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  1. Years of barracking for the DEMONS has pushed many to the edge of sanity. It's quite possible that more than few think we HAVE just won the flag.
  2. What about about players who also need a real job?
  3. You make it sound like Casey is almost as far away as Gippsland. In fact it's much much further away. It's literally the end of the Earth.
  4. That's what the AFL have been saying behind closed doors for years
  5. Past his best and in a very ordinary team that copped a lot of kickings. Was more of the "Jordan Lewis" teacher type than the Crosswell of old. The Crosswell of old ... imagine the versatility of Bontempelli and the brain of Nathan Fyfe. And a good pack mark. He was the model for Geoff Hayward in the "The Club". The awesomely talented boom recruit who played when he felt like it and was often off with the fairies.
  6. You'll find Bruce's borderline erotic gushing over Kossie (assuming it happens) will be far more tolerable than when he does it for oppo players. In fact it will be justified and even appropriate.
  7. The best way he can sell hope is to tell us that May missed training because he had to exchange the shirt he got for Christmas
  8. Didn't you see the annoucement made last week? It was all over the papers. “I have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this club. I intend to step back as a ‘senior’ member of the MFC and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Simon Goodwin. I now plan to balance my time between Melbourne and North America, continuing to honour my duty to the Melbourne Football Club. I look forward to sharing the full details of this exciting next step in due course, as I continue to collaborate with Simon, Max, Glen, Gary, and all relevant parties. Until then, please accept my deepest thanks for your continued support.”
  9. Harry was a decent running defender at C'wood but by the time he got to us, all that drinking of bathwater had gone to his head and he thought he could crash any pack, thread his way through any heavy traffic, and hold on to the pill as long as he felt like. Ended up pretty much completely ineffective. It was a relief when he realised he was bigger than any sport and retired to let the world ruefully contemplate its egregious error of not fully appreciating Harry.
  10. The papers will love it because it gives them weeks of pointless debate about the "best" SOO on-paper teams. But what will football's highest authority (the Channel 7 sales department) have to say?
  11. To cap it all off, the AFL will do a bastardised version, like The Contenders (SA, country Vic, Nth Tasmania, NSW and NT) vs The Challengers (WA, city Vic, Sth Tasmania, Qld and Ireland) because the only thing they're good at any more is ruining anything of any value whatsoever.
  12. Northey was the man to drag us out of a bleak world of only three certainties: death, taxes, and Melbourne don't play in finals. Year after year after year we got to watch other clubs in finals, secure in the knowledge that we wouldn't ever be there. The brave new world where Melbourne got to play finals was something hard to believe but was very easy to get used to! Northey extracted every last bit of ability from fairly ordinary lists. So, Northey for me. Imagine Neale's lists under Northey. Like putting Lleyton Hewitt's head on Mark Philippoussos' body.
  13. You're under orders to say that. We understand.
  14. That's the MFC mission statement & corporate logo
  15. We will keep having this discussion in its various permutations until something more dramatic overtakes it and pushes the trauma of 2019 into the background. Wins, wins and more wins in 2020 should do the trick. (And then some more wins. GO DEMONS!!!)
  16. I don't think Liam's talent was wasted. He could have been Bob Pratt, Peter Hudson, and Ablett senior rolled into one and still would have struggled to make it due to matters nothing to do with football thrust upon him. AFL football was not in his destiny, unfortunately.
  17. Correct, it sapped and impurified their precious bodily fluids. That's why Ron did not avoid the company of women, but he did deny them his essence.
  18. Mum Viney may have a rough time of it. Tot Viney may try to force his way out!
  19. Wouldn't have picked that of you, OD. What denomination? Our Brothers of the Perpetually Underachieving Weideman? I see a fortunate resolution to this dilemma. In the very pages of the good book! Verily, it is written: I say unto ye, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Also it is written: thy pastor doth desire to driveth a fast car, so cougheth up
  20. I recall a time when skinny teenagers Scully and Trengove were drafted and were immediately in our best midfield. in retrospect, a very bad sign.
  21. He's also dropped six blokes in training and is looking forward to many more in the real home and away stuff
  22. Or ..... interchange numbers will become MANDATORY, with pre-arranged interchange times throughout each quarter ... that somehow take exactly 30 seconds. Remember, every good idea you have ever had has already been thought of by a TV advertising executive.
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