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  1. Goodwin has fallen for Simpson's three card trick, Vardy was never going to ruck by himself when the better ruckmen bring hickory is available, team selection is Goodwin's Achilles heel he's got no idea about team selection he should be kept out of the team selection process, they're going to Target Max work him over, vardy is just going to smash into him whenever he has got the chance.
  2. Those key players are due for some form, come on everyone lets have positivity, think good thought good thoughts.
  3. Don't worry got this, will win no problem. TMac to kick 6
  4. Lioyd is a hack with little idea about the ygame, highlights what he wants everyone to believe, this is the bloke who said Clayton Oliver did not have a strong enough year to make all Australian last year
  5. A few losses and Mr president of the mfcss old dee says we are doing bad of field. How are we worse off field then last year?
  6. Did we win? Gee should have lost by 100 almost all negative there by a MFCSS President
  7. Just watching the highlights, I think we played more like we did in the Last 6 games of last year today, just the excursion is just not quite there.
  8. Before roos came dunn had done not much, he played his best football under Roos. He would not have been good enough to play in the pies sides, of 2009 to 2011. 10 year ago he would have not been traded but delisted, and no club would have picked him up, because back then players were less likely to get a second chance. if's and but's and I could've I would 've been a champion, but your not a-s-s wipe.
  9. where are all you loud mouth now, celebrating goodwin for getting rid of a one in a generation forward, hogan for a fat lazy hopeless fullback he is most overrated player of all time.
  10. Too many are quick to judge, jetta would not have been able to play like that at the moment he has not been right all year, has been a liability because of injury, get him right will need him when the whips are cracking.
  11. He has gotten used to the speed of AFL footy, takes time .
  12. Should have played R1 I wonder if port would have gone as hard at pruess, as they did with gawn, Ryder would have been sore.
  13. What a great club we are just fantastic, can't complain 1 good season in 14, 1 finals in 13 years, this side has no weakness they say, players are happy with themselves. You won't get another dollar from me you [censored] demons had enough of this club, welcome back to bottom 4 demons, where u belong the hawks back on top. there is no way back. 70000 members never 15000 won't resign next year, watch all the finger pointing this club will exploded, president will be gone CEO sacked and Goodwin will be gone by seasons end.
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