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  1. Well i've sat down and done alot of shuffling and made my team that i feel would be our best. I have put some unique choices in, but i feel they could really work B Matthew Warnock, Stefan Martin, Colin Garland HB Rowan Bail, Jared Rivers, Ricky Petterd C James Strauss, Sam Blease, Cale Morton HF Matthew Bate, Brad Miller, Cameron Bruce F Brad Green, Paul Wheatley, Addam Maric R Mark Jamar, Brock McLean, Jack Grimes Int Paul Johnson, Aaron Davey, Nathan Jones, Austin Wonaeamirri Emergencies: Simon Buckley, Clint Bartram, James Frawley, Jack Watts, Jamie Bennell, Brent Moloney, Neville Jetta, Colin Sylvia, Russell Robertson, John Meesen, Daniel Bell, Lynden Dunn, Matthew Whelan, Michael Newton A full-back line of Garland, Warnock and Martin is very solid and will be very good for a long time i feel. On the half-back line i have gone with Bail coz he looks very ready for AFL and quite quick and classy so he can provide alot from there. Rivers and Petterd will be back in 09 and will add a huge amount to our line-up. I have gone with a centreline including Blease for speed and dash with polish, complimented by Strauss and Morton (both who are pure class) on the wings. That centreline looks mighty classy to me On the Half-forward line i reckon Bruce can be very very handy like he was in his early days at the dees, he can provide a nice target and kick 30+ goals from half-forward i believe. I believe that Bate and Miller are also best used floating around half-forward as lead-up targets and can work with Bruce to create a very formiddable half-forward line. I really really like this setup. On the full-forward line i have thrown a spanner in the works. Watts will not be ready and i feel that Wheatley is tall and has good hands, whilst being a very nice, long kick. Wheatley would provide a nice option at full-forward i think. I like the idea of Green playing as a second full-forward and have Wheatley and Green as multiple targets. Maric is a specialist forward-pocketer with dead-eye accuracy and he is a lock in the forward pocket for the next 10 years. This full-forward line is alot better than will be given credit for, i think they could be very successful. Jamar and Johnson can share ruck duties til Spencer is ready, and i feel that Grimes and Mclean are our best ruck rover combination. I reckon these two will add to the class of the centerline previously mentioned. It is very very exciting looking at the quality that is still on the list as depth. We have got a good list coming along now and i am really excited...
  2. please do!! i really wanna keep this game on dvd!! i will tell you why!! jeff white - dominant in the ruck and killed adelaide around the ground cam bruce - sublime...absolutely sublime!! was in the backs and got the ball out creatively sooo many times, he just amazes me...if you watch him play and watch for the things he does, you earn a whole new respect for him!! daniel bell - COURAGE, PRESSURE, SKILL!!! his second and 3rd efforts were just a treat to watch today, his endeavour to give 110% every single contest was amazing! he is a gem and a star of the future! he is hard at the ball, takes the game on and very very reliable! brad green - best i have seen him play since 2000!! those two courageous marks going back with the flight of the ball were just brilliant....that is what we love about our game!! trav johnstone - he just amazes me when he is on his game, his skill is unique...he was able to snatch the ball and create play out of nowhere so many times today!! him and bruce are so good at it! nathan jones - WOW! he is hard at it and he takes the game on! he is a star of the future! brock mclean - HE IS EXCITING!! seriously he is a star....his strength in the packs and his skills in play are magnificent....will win a brownlow one day!! paul johnson - best game i have ever seen from a melbourne backup ruckman!! he has great skills for a big man, much like cox....his ruckwork was very good today, and he actually took some strong game saving grabs....i was most impressed with his game today and jamar should never play again unless injury occurs!! he is a keeper!! petterd - he oozes class for an 18 year-old...im a huge fan of him already
  3. NOW!! onto this debate about bizz and cj!! from a person with an unbiased opinion of both, here goes: cj is slow on the field and has no impact at afl level, he doesnt have any aspects to his game that make him a handy player.... he was given alot of opportunity in the pre-season and early rounds of the yr and he just doesnt cut it!!! i would be using him as trade bait this yr for sure!! as for bizz....we all know his use-by-date is almost up....but when he came in earlier in the yr he was fantastic i thought and i feel he deserved to hold his spot he has alot of courage and reads the play well and provides alot for us down back and hurts the other team by getting the ball as well as defending!! so dont anyone try to say that cj deserves a game over bizzell coz you need to open your eyes and stop being one-eyed!!
  4. i am ranked 477 out of 190 000 people in dreamteam comp!!! that is a huge ranking and i am right up there with the leaders!! i am ranked number 9 out of all melbourne supporters!! in supercoach i am top in the demonology league...hell yeah!! at dreamteam.com.au i am ranked 35 overall and am right with the lead group in the running to win a nintendo wii at sportal.com i am ranked 189 overall out of 20 000 people!!
  5. be realistic....i dont think we can make the finals from our current position therefore it'd be a waste for us not to throw this season and at least pick up veszpremi and kreuzer
  6. i was just reading about who are the top draft prospects for next yr and apparently it is known as the "big man" draft apparently there are alot of ruckman and KPP, due to an influx of basketballers changing over to our game...there is also genuine talented footballers who have always played our game if we finish in the bottom 2 this season and get priority picks we could end up with 2 picks in the top 4, that is definately food for thought dont you think 2 of the top 4 prospects fit well for us very nicely... Matt Kreuzer - 200cm ruckman who is very athletic and covers the ground well and has good disposal(he could solve our ruck problem and be perfect to take over from white when he goes) Pat Veszpremi - Quick midfielder with exquisite skills, one-of-a-kind type midfielder...rated better than marc murphy(he would fit in very nicely with brock mclean, nathan jones, clint bartram, cam bruce, colin sylvia, and brent moloney- good mix of inside and outside midfielders) also Hayden Czwarno or Bellchambers could be a handy pick up as a backup ruckman maybe also pickup a decent KPP to assist our pickups of garland and frawley which look like future CHF and CHB for us maybe finishing last could bring us a premiership in the next 2 years...i really feel this is the case!!
  7. well done CAMERON THE BRUCE!!! you are a champion mate!! you have been absolutely tremendous for this club, and your work around the ground is truly one of a kind!! not only do you continually rack up 30 possessions a game, but there are generally alot of contested and you do so many of the 1&er things!! not to mention that you have been used up forward, down back, in the midfield, as a tagger!! you are truly a champion and your versatility is amazing!! not to mention the fact that you are genuinely a nice bloke off the field, you're such a gracious human being!! thanx for everything so far and let's hope you have 6 or 7 more years left in you!! cheers to a champion! CAMERON THE BRUCE
  8. well for a fact that is [censored]!! how about everyone stops havin a dig at cameron bruce...im fed up with the negativity towards him! he has been our best player 2 weeks in a row....he had more CONTESTED possessiojns today than any other player on the field!! he also had 30 disposals!! so how can it be said that he doesnt get his own ball....his disposal isnt as bad as people say either and he did so mauch brilliant work today, i commend his effort today!! he tried so hard to lift the team but they just dont wanna lift
  9. our delivery into the forwardline and the efforts by those in the forwardline is pissweak...we have smashed them in the centre clearances yet we are down by 4 goals... worrying signs....thank god they couldnt kick straight or this could be an absolute BLOWOUT!! come on dees....get back into the game
  10. people absolutely caned the hell out of me for posting my thread "MUST READ..please reply!!" yet what i said was exactly what everyone is saying now that this weeks team has been announced!! isnt that very hypocrytical?? the side for this week is slow....its as easy as that!!! CJ cant get near the ball, TJ is out of sorts as is davey!! holland, jamar, godfrey, ferguson, brown, yze, wheatley, etc etc we are slow!! there is no genuine footspeed in our team!! i have never once said a bad word about the dees....i love this team as much as any other supporter...more than others!! but i am struggling to see anything positive atm!!! no dunn, no rivers, no neitz, no frawley, no bartram, no robbo, no brock, no sylvia!!!!! pickett seems to be past it and davey,yze and trav are out of form badly!!!
  11. MUST READ!!! Im not losing all faith but i'd love for someone to give me sight of light at the end of tunnell....i love this team and it kills me to see what is happening!! well, this is probably gonna be one of the longest posts ever, but i REALLY want alot of feedback.... Firstly it frustrates me what all dees supporters are now confronted with, the almost sad reality that we must start all over again and rebuild the club from scratch coz we are in a massive hole and we do not have it in us to play catchup for the rest of the season as far as i am concerned. i am from WA and it is so hard supportin any1 but the eagles or dockers here coz they are so successful and their supporters are so arrogant which makes it worse...it now becomes even harder coz i think we could almost become the carlton of the past few years and i will explain why below....i seriously feel we are gone, and have to start again!! and yes that is harsh, but just two weeks ago i thought we could win the premiership.... but we are SLOW - hawthorn burnt us off every time they got the ball yesterday, they gave us a shelacking when they ran with the ball we have lost all our HEART - it seems like when we are up we are up but when we are down we are an absolute MESS...this has been a trend for the past 12 years...one year up, one year down one year up one year down, lose 3 win 12 or 13 then lose 7...etc etc...and there was just little effort from several players yesterday and it was painful to watch... I CANT BELIEVE IM SAYING ANY OF THIS, IM DEVASTATED...I AM A DIEHARD DEES FAN I HAVE OVER $3500 WORTH OF DEES MERCHANDISE AND I SUPPORT MY TEAM LIKE NO-ONE ELSE....I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT MY SUPPORT FOR THE DEES....IT IS KILLING ME TO WRITE THIS ok now i will reveal why i think we are gone and we must start all over again....this kills me so much to write this: Clint Bartram - he is a hard worker and he chases well and gives everything he can in every game he plays...he is solid and definately a keeper...BUT he is injured and has struggled since round 20 of last year to get fit again...CONCERNED?? Matthew Bate - hmmmm....a real concern this kid....very inconsistent and patchy, but worst of all his decisions yesterday were abysmal...i am talking about trying to take on 3 hawks in the centre of the ground when he had mcdonald in support....he gets holding the bloody ball and they get a goal....REDICULOUS....and, he drops sitters, easy chest marks and he has done it multiple times in both games so far this season...not sure bout him and he certainly does costly things!!! Daniel Bell - i actually like daniel bell....he provides good dash out of half back when he wants to...and that is the concern "when he wants to"...yesterday he got towelled by williams and he provided no dash out of half back...and when we are so slow we need his dash out of half back...His form yesterday is a real WORRY?? Clint Bizzell - What can he do? what is he good for anymore? we have rivers...and bizzell doesnt have very long left to show he can still be a good player....hmmm he was a forward at geelong and they did tout him as the next gary ablett....maybe throw him up forward with neitz and robbo out???? Nathan Brown - ALWAYS tries very very hard but his disposal is worse than a best and fairest at an under 15's level junior club.....he turns the ball over and we get killed on the rebound!! Cameron Bruce - my favourite player...Hands down he is my favourite player, he is so versatile and as soon as we are in trouble ND uses bruce as the solution all the time....he cant do everything and the team and supporters shouldnt expect him to....some people are so rude to him and i find it disgusting coz he is all class....him and mcdonald were our best 2 players by a country mile yesterday!!! Simon Buckley - apparently another player with shocking disposal....geez we sure do pick em dont we??? Nathan Carroll - i think he did very well yesterday and he was so solid last year....he was so close to getting selected as the All-Australian full-back...he is a good full-back!!! he took alot of pack marks in defense yesterday which was a good sign, his saving marks kept us from losing by 8-10 goals i think!! Aaron Davey - well well well FLASH!! he is in career worst form...seriously he is playing abysmally...he cannot get near the ball, let alone do anything close to what he has done in the past...He seems unfit, he seems like he doesnt wanna play anymore, he doesnt try hard enough, he gives up too easily, he seems sick, he seems like he is carrying some sort of niggling injury....I dont see his form turning around any time soon...and this is just SAD!!! Ryan Ferguson - I am honestly not sure what to say...but im not sure he is past it but his days are running out!! James Frawley - we have to wait and see with this kid...he is an exciting prospect but so have many before him...and guess what he has caught the injury curse!!! Colin Garland - We dunno yet do we?? but his debut may come alot sooner than we all thought given the current circumstances!! Simon Godfrey - Hahahaha dont make me laugh....this guy is useless...an absolute JOKE...his disposal is the worst ive seen...does he ever dispose it to advantage...we are better off without him... Brad Green - i was once a huge fan but at the moment i must be honest...he is either past it, he doesnt wanna be there, or he is in a massive form slump...a player i once rated the best shot on goal in the comp has become useless....he does hospital passes and he circles with the ball far too much!! Ben Holland - Solid in defense against tall players thats for sure...but he is slow and he cannot play on mobile forwards or quick forwards...he is almost past it i think...almost...he would still be in the best 22 for half the games this season but not all of them. Mark Jamar - he has so much potential but he will never rise to the occasion its as easy as that!! he is way out of time on several occasions in the ruck...he drops so many marks up forward when a man of his size should gobble them up....and he kicks like a goose!!! and think we lost jolly to keep jamar???? Chris Johnson - sorry to anyone who rates him but he is slow....he doesnt have evasivesness, gets caught too easily and cannot hurt the opposition in any real way....sorry but i think he is not up to afl level....steven armstrong is so much better and he couldnt get a game with us....wtf??? Paul Johnson - I think he CAN be good...his opportunity my arise this next few weeks...if he fails he must go at season end. Travis Johnstone - WOW!! what to say...what has happened to him???we have struggled 2 weeks in a row as a team and he was SHOCKING in both games...NUMBER 1 DRAFT PICK!!! well he took so long to develop coz of injury....damn that dreaded curse...he was known for his uncanny precision to use the ball to perfection the last couple of years...he has sublime disposal and decision making....IT IS GONE...in the last 2 weeks he has disposed of the ball like [censored], and he has struggled with form, he is slow....what happened here?? Nathan Jones - I like him....i really really rate him!!! he is hard at it, tackles superbly and can get the ball but he spends so much time on the bench??? why?? and he needs to use his speed more...he seems to get caught a little easy sometimes. James Mcdonald - where have you been all these years boy!! what an awesome all-round player we have here....he runs well, he gets a [censored]load of the ball, he uses it well, he is a superb tagger....has a heart of gold, always gives more than any player ive seen.....BUT he is 30 and his time is almost up!!! Brock Mclean - how long do we have to wait??? seriously!! injuries galore...he is never fit, even when he plays he is carrying something....it is very very stressful...what a waste of a player...he may be great, but he is useless if we cant get him on the field!!! Brad Miller - hated him until this week...i was one of those supporters who thought he wasnt capable at CHF....well he stood up in the last quarter and yes he drops sitters but he may be good enough....the next few weeks are a real test for him!!! Brent Moloney - still is not fully fit...we can tell this by how often he gets rotated on and off the bloody bench...he gives away stupid free kicks and they are always about 50 metres out from our defensive goal....he is hurting the team alot with careless play...he needs to run the lines and kick long into the hotspot at full forward....and needs to do it soon!! David Neitz - What does this injury mean? is this the end...he cant have that long left...seriously!! has this injury made his playing future unclear...and we must find a replacement asap coz he is OLD now... Ricky Petterd - i am intrigued to see him play...he apparently has it all, there are huge wraps on him...i pray to god he delivers strongly!! Byron Pickett - He is too slow now!! with how fast the game is and how easy it is to give away free kicks...the game looks to have passed byron!! Jared Rivers - Good CHB...did very well againsy franklin who could easily have busted the game wide open several times...rivers was the NAB rising star dont forget a few years ago...Rivers is most certainly a keeper and i rate him very very highly!! Russell Robertson - Very inconsistent and he has been a major reason we have an inconsistency curse....like player like team haha....But he is valuable nonetheless coz he is an uncanny forward....but he is lost for the moment due to injury!! Colin Sylvia - Come on!! how long do we have to wait...he is fast becoming a travis johnstone...a waste of a very high draft pick...a talented player battling injuries who will burst for a season or 2 and then flop into thin air like a has been!! i surely hope not??? Daniel Ward - Runs well...i give him that...he takes the game on and always dashes when he can...but his disposal is shocking, he makes silly decisions, and he handballs to players in more trouble than he is....!! not good...?? Paul Wheatley - NAB cup specialist...we need him for if we ever wanna give the NAB cup a go...he is a huge kick and good for 9 pointers....he is ok....not the worst but not sure if he is worthy of a place in the team??? Matthew Whelan - brilliant small defender...always does well against opposition forward pockets and almost always has done....the problem with him is that he gives away free kicks easily this year and you cant do that so close to goal....his form, well his attack on his opponent at the moment is a big worry??? Jeff White - Was an All-Australian ruckman, was the best in the comp, was the most mobile player in the afl...well guess what, the rule changes have ALL gone against him and he is almost past it....he is still a great player dont get me wrong but we NEED to find a genuinely good ruckman to take over from him coz his days are numbered...we can not afford to lose him, yet we are not doing so great while we still have him....a strange 1 this 1???? Adem Yze - topped the afl in kicks like 3 times, even topped the afl in effective kicks a few times....but this is in the past....he is too slow now, he doesnt have any grunt at all, he is almost 'soft' you could say and his form is a worry??? So that is our list and as we can all see, there are very dark signs ahead unless alot of players improve and others live up to their potential, whilst others refind their career best form....if these changes do not occur or we lose any more players, we will not move off the bottom of the ladder!! we need to stop giving the ball to a player about to get crunched or giving it to someone in more trouble than the player who got rid of it....seriously it is suicidal footy and we are the number 1 team in the afl for it!! if we cannot act on all the things ive mentioned, we are headed for 5 or 6 years down the bottom of the ladder rebuilding our team and try to get that elusive PREMIERSHIP....do we really wanna be the new carlton??? coz unless things change we are headed in that direction!!!
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