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  1. Agree with the sentiment but there might not have been a club in '90 without Robbie. Remember the "do it for Robbie" fund in '86.
  2. It was awesome seeing him in the Big V and showing where he deserved to be -- amongst the very best. Never forget one game against SA where we were down at half time. Robbie was "swung to" (old fashioned term now) centre half forward (!!!) and practically won the game off his own boot. We hear of Millanes, Bourke/Barrett/Clay, Jezzas ... imagine the reputation RF would have if he'd played for a big 4 club. Stellar player. GO DEMONS!!!!!!
  3. So are you saying, put a sock in it, or don't put a sock in it?
  5. It seems to be gobbledygook, so in a way it is encrypted
  6. Sales: "we need to sell more sh*t" Accountant: "sounds good to me" Marketing: "we need to increase our brand awareness, leverage our synergy, innovate across our categories, and become an integral part of our customers' success stories. Oh yes, and something something social media." Accountant: "well ... if you say so ... it sounds like bulldust to me ..." Marketing: "and we'll get a corporate box at the G" Accountant: "deal"
  7. Good move by Nathan to drive his captain around. Could make the difference if he's teetering on the edge of selection.
  8. No no no ... I won't have it. He segues to the ad breaks like a champ. You'd think he's been doing radio for 20 years and not 3. Star.
  9. There's lots to learn from a junket in the USA Caesar's Palace Las Vegas ... where you learn to balance risk and reward. Very important in a football context. The Grand Canyon ... where you learn how vast nature is and how small we are ... and how our small actions (on the football field) can make a big difference ... how repeated one percenters can carve a deep impression in a sports club, the same way a river can carve a canyon out of rock ...... also it's bloody cold there. Just like on the MCG in July. Hollywood. Don't be deceived by glossy facades. Learn to focus on what's real and now. Times Square ... where you learn how ****ing expensive theatre tickets are. (Not sure how that relates to football .... thinks ..... ah!) Life's a pageant. We are all just actors on a grand stage .... erm ... the MCG on Queen's birthday? ..... erm ... I'll get back to you on that one. The Great Lakes ... where you learn how vast nature is and how ... oh did that one. The Rockies. Erm ... they're big ... you can conquer them just like England conquered the Kiwis in the world cup (twice!!) The Wild West. If you have guns, you can beat West Coast/Richmnd/Hawks/etc Graceland ... anyone can die young so ... make the most of what you've got now. (or something) Disneyland ... erm .... high ticket prices are profitable. (scraping the barrel here) ... rollercoaster rides? (anyone?) See, there's lots to learn from a junket coaching education training programme in the USA. I just hope they don't lose their pants in a bar in Memphis. (let me finish that sentence for you) ....... into the ground (Sorry Mark! Couldn't resist! JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  10. This is good. Skills, sure ... the biggest thing he has to pass on is his steel trap football brain. He's been the pioneer for the "experienced onfield coach" which all the lower sides now want in their side. (To be fair, Cross was probably the prototype for this.) "How to win" will be his most important teaching. It's a testament to what the club is building that he has stuck around and not washed his hands of us. GO DEMONS!!!
  11. Sorry to disappoint. Trouble is, like all football news and general football buzz, even football humour is served in meagre portions in the off season. Such a shame. Even constructive criticism, apparently, is in short supply at this time of year. Perhaps you could brighten this long and anxious off season with some laffs of your own? Maybe a link to a funny picture that someone made, or a Monty Python sketch? Everyone is gasping for some relief. It's in your power to deliver. I've done all I can. I'm passing to a new flag bearer.
  12. No wonder this club hasn't got any money. We have to rebuild this [censored]in' house, wherever it is, after every pre season.
  13. If the movies on the flight were any good they wouldn't have to have these awkward conversations
  14. Goodwin: How were you able to pick apart my game plan so easily? Richo: First answer me this Goody. And be honest. Do you know what a game plan is? Goodwin: How come every [censored]in' coach I run into asks me that? Richo: It's a serious question. Goodwin: I get asked about it all the time, I'm interviewed after every match, I have to front up to the board every month ... how could I not know what a game plan is? Richo: So answer the question then. Do you know what a game plan is? Goodwin: ... promise you won't laugh?
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