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  1. That's when you put the coach in a headlock after training and say "pick me this weekend, you @#$#@%$#&%^ !!"
  2. This (ruck nomination) is an example of a rule change brought in to "fix" things which has not helped. All the while, squads of track and field athletes constantly dash on and off in relays to freshen up ready for another burst of rolling mauls. It's like having an infestation of ants and trying to cope by hiding the sugar. Get rid of the root problem first!
  3. I think them being constantly in "frantic" mode is what leads to the poor (non-) decisions when going forward
  4. "Your kicking looks poised and balanced, and usually goes right to one of our blokes. Check out our former captain over there, you could learn a lot from him."
  5. Well how about this: Grimes won't get his hands on it much if we use randomness to our advantage. How about we randomly bomb it inside 50 as much as we can? He can't be everywhere! Not even our guys can know where it's going. Goody's masterstroke.
  6. CLARKO LOVES US That's all the validation I need Now we can all get some sleep
  7. I can't work out if this is the opposite of MFCSS, or an integral part of it. "♪ To dream the impossible dream ... to poach the unsnaggable coach ... ♫ this is my curse, to follow this club ... no matter how hopeless, no matter how dumb ... ♪"
  8. When EFC couldn't wriggle out of their charge of "bringing the game into disrepute" (in the doping saga), they got to negotiate their penalty with the AFL. Some people who've gone before our courts wouldn't mind that kind of justice. "M'lud, my client has been found guilty and according to statute, he has to serve a minimum of 5 years, but he would really prefer to serve six months suspended." Judge: "Hmmm ... it's a fair point ..." Nothing new for the AFL to find ways to play favorites. Christ, the miracle would be is if they stopped finding ways to play favourites. I can imagine this "negotiation". Eddie: I'LL GO ON THE AIRWAVES EVERY DAY TEARING STRIPS OFF YOU Gil: But Eddie ... Eddie: DON'T YOU EDDIE ME, I'LL MAKE SURE THERE ARE ENTIRE EPISODES OF MILLIONAIRE WHERE EVERY QUESTION IS ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE THE AFL IS Gil: Oh all right Eddie ... you're frightening me ... you win ... Eddie: We're all mates here
  9. The easiest job in football: opposition analyst coach in the week you're going to play the MFC. You can basically take the week off and refer to the notes you used last year (when you probably took the week off and used the notes from the year before that).
  10. There a simple way out of this ... increase the intensity of our attack on the ball, generate more inside fifties, and play chaos ball to the point where it looks like we were playing chess before.
  11. Congratulations. You have discovered "coaching". May our football department have the same revelation. With a bit of luck they can progress to the next stage, "effective" game plan. So, actually a sound argument?
  12. We marked time and waited until the off season to do anything about the glaring deficiencies in our game plan. It's debatable whether we have in fact done anything. Exceptionally well ... I wish I had your crystal ball. It's way too early to call.
  13. I could have sworn we had at least half of 2019 to start to adapt. Don't tell me we just blindly kept forging on with the same one dimensional game plan whose counter was fully understood by all the other clubs? Oh well. I suppose we must start sometime. Maybe this week?
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