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  1. exactly. and add to that we simply p00p our pants when close to goal whether it be taking a mark, connecting a standard handball or having a shot. we simply make it harder than it should be like we are handling kryptonite.
  2. both injury prone and now both out for the rest of the year at their clubs,
  3. not so sure. against carlton he had quite a few balls to his advantage and could not take one of them.
  4. Demons are the number one team in the AFL for stuffing up gimme goals. We just panic within 25 metres of goal at either end. And we get no better at it. Not just when Gus runs in with a non shot from 30 metres, the amount of time we found a free player for a clear shot on goal and fumbled. It keeps happening every week. Middle of thd ground and we can be the harlrm globe trotters. Get within goal and we poop ourselves. Its sooo psychological because we have the ability.
  5. I thought that had merit. ridiculous he wasn't being played. he'd be just what we need for a couple of years. Gibbs would be the best kick in our side, so throw him on a wing for a Craig Bradley role. he might last a few years.
  6. after watching our tall backs last few years, he has them convered in every department. very quick, very good one on one, good reader of the play and organises the defence. Hope to see May, Lever, Hibberd and Frost in for the rest of the year and see how that develops.
  7. plenty. Heath Shaw, Phil Matera, Michael Voss to name a few.
  8. interesting. can you paste the article please ?
  9. Would like to see frost on Cameron and bury him in a few tackles.
  10. was amazed at that. how the umpire didn't play a 50m against Hunt who might as well be bear hugging him to stop him retrieving the ball is beyond me.
  11. good summary. not sure about this years crop from Casey reports but his hit rate his high. people forget how ordinary our list was.
  12. not quite 'surefire' I would suggest. they are 10 more losses away from a complete rebuild again. not a lot of talent coming through.
  13. and a massive home ground umpiring advantage.
  14. keep Malthouse and they win another premiership.
  15. here here. he deserves absolute royal treatment.
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