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  1. KK is a joke, right? 8 weeks now. FMD!
  2. Oscar was limping at the end of the game.We can only hope.....
  3. In :Preuss, Baker, Petty, ANB Out: Lewis, Melksham, Hibberd, OMac.
  4. And KK? The silence is deafening.A week off has now become five.
  5. If so we have been completely and utterly duped.
  6. Is KK retirement imminent?
  7. "Another chance". Really? How many 'chances' does this bloke get? What u see is what u get. He has reached his potential.Will never have the required physicality and attack on the ball required. Gifted more games than any other. Keilty goes to defence, Preuss in. Please!!
  8. What is the go with KK? We were told that his concussion issues were neck related. We were told only mild concussion after the Geelong game and will miss a week. Now out indefinitely with concussion and little information from the club.What do we believe?
  9. KK TBA. Really? Weren't we told his concussion issues were neck related? Didn't he have mild symptoms after the Geelong game and good to go this week?Apparently not.Sold an absolute lemon.
  10. Baker will offer more than Stretch, Garlett more than Spargo. Some reports suggesting May will be fit. If not, against the Tiges.
  11. In: Garlett, Baker, May Out: Oscar, Spargo, Stretch.
  12. If the AFL had all this evidence and documentation of tanking clearly the one in the gun now should be Gillon McLachlan. Basically found no case to answer. Really? Wait for the spin.
  13. Pretty sure Josh Kelly is a free agent?
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