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  1. Wonder if Jesse is on a contract with base plus performance (number of games)? On top of a long term injury that would add to the anxiety.
  2. 1988 Walked home at 1/2 time, shattered. 2000 Bombers looked like men against boys, Long and Wallis, with Schwarta the only one to "fly the flag", the rest stood around meekly. Grgic on the wing in front of the members shirked a 2 on one contest, he just had to make a contest, and lock the ball in for a bounce, but no, waved his arms and stepped aside.
  3. Agree Looks like a back injury from a distance, can’t jump, not attacking the ball on the ground and lacks “turn”
  4. Win - take them when you can What the f**k drugs were those umpires taking?
  5. Cheating, dog umpires....
  6. And Sunday games make it impossible for anyone from WA to come over for games for the weekend, especially with school age kids.
  7. Recorded from tonight's 7 news in Perth Hoges_Medium.mp4
  8. Agree catering set up is not yet up to par. Didn't like the look of the hot dogs, thought "Ah ha premium German hot dog - must be a bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard". Sucked in, same hot dog just with mustard and I think it was about $4 more Plenty of beer though, place is a booze barn.
  9. Welcome to the Western Australian way of doing things. Seat locations Our tickets, were for seats on Level 3, Section 353, which was really Level 2, Section 354. Attendant looked askance at us when we mentioned this made no sense, surprised they didn't go with the old "From Victoria are you" chestnut, truly bizarre. Restricted viewing We got talking to some Eagles supporters pre-match. The front row, Level 3 seats sold as "MFC Premium" are actually cut price Eagles members seats in the regular season as they have the view restricted by glass panels. As you state, billions spent on design and construction of a stadium where front row seats have restricted views, and your seat number doesn't actually match where your seat is!! Seems they ticketing team "saw us coming" and gypped MFC with the dud seats in the sun with restricted viewing
  10. So, does he play a "team" role or does he try to win kicks to look good? If given a "role" on someone or a position, may not showcase his abilities. If he goes "off plan" he get a black marks from coaching staff. Bloody difficult for him!
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