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  1. Howe who left the Dees as a more than capable kick, handpass and sensational mark ? he was ahead of Hunt when he walked in the door.
  2. I effectively see him as a replacement for Tim Smith and Brown is better. and on output I put Smith ahead of Weideman. Hopefully that changes but round 1 I think Brown would be selected ahead of the Weid.
  3. Heard the same thing. Same source said Petracca is working on his goal kicking. maybe we have the same source.
  4. sounds like Dusty did. I expect him to win a brownlow, a premiership and attempt to stab someone with a chopstick.
  5. people also forget Hogan missed a big chuck of last year, so not sure on that theory myself. having watched every game my honest opinion was TMac was playing very sore and restricted. and when he started to come good had genuinely lost some self belief. then he clicked against Carlton then was off injured again.
  6. anybody got the rating at the end of 2018 ?
  7. I see real potential with our forward line if TMac and Weid can regularly play and be fully fit. Melksham is an elite goal assist player and defensive forward, Petracca elite at ground ball gets. Add in Bailey Fristch and we just need a goal sneak to emerge.
  8. did he say that when he kicked 50 goals, or just this year? when he's up and about he is hard to stop.
  9. indeed he looks surprisingly big. reminds me of when Frawley piled it on one pre-season then became an All Australian. lets hope its a sign, as half his problem is being pushed off too easily.
  10. interesting if the AFL don't see that as draft tampering. within the rules but not at all what the draft is about.
  11. So you don't rate McDonald, Weid, Melksham, Petrraca anymore ? I think SOS landed a couple of key forwards to work with but most disagree. Weitering has been up and down, Walsh looks like they finally were gifted a good number 1, Fisher decent, no-one rates SPS who has been disappointing, Stocker complete unknown at this stage. So really he got a couple of key forward from many first round picks and they still have holes in their midfield, wings, flanks and they have just a workmanlike backline with no flair, kicking ability and average pace. They look like an 8-10 win side to me (and yet to be proven) after 5 years of premium draft picks. I would could that a defnite FAIL.
  12. 100% agree. He was obsessed with GWS rejects and I can't remember one 'cheap' one coming good. its taken 5 years to get into a position over leaving the bottom 4. throwing darts at a dart board would have greater success.
  13. I think we overrate second round draft picks. Spargo stands up easily at pick 29. looking at the last few years with a sample around that pick, who is better around pick 29 ? If he is better than half this lot, i'd suggest he was definitely worth it. 2015 Pick 28 Luke Partington West Coast Pick 29 Alex Morgan Essendon Pick 30 Mason Redman Essendon 2016 Pick 28 Patrick Lipinski Western Bulldogs Pick 29 Shai Bolton Richmond Pick 30 Sam McLarty Collingwood 2017 Pick 28 Sam Taylor Greater Western Sydney Pick 29 Charlie Spargo Melbourne Pick 30 Tom De Koning Carlton 2018 Pick 28 Xavier O'Neill West Coast Pick 29 Will Kelly Collingwood Pick 30 William Hamill Adelaide
  14. I thought he was terrific early. Good kicking technique, plenty of pace, hard at it and got plenty of the ball. I thought he drifted out of the game moreso with that ‘connection’ problem we have. Plenty for the coaches to work with here now he can have a pre season with the AFL team. Can’t see why he can’t play a Puopolo role, probably in the midfield as well.
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