Michael Voss to name a few.
  24. interesting. can you paste the article please ?
  25. Would like to see frost on Cameron and bury him in a few tackles.
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