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  1. The boy is now a man, big season ahead, stay fit young man
  2. Do U think there are too many who far too obsessed with the demons, watching every single move every player does, looking to see if they're really committed to the team, by turning up to the preseason early or doing extra sessions, and the ones that don't aren't showing they are committed enough.
  3. Yep put $1 on him for the Brownlow get on now 150 to 1
  4. Why worry about the price tag, U don't pay the price of a Ferrari to get a Holden.
  5. Stay away from this kid he is overrated and far to expensive, Bennell will be the steal of the century.
  6. It's only a bad look to you because you are an old fart, just younging having fun, and a bad look in what way. I keep hearing people say this " it's a bad look" just because they think so.
  7. Don't think I was serious, but I think many are going to eat their words about Spargo, many are writing him off just because of his height, and having the second year blues, which many many other good footballers have had, he had a very good first season
  8. Taylor loves him wanted pick 8 just to make sure we got him
  9. I don't know about that the Hawks had Ben McEvoy in their 2and and thrid flag's, he might not be a all Australian but was still in the top 5 ruckman in those years.
  10. No it was good but he was pick 38 not a top 10 pick, the tall ruckman are given more time to develop. Midfielders don't get that time.
  11. Hope not never pick a kid with a dodge knee, most kids that do a knee before 18 usually do them again, gawn done a knee as a kid did it again, lever did a knee as a kid did it again.
  12. Take it to the bank young at 3 Jackson will still be there at 8
  13. Jetta absolutely destroyed Dangerfield in the elimination final, Spargo has not got Jetta strength jetta is the most underrated player.
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