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  1. Rawlings, McCartney, Jennings, Viney, Sam Pietsch... You can play the technicalities game but when a club have that many leave, (no matter the terms) over a single off-season, you know something is up. We had a crisis meeting off the back of our horrendous first half of the year. There was a complete restructuring of positions at assistant level, (that's alarming given it was the middle of the season). And by the end of the year, we had an exodus. I'm not comparing us to Adelaide, I'm looking at us. In the eyes of the footballing world, we were at crisis point by mid-year and by year's end something had to change. And it did.
  2. I also love what's coming out of the club recently but it doesn't fly in the face of any poster rightly expressing their disgust from this season. I'm not sure what your definition of 'crisis' is for a team that went from prelim to second last over the course of a year, but I'm pretty sure moving on an entire brigade of assistant coaches is a good indicator as to what went down in our mid-year 'crisis' meeting.. It was either Goodwin or his assistants that were going to go and one of those two things eventuated. You can paint it however you like, but the season was an absolute horror show and changes were rightly made. We were in a crisis and made some bold calls. Now it's the beginning of a new pre-season so naturally everybody is optimistic as new recruits, coaches and announcements are released.
  3. I love the passive aggressive and condescending pet-name calling when ppl get in a tiff. It's amazing.
  4. An extremely favourable fixture. First half of the year especially. Absolutely zero excuses not to make finals next year and I expect a top 6 finish minimum.
  5. The fact that swooper mentioned he played midfield throughout his unders as well as a bit for the Stingrays suggests that he's not a 'boxed' half back flanker, even if it's his more natural position. The evidence is there at his unders level. That's all we have to go by. When was the last time a 'boxed' flanker went at pick 3 in a draft?
  6. This is the time when I think of my very close and longtime friend, @Chook in Perth
  7. This excites me greatly. He is free and if he can play at even 80% of his ability, his contribution will be felt.
  8. Those believing that Young is 'just a half-back flanker' are greatly underselling him. He may have played that position almost his entire under 18's year, but his attribute diversity and therefore upside is infinite. He has an incredible blend of attributes.
  9. Seems a long shot. Not sure why clubs would have a 'gentleman's agreement' on who is taking who during trade week. It's far too early. You might be right that we're hoping he'll be there or that chances are good that he'll be there. But that's about it I reckon.
  10. You've answered your own question, chap. We're not a 'successful team' yet are we?
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