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  1. Best effort all year. Turnovers cost us: Fritta, Stretch, Wagner, Frost turnover kings.
  2. Fair point you make... will wait to see what the club says, I don’t have much faith in Tom Morris fact reporting
  3. Few beers, done by 6pm, don’t get sucked in, move on....
  4. JKH & Hannan both said yesterday they will play vfl in 2 weeks so same timeline as Lever.
  5. He did his bit, disposal was tidy and he created some run. Wasn’t BOG but was handy on the day, he will keep his spot.
  6. We have invested enough in the big boys, May, Lever, Weid, time to recruit more quality mids, it’s meant to be our strength but lack depth badly in this area..
  7. Hunt needs a spell at Casey, workrate, pressure, possession not there from him last 2 weeks.
  8. I thought the intensity at the contest was much better last night Best it’s been all yr, a step in the right direction.
  9. Gee v Haw One on ones all over the field today, no defender taking the easy zone off option. Take note MFC...
  10. Heard May speak in the Lindsay Hassat room this afternoon, club doesn’t know what is actually wrong with his groin, nothing showed up in scan... I got the feeling he could be out for a while.
  11. Draft competitors they say...😂
  12. He wouldn’t get a game in any other side in the comp! Come on down: May, Lever, Petty...
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