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  1. Apparently reported in the NT News.
  2. Apologies if this is old news but Sky just reporting that we have signed up for another four years to play games in Darwin & Alice Springs. Suns have the same deal.. Hard to believe. No doubt we will play 'crowd favourites' Adelaide in Darwin with no bye to follow. FMD
  3. Very well summarised. How others can't see this beggars belief.
  4. Best article I've read. Absolutely no guarantees but the hyperbole that has been spoken and written is generally is laughable.
  5. The changes are excellent and needed .The club also needs to reassess to some degree and taking nothing for granted. Having said that, no amount of change will insulate any team from failure given the horrendous pre season and subsequent multiple number and long term injuries that have occurred throughout. To think a any coaching staff etc will make a difference should this repeat is delusional. For better or for worse followed this club for over 50 years and I can't recall a,season this injury ravaged.It would be foolhardy to think this was the only reason for failure, however, far and away the the main factor. For some to 'blame' injuries at all for some folk is unpalatable, weak and unacceptable. That mentality leaves me gobsmacked. One of Ron Barassi's favouite line was "We are offering reasons not excuses".
  6. Interestingly, have been thinking about this and can draw one main conclusion. The main protagonists - Oliver, Harmes, Brayshaw, Viney and, to a lesser extent, Jones all had interrupted pre seasons in varying degrees. They also represent the few in the squad that have pretty much been untouched by injury 'in season'. I am of the belief that they have shouldered a very heavy load whilst being under prepared. They all look weary and the end of the season can't come quickly enough. Viney, in particular, looks shot. Harmes not far behind. Don't think Brayshaw's been right at any time. Oliver still very good but struggling a little atm. Gven a longer break, a full pre season, some luck, midfield additions through the draft and trade and things can turn around
  7. Great post. How people can't see this as the primary reason for this seasons woes beggars belief.
  8. You can't abuse your own. Just sit in a Melbourne member's area and find out why. So let me get this right. The AFL states that u cant 'abuse' your own or oppositon players, umpires or other supporters. What's left? "Come on Dee's"? FFS.
  9. KK is a joke, right? 8 weeks now. FMD!
  10. Oscar was limping at the end of the game.We can only hope.....
  11. In :Preuss, Baker, Petty, ANB Out: Lewis, Melksham, Hibberd, OMac.
  12. And KK? The silence is deafening.A week off has now become five.
  13. If so we have been completely and utterly duped.
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