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  1. Wtf U lot want the membership campaign to say, yes where shyt we are in hell going nowhere. go and cut your own necks members of the MFCSS.
  2. That is a real bad deal, out of the 9 years they only the first 4 years have been good, last year was a bust, this year is a bust, this should be his last year, his body finished. Bid men his size just don't play much past 32 years old.
  3. There is soft and there is stupid, they still will be training indoors.
  4. When truck reaches his peek he will leave Jordon in his dust.
  5. Both missed most of 2019 with a injury
  6. Big year for Gus he could not do 100 100 last pre season now he has done 2
  7. I think he will have a huge year, he will be the fittest his been in 3 years, he will have more fitness to lay 10 tackles and also get 25 + a game.
  8. How about this for a sliding doors moment Scott Pendlebury was about to go to the Australian institute of sports for basketball, and Patty Mills was preparing to try out for the AFL, Scott Pendlebury knocked back the scholarship, and decided on an AFL career, then it was offered to Patty Mills who took up the scholarship and the rest is history. who's better off?
  9. People have short memories between 1996 and 2004 their years where spent mostly in the bottom 4. They where a success in the 70 ,80 and 1991, and where broke by 1996, they could have gone the way of Fitzroy, they only started making profits when they opened pokies in Waverly and sold games to Tasmania and that's a fact, success did not make them any profits, by the merger in 1996 Hawthorne had huge debt and could not pay their players, that's fact, take away pokies and their Tasmanian games and their profits disappear.
  10. That's so simplistic and only half the answer, that is not sustainable, the reality is there are 18 teams and only 8 teams every year make finals, if winning is the only answer then the club is doomed in the long run. The club has to get a business model that sees the the club break even in bad years not make huge losses. Winning is a byproduct of making profits, not profits are a byproduct of winning. Hawthorns profit is built on two major factors, one being selling more home games then any other team in history, and having more pokies then other team in history, they built that business model before they became successful in the modern era.
  11. morally getting rid of the pokies was the best thing, financially it was the worst thing, i said it at the beginning it would be the downfall of the club, and no the AFL will not give us more money just because you got rid of the pokies that's a pipe dream, and no getting rid of pokies won't get as more sponsors. The Hawks will never get backlash from having more pokies, winning premierships and being successful forgives clubs for all their sins.
  12. Am 87 to 91 was all top 4, 2000 are not all bad a grand final, finals in 2000 2002 2004 2005 2006, so, the only decade we need not play finals was 70' s
  13. How many games did the team lead in the last quarter of games and lose? They where just not able to run out games, a bad preseason is not an excuse it's a reason, 16 post season surgeries to your best 22. Even so our losing margin was only 23 points.
  14. That's not fact all 3 where best 22 in 2018, playing all the finals, so fact does not back up your statement.
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