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  1. For all of the negatives and there are many, I like the way that the clubs are uniting on the issue. We are at least heading in the right direction. The acceptance of racism is less than what it used to be. While the internet gives racists a platform i does so for many and varied forms of F#xkwits. Social media is in the process of tidying up it's operations and racist groups have been shut down enmasse and less hateful content is getting through since Christchurch. Still a long way to go. Taking a different tack the extreme right wing globally will continue to keep race issues front and centre as it is part of their agenda. I could talk about this for days but will leave it there.
  2. Possibly, but Collingwood wasted no time in cutting him. Our interest was reported reported immediately. Our interest in Brown appears to coincide with our loss of interest in Murray. That a lack of reported interest from other clubs leads one to inferences. However they are only inferences.
  3. Interesting. Delisted quickly by pies. Rejected by us despite being a young player with attributes we require. Something's crook in Tallarook.
  4. It's not enough. I want to see him repeat sprinting through quicksand with a tractor tyre under each arm while singing Grand Old Flag in E minor.
  5. "Another good session for the young guys Nev and Steven May were there rehabbing" From the very first post of the Wed training thread. I'm sure Mr May will accept your apology.
  6. Do you do originals or only Redleg covers?
  7. Hopefully he gets a good run at it. Got some hopes for this kid.
  8. Having coached a lot of juniors you need to woek hard on getting the quick kids to change gears. Teach them to use the speed to get clear, and drop back a gear before kicking. 13 games in to an AFL career, I don't see this as necessarily a fatal flaw. I am keen if he passes due diligence.
  9. Even the most conservative naysayer could find little to complain about in this arrangement. We get to try before we buy.
  10. No speculation required, as it stands now we don't make those deals. No chance.
  11. The May and Lever deals are easy to knock with the benefit of hindsight. In Lever we paid for a fit player, his ACL was plain bad luck and injuries happen. As for May we definitely have overpaid. We paid for a quality player, a club captain and supposed leader. We have not got what we paid for and both player and club need to take responsibility for that. May was clearly afforded too much trust over the off season. In retrospect there is no way we make those 2 deals. The Harmes deal on the surface seems unnecessarily lengthy, that is unless you see a player that has a high ceiling, is about to hit his prime and carries greater value than the simple sum of his on field contribution.
  12. I didn't mean that he would be an actual 200 gamer in the literal sense, more that he would have the vibe of one. I thought he was younger than that. If his body can withstand the rigours I think he will have very good career.
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