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  1. yeah not sure on the one on one part either.
  2. yes and also pressing forward more. this week we should try and expose Richmonds lack of experienced talls down back.
  3. wow. 3 servceable games in and some are marking Thomlinsons cards already. stunning judgement given he's just started with a new team.
  4. if Bennell's defensive efforts are still like the Carlton game, then Goodwin has a point. it wasn't good on a few occasions. no use letting them waltz past without pressure.
  5. whats happened with Sparrow? I don't hear of him on the injury list nor in the match reports.
  6. yes. Watching the Geelong game on the weekend, was watching two completely different team styles. I thought our defensive pressure was actually good most of the game but Geelong had precise kicking all day long. a little bit off and they would have been on trouble. credit to them. We are the opposite. Watch the replay and Geelong so often 50-70m out kicked short to a safe target. they went safe all day. sometimes we just need to hit a short target up forward and tease out their backline to honour our forwards leading then occasionally go deep. and we need to mark then kick short quickly, not like Salems last effort which was to watch us outnumber them in the forward line, then wait 30 seconds then kick to an impossible contest.
  7. they all showed significant improvement under Goodwin yes.
  8. Tom McDonald, Harmes, Oliver, Brayshaw, Petracca, Melksham.
  9. i think he is seen as one of the managers to 'win' off in the AFL. we paid too much for Lever, although people exagerate that cost. it was basically the equivalent of a first rounder and a late second rounder. I thought he definitely should have got more back for pick 5 in a super draft for May. That was highway robbery as he was in the second half of his career. and the North trade boggles the mind, even given next year is packed with father sons and academy picks. If we win the premiership we still lose. what ? and did we know we were getting Pickett ? I don't want a Dodoro who is the opposite but he gives too much. I feel like we might become middle of the road and have no top picks going into next year to improve us.
  10. watch it again, a cats player gets in contact on his arm to dislodge the ball.
  11. hard to take anything from the footage really given the lack of pressure. From what Goodwin was saying in the presser they want Bennell to get his legs underneath him. Right now with fitter players coming back they will wait till he is more durable. For all its worth we ran the game out on the weekend because he dropped those who dropped off against Carlton, namely Jackson, Jones and Bennell. you'd think its just a matter of time. hes now had 3 hit outs.
  12. I’ve thought the last 2 years we need an injection of youth and pace in the backline. We just need it. jetta deserves all the accolades internally but he is slow as anyone in the AFL. That does cost us, despite him being a very good footballer.
  13. he was a lot worse with Caro, with the 'keep her head under water' comment, which was specifically hateful. and says a hell of a lot for both Eddie and Caro's 'moral fibre' that they now sell out and sit next to each other on footy classified. the almighty dollar overrides the conscience.
  14. its all ok. Collingwood have an integrity unit with a board member co-opted in, so it will all be ok.
  15. I agree, which is ridiculous to think it would be based on when the pitch forks were out or not.
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