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  1. Forget about season 2020, at this stage there will be no season 2021, 18 team AFL is finished, the AFl will keep all interstate sides and maybe 5 Victorian sides and 1 in Tasmania, a vaccine is 12 months away, and another 12 months before enough are made to vaccinate the population.
  2. You might not be saying that in 6 months, government can only fund jobsave, and other things, for another 6 to 12 months, if covid19 goes beyond 12 months, no one will have a job., At this point the sick will be left to die. In the USA they already have people with no money to buy food.
  3. Waste of money won't be any sport to lose watch.
  4. It not a scam but there is a cure, this virus is not new, it's the 19th strain of corona virus, people like bill gates warned in 2015 that the world would be facing a strain of corona virus that would go out of control, a vaccine could have been developed year ago that could be tweaked when new strains mutated, the world health organisation did very little work on it. The Anti=vacc have a lot to be ashamed of at the moment. There is a cure, but the normal protocols about testing medicines have to be dropped, this is an emergency and they need to be sped up, otherwise there won't be any money in the health care system to pick up the pieces.
  5. Here is a idea why don't the broadcasters use CGI and make a crowd for the tv audience
  6. You can bet Collingwood, and Richmond will get the blockbusters as home games next year, they will cry to the AFL that they took a huge financial hit from this year, the MFC voice is dumb.
  7. Collingwood will get queen's birthday next year as a home game Eddie will make sure of it.
  8. Anzac without the crowds is worth no more then any other game. It will be interesting if there are games with crowds later, it should be 50/50 in gate takings, no matter who's home game, the draw will only be the same for the the first 4 rounds the whole fixture, will totally change after that, so you can't say who wins or loses at this stage.
  9. Ok live under your rock hide, people most at risk lots of them are in nursing homes already, no need for those to go to hospital, it's serious but is been beaten up to make it bigger, why young footballer are so scared to get this virus, they won't have more then a cold, and if you get symptoms no matter how mild then yes isolate get tested, too much effort is going to people who are not at risk, this is man thinking he can control everything, stopping a big crowd here or there won't stop anything, They already have drugs that can kill this virus, they are being held back from the public by the government, they need to use them on people with this virus now, but the government's are using this situation to see how far they can push the new world order, seeing how much control they can have on people's freedoms, lots of right wing governments with things to hide, notice how climate change is no where in the media atm, brexit nowhere to be seen.
  10. Good luck selling memberships, many are talking about getting refunds for not being able to go to games. The clubs have to slash 5 MILLION from there spending wow huge amount, who's to get cut Burges, about 25% of the paid staff to be cut, or all take big pay cuts. Rookies cut from list maybe.
  11. Yes but big crowds where ban weeks ago in Italy and it is spreading quicker there then everywhere else, it won't work unless everyone stays at home for months, Italy has a larger older population then Australia, Australia is more betterequipped to deal with it, if they take it too far then the damage to people's lively hoods, and mental health issues can be worse, millions of people could be out of work, homeless, 10% dying I really think that's a false statistic and a lie, when young people get the virus there symptoms are mild, many would not have even been tested, out of 15000 people diagnosed with the virus, 1000 of them have died that's 5% not close to 10%, has everybody in the health professional systems been told to panic people more and make it bigger than what it is. Yes it's serious but don't make it bigger
  12. Nope not me this is man thinking they can control things, they say the death rate is 3.4 % who get cov19 that die, which is incorrect, thousands more have already had the virus, had just mild symptoms, not got tested and living on.so the death rate is about 1%, just deal with people when they get sick, the mental health problems this panic the Doctors are causing will create more problems. the only way to control this virus, is to ban all sporting competition close all shops and schools and every business. this season will put all clubs around 10 million loss the season will not get half finished, the tv station will not pay this year's money, player will not be paid, it's a disaster that need not happen, the world is become soft. Scaredy cat hypochondriacs.
  13. Living too long is not good for resources, healthy young people will not die from cov19, doctors are trying to play god, they want no one to die, but they must.
  14. At this rate the season will be cancelled, so no positive from rating, the virus will hit it's peek in April, and all the nanny's will be protecting the little children everyone, the whole world is a nanny state, people will die, so what happens everyday, and the world is overcrowded, nurture is trying to restore the balance. Bring it on too many old people are in the world. Just ask the government that complain all the time about the ageing population.
  15. Don't be so contrite, it's not if I wish it's reality get in the reality.the whole Melbourne business plan was have more tendencies at games make profit,the AFL have demand at all clubs say 1million dollars from their football departments.
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