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  1. They did not bend us over, over lever we bent over and said insert it here.
  2. The best back line in the AFL does not excite me, the best back line with a non existent forward line won't win you games, no great team ever had the best back line without a great forward half.
  3. How old was Ronald when he left, his playing career was over by then, he went to Carlton mostly as a coach, and why did he because norm smith told him to, if he wanted to coach.
  4. We will fly up next season, no doubt about it. This season's smells of Richmond 2016 look what happened in 2017, its a reset sit back and wait, it's similar to Geelong 2006, look what happened in 2007, sit back relax, history has a way of repeating.
  5. After the gold coast had 3 wins and we had not won yet, tony was boasting how good their list is and it was not as bad as people thought, 12 weeks later his asking for a PP get [censored]
  6. I put it down to poor goal kicking and Tmac going from averaging 2.7 goals a game, to 0.8 a games and the sheadding of hogan, and milkshake hardly playing and having a poor preseason, just from those 3 players that's around 6 goals less a game, that's the difference to winning and losing. Tmac has had plenty of supply in the 50s how many easy marks has Tom McDonald drop this year at least 2 per game in the forward 50. how can any of the midfielders have any confidence that he's going to take a mark when he's just dropping everything.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, when i heard the news I thought there it is Kent's yearly major injury, I think if not for his body falling apart every 2 months he could have developed into a very good footballer.
  8. The only reason we won is because we kick more goals then behinds, kick straight against west coast and Adelaide and we win by 4 or 5 goals, the game is a game of inches.
  9. What has changed bad pre season, [censored] 17 players where still in rehab after Christmas and most of them was in the best 22, I think with a short preseason and a record number of off season surgeries, the conditioning staff had to spend more time on catching up with fitness that there was less Time for skills training. Why else is the skill level so much inferior to last season. The team has to learn how to win on our home ground, in last season and this season we have won more games away for the MCG then on it This is our reset year
  10. I don't think trac technique is that bad, how come when ever he kicks from 40 meters + his kicks are dead straight, he needs a sports psychologist more than a king coach
  11. You point out all of Hogan's flaws but you forget to mention he kick 54 goals last year we haven't replaced that, hogan has always averaged 2 goals a game at the dees even in our really bad years. You say even Jeremy would struggle, i think he would still kick goals, because the supply in our forward line is as high as ever, we just don't have anyone who is good enough to take advantage of that Jeremy would Provide a better contest in our forward half.
  12. Do You know why we can't score this year, we traded all our forwards for defenders, hogan has 8 to 10 years in the game, may already 28 next year before we see any benefits. The list is so unbalanced at the moment we have defenders coming out of our ears, besides Sam we have no other promising young key forwards on the list, we need to trade in a ready made forward to replace hogan, instead we replaced hogan with a 28 year old fat Defender, may has always been a lazy fat unprofessional footballer, no one knew how unprofessional he was because the Suns where so bad, it made him look good.
  13. Goodwin has fallen for Simpson's three card trick, Vardy was never going to ruck by himself when the better ruckmen bring hickory is available, team selection is Goodwin's Achilles heel he's got no idea about team selection he should be kept out of the team selection process, they're going to Target Max work him over, vardy is just going to smash into him whenever he has got the chance.
  14. Those key players are due for some form, come on everyone lets have positivity, think good thought good thoughts.
  15. Don't worry got this, will win no problem. TMac to kick 6
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