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  1. KK TBA. Really? Weren't we told his concussion issues were neck related? Didn't he have mild symptoms after the Geelong game and good to go this week?Apparently not.Sold an absolute lemon.
  2. Baker will offer more than Stretch, Garlett more than Spargo. Some reports suggesting May will be fit. If not, against the Tiges.
  3. In: Garlett, Baker, May Out: Oscar, Spargo, Stretch.
  4. If the AFL had all this evidence and documentation of tanking clearly the one in the gun now should be Gillon McLachlan. Basically found no case to answer. Really? Wait for the spin.
  5. Pretty sure Josh Kelly is a free agent?
  6. Petracca- morbidly obese indisputable
  7. Nothing changes with Howe.
  8. Staggering we haven't gone with a third ruck option. If Gawn goes down good luck. Preuss is developing and Bradke three years away. Didn't Hawthorn just add a 4th ruckmen to their list? Add to this the obsession with recruiting Casey players and it is very hard to follow.
  9. Kyle Chandler a wildcard selection. Excellent yesterday. Kicked two, gave away three, hit the post twice. Quick, aggressive tackler and lovely left foot. What we need.
  10. 15 off season surgeries showing. Early rounds a real concern.
  11. Confirmed groin. Limping heavily
  12. Preuss thigh/ hamstring heavily strapped. Off at halftime not coming back.
  13. Chandler two goals and on fire.
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