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  1. Makes sense. We are not a strong marking side. In 2018 we were great at bringing the ball to ground which was the formula in the forwardline. Melksham is the best at this. But still not strong at marking the pill like a west coast.
  2. Photos don’t tell everything but he didn’t look super fit last November. And you can’t carry blokes who aren’t fit now.
  3. No not perfect as opponent got the ball away to his teammate running into goal!! Need to pin those arms.
  4. I’d say great Sparrow also will be earmarked to take the next step
  5. Bennell to play 10 games without complications
  6. salivating if you load up at TAB on the opposition key forwards.
  7. My gut says he's had full seasons every year until last year. maybe just hold our nerve a little.
  8. Hannam is the other one. Sadly still in rehab. When I looked at our highlights and goals in 2018 his passing was exceptional. We need his kicking skills.
  9. I disagree. Melksham TMac and Petracca have elite attributes in the forward line. Frisch showed plenty in the last 7-8 games. Thats4 players of real quality. Only Petracca looked to be in a position of fully fit and playing forward last year. We have great competition for a second tall with weideman, petty, Jackson and Smith. Our gaping hole is forward pocket but we have some talent in Kossi, chandler and Bedford coming through. On paper if we got all those fit for round one we should do some damage.
  10. Nope. Nope and nope.
  11. Spargo is one of our better users. but he doesn't get it enough.
  12. I think Oliver has the ability to improve that area, ANB perhaps but Hunt is our worst field kick and terrible by hand as well. Brayshaw is also on the list of those needing to improve dramatically.
  13. Exactly, that last game against the saints was like watching under 12s. They knew our glaring weakness and just ran it around the boundary at every opportunity, and we had no answer for it. It was that simple and Goodwin had zero ability to counter it. It was embarrassing as it gets and as easy a win for the saints without actually needing to play well.
  14. I hope the Weid and Preuss perform and we let him develop in the background. as it should be for a tall. and bring him in when he knocks the door down and some.
  15. I was thinking that. maybe they can read the writing on the wall now.
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