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  1. I’m assuming this is not televised anywhere.
  2. Agree. I walked across the ground and it was terrible. Felt liked it had rained non stop for the last couple of days.
  3. They kick a goal. 7 pts at 25 min mark. Unlikely now
  4. Casey goals - all tied at the 20 min mark. JKH just did some nice things since my last post but I don’t change my mind
  5. For anyone upset that JKH is not playing tomorrow you just need to see him at Casey. I’m really disappointed in his game. He’s pulled out of a number of contests and gives up on the chase too quickly. Combine his skills with Monroe’s endeavour and we would have a good player.
  6. The Cats with the first in less than 2 mins. Casey could not hold tackles and the Geelong player runs into an easy goal
  7. 3Qtr time casey: 4.7.31 geelong: 3.10.28 lucky to still be in it but Geelong will have a 2-3 goal breeze coming home. Hutchins and Monroe playing good games. Smith and Spargo our next best. Spargo’s Silly mistakes downplays his game. Hardly saw JKH that quarter and it’s been a really poor game from Maynard today (I’m disappointed). JJ had a better quarter that one.
  8. Completely outplayed this quarter. Our midfield not providing any run. If I see Spargo handball to another teammate with a Geelong player right next to him I’ll spew up. The cats missing some easy goals against the breeze (1-2 goal breeze)
  9. Smith gets Casey’s first for the term. Need at least another 2 without Geelong scoring I think
  10. Breeze picking up again. 17 mins gone and still not looking like we’ll score. 4 pts still to Casey
  11. Cats with all the play and starting to rule the air. The breeze has definitely died down but still a goal favouring the Casey end. Beginning to look quite bad.
  12. Wind dies down and the CAts score the first in 2nd half
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