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  1. It’s the young supporters I feel for. School-age ones, especially those in primary school. Like many, I am toughened by copious scar tissue inflicted by decades of near misses, false dawns, and (more commonly) outright failure. The anger, frustration, etc, are not new to me. For me, the sun will still come up tomorrow (most likely ... are Sportsbet offering odds on that?). But young supporters, having found themselves last year suddenly basking in new-found honour and credibility, courtesy of our new-found winning ways, are now slumped back in humiliation and bewilderment. Who could blame them if they choose this time to jump ship, to one of our winning rivals (you know who), or off the sport altogether? This season is gone, but the pride and future support of our young supporters can still be salvaged with some wins against good sides. If this sorry collection of pea hearts, incompetents and stubborn mules the mighty MFC doesn't get its act together quickly, we will find ourselves right back in the calamitous times between Neeld and Roos, when the very existence of the club was at stake.
  2. Yes, Viney's football IQ is limited to being tough and never taking a backward step. A very valuable attribute but with an obvious downside.
  3. Goody doesn't have the luxury of a president who has a poster of him on the back of the dunny door
  4. ♫ In the year twenty five twenty five If the club can survive If fans are still alive They may find ... In the year thirty five thirty five we'll find our goal scoring will thrive we'll kick five or six goals a game then go out next match and do it again In the year forty five forty five our rate of scoring goals will rise to the sky we'll shoot at goal again and again some games as much as nine or ten In the year fifty five fifty five the club will pull out of our crash dive we may start to win some games and even push for finals again, woa-woh ♪
  5. Have three more and it won't matter either way
  6. So is the umps rule of the week that games go for only one quarter? Could work in our favour for once
  7. Psychic line. Some days are tricky. Some days are great. So what kind of day is today going to be? It falls into a completely different category. It holds the potential to be a day that you won't forget. Take advantage of the cosmic potential for transformation
  8. Let's face it, we're too good for these spuds
  9. Clean disposal, negotiates traffic well, sure hands, a true boot and makes his teammates walk taller. I'd say yes.
  10. Mate, I'm still burning about Moloney getting two weeks for not striking someone. If you're waiting for consistency from the people who pick and choose each week which rules will be enforced and which ones will be overlooked, you'll be an old old old man. Science may keep you alive long enough to see that day. But we're more likely to win a flag first.
  11. Or, perhaps, classic media smelling a soft target and piling on in hope of blood spilling? If that's all it is, as soon as we have fixed those few things, we'll be flying again.
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