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  1. Was hoping Hannan would get a good pre season in, seems not to be the case. Fingers crossed he can get back in the main group ASAP.
  2. Sustained success and a base. MFC are perennial losers, long term change with a sustained run at finals is desperately needed.
  3. Weed, Lever, May looking in great shape big seasons ahead 🤞🤞
  4. Is it a scent to make Port Adelaide trade for our pick 10, we get 12 & another pick in teens. Weightman & ??
  5. The latest phantom draft from Jay Clark @ the Herald Sun. If correct, Dees rate Weightman very highly..
  6. He plays like a midfielder, his athleticism is freakish, potential to be a star play as a tall mid, kpp or ruck.
  7. Podcast on AFL website with Cal Twomey & Shifter Sheahan has us taking Young & Weightman with picks 3 & 8 🤔🤔
  8. Thanks. after listening to Sumich it makes me think more than ever we will deal pick 3, interesting times.
  9. Any one catch what PETER Sumich said about Jackson on SEN this afternoon?? I missed it..
  10. Matty Lloyd was on 3AW tonight and said GWS are desperate to get Jackson at pick 3 as Mumford is coming to the end. He went onto say that they want our pick 3 but he doesn’t think they have enough to get it.
  11. Loved him at the back end of last year and when fit a great option to rotate through the wing or half forward, hopefully like a new recruit in 2020.
  12. B. Not sure why we didn’t recruit Zak Jones, went for a pick in the 30’s. A steal for the Saints. We let Frost go to cheap. Langdon, 3 & 8 fingers crossed will be long term players.
  13. Jeremy Howe - 2 awards tonight at CFC B&F...
  14. Josh Mahoney “ we want two picks in top 10” JOSH’s next weeks deal - 3 for 12 & 18. We cave every time...
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