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  1. agreed its slow, but think you might find May the quickest. I think we have to develop a quick backman soon but Hibberd, May, Frost aren't slow. We just need that clever kicking line breaker like Houli, Saad to get us out of trouble sometimes.
  2. Yes he showed last year his elite qualities are intercept marking and reading of the play, but not great one on one. That’s why May in theory is a great pick up if we can get it to all come together.
  3. cant take a break at the Dees. and coming off a very productive game too.
  4. actually they were the Steven Bradbury. We smashed them all night and couldn't convert. if they won it was becuase we couldn't put them away. almost a miracle if they won that. We tripped over then got up for one last go to win.
  5. So. Us the game in the end and you choose to bag him. Laughable.
  6. blues list is looking better ? umm no. lets not lose perspective here. our midfield is light years ahead and up and running have more powerful talls.
  7. North are having their honesty session this week. We have to wait a week at least to do another one.
  8. Summed up perfectly. Get it outside and it’s almost [censored] the gate on us. Its unconyested passions that kill us. And I was complaining about this when Roos was coach. We have bugger all athletic players. We need line breakers and outside players.
  9. Roos was better defensively but I also watched him recruit good decent footballers without pace. Top 10 picks on Salem and Tyson and prime example. Then just kept picking them. These were his ‘types’. We are now left with a good hard tough football side with no balance. We spread like treacle and he is partly to blame. No balance.
  10. Well we gave up a bloke who is fast and can kick. He was always someone who could be a 20 possession 3 goal player. SOmething we sorely lack. Blind Freddy could see that and it’s our own fault.
  11. But they hook onto fad eating routines like paleo etc. where do you get your guidance from? I think dietitians vary too much and have such ridiculous eating plans.
  12. hes a fairly good intercept mark but poor kick. I think he is overrated but AFL worthy nonetheless.
  13. looks a natural footballer to me and I see a lot of potential in him. thought against Port he had good awareness despite being a bit off the higher pace. looks a good footballer and was easily our most assured backman last night.
  14. hell probably beat May back
  15. agreed. his only hope is extracting through the midfield. and he is losing confidence I feel. not quick enough to play at the pointy end or the wing. well maybe 'just' be able to. he should be playing Tysons role. I think its also a glaring weakness that we have no wingers of note and he has to play there. Kolodjashnij has been very underwhelming. Hunt is lost there. and not sure we have recruited any new ones from the 2018 draft either.
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