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  1. Absolutely getting smashed with the ground balls. We are way off in intensity...
  2. Bless you. An example of how to argue succinctly, rationally and with evidence. Have you thought about federal politics? [censored] me we could use you in the current environment.
  3. I disagree. Lockhart is a very natural footballer. Hore reads the ball in the air as well as any we have on the list. Both have some physical limitations but both are natural footballers.
  4. Keilty has cost us a few goals today unfortunately
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned. This is an average game of footy. Not helped by two teams that are pushing numbers back. And that both teams are pretty [censored].
  6. I don't think its lethargy. it is reaction time. His movements are incredibly slow. Hand to hand, hand to foot. He has done incredibly well to eke this much out of a footy career.
  7. This really stood out. He has previously been fairly exuberant when celebrating his good work. Other than this goal I thought he played a different type of game focusing on the fundamentals, he chose the clear and simple option and wasn't trying to be se xy... and we all know that there is nothing sexier than that.
  8. That's one solution when your defence is [censored]. Don't let it go in there.
  9. Bleedin obvious One would think.. Apparently not :$
  10. "We'll smash em. I have no doubt that we will destroy those pretenders and make them eat dirt."
  11. You could have the fastest group ever assembled in AFL history and if they aren't match conditioned and underdone they will get smashed on the transition by a better conditioned unit. Like we were. Its about repeat efforts. Lack of speed isn't the primary issue here. As others have spoken to, a lack of conditioning leads to a whole raft of problems.
  12. If Viney doesn't get up who would you bring in old dee?
  13. I would like to see... Keilty and May. for Hore and Omac. and Viney must be in doubt...maybe Billy comes in.
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