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  1. And for those of a theatrical bent: plays about football (one made into a TV series, the other into a movie) AND THE BIG MEN FLY by Alan Hopgood THE CLUB by David Williamson The GREAT MCCARTHY (mentioned above) was also made into a movie or TV special if memory serves.
  2. This is a good point. Eddie has a stellar reputation in this area, but if you'd spent 20 years in an Amazonian jungle and came back to civilization 5 years ago, you'd wonder what it's based on. Adam Goodes "King Kong", Caro Wilson "drowning", his most recent wooden stint at hosting the last incarnation of the Footy Show, now this Tony Jones thing where Jones of all people appeared more composed and on point. He just doesn't seem to have the magic in front of a camera or mic any more.
  3. I'm no fan of either Jones or Eddie, but Eddie was quite correct in what he said. What really got my attention was Eddie looking and sounding like he's had 6 coffees too many.
  4. 2019, another year goes by for the players on our list 2020, another year goes by for the players on our list 2021 ....... ??? We have our most talented list in a generation and if the game plan doesn't smarten up quick bloody smart, it will be wasted. Are their careers going to be tossed away by a stubborn coach who thinks the most important thing in football is to be "hard at it"? It's one thing to have fit, committed players who are hard at the ball. What happens when they encounter another team who is fit, committed, hard at at, and have some idea of what they are doing?
  5. Rugby was in a bit of strife before this. AFL, NRL, other big comps will survive (in what form TBD), but a national comp with no FTA and declining junior participation is in heaps.
  6. The leopard doesn't change its spots. When he was with us, away from his bad WA influences, he often showed disinterest and went sooking to the umps. That's what we'll get if he comes back. Huge talent, likely to be unfulfilled no matter the club. Maybe AFL-level football isn't for him.
  7. Yeah, okay, but with social distancing I'm limited in what I can do right now.
  8. When Hib kicks the ball, the oppo defenders can go off on interchange, get a rubdown and a gatorade and come back on refreshed and ready for the spoil or intercept mark.
  9. In these strange days everything is strained to the limit, even humour.
  10. Good on you, Star. I hope everyone pulls in this kind of spirit when the time comes later this year to really get behind the Mighty Demons. Sounds like the old man lived a full and dignified life. Good on him too. That's the way to do it.
  11. Yeah, but apart from chaos ball, bad disposal, one-way running, lack of player development, and co-captaincy .... WHAT HAS GOODWIN EVER DONE FOR US????
  12. West Coast played in front. We didn't. West Coast can kick the ball to their teammates. We can't. West Coast can kick the ball between the big posts. We can't. Football basics at any level. It seems Goodwin still believes in chaos ball and being hard at the contest. Which is why guys like Spargo and Hibberd are getting a game. The latter's last remaining AFL-quality attribute is being hard at the contest. (Similar for Nev, sadly.) The former, have to wonder whether he has any AFL-quality attributes at all. Goodwin's reaction in the past has been along the lines of "obviously we weren't hard ENOUGH at it!" and doubles down. Money for jam for opposition coaches & strategists. None of them stay up at night wondering how they're going to counter the Demons' one-dimensional game plan. Our next game, whenever it is, will tell what our coaches and strategists took out of this game.
  13. Well, I found that disappointing. Anyone else find that disappointing?
  14. That was yesterday by the look of things
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