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  1. You ended your post with: "why wouldn't Elliott think the same?" You were arguing against the notion that he wouldn't be interested in coming. And within that, also stating to your mind why we are not a rabble. Let's just disagree. As I've said many many times already. If pre-season and in season injuries were the main factor as to why we finished 17th on the ladder this year, it seems awful strange that Jennings, McCartney, Rawlings and Viney have all departed. And there still may be more to go yet. Apparently it's all coincidence though and I'm a conspiracy theorist for thinking it's 'odd'.
  2. Yes, well that's clearly a factor if he's after security. Did Jake actually report that Elliot is interested? Or just that we've made an offer?
  3. Basically because he's not a Melbourne supporter. Looking at our club through the slightly more objective eyes of a player like Elliot, I can't imagine he'd share the same level of buoyancy that you've shown in your detailed post, even if some of your points are valid. I could jot down just as many reasons why he'd choose not to come to us, even if the money was slightly more. Off the top of my head? - Collingwood played in a GF last year and are massive chance to win it this year. We've finished second last, no matter the reasons. - The success that both clubs have had over the past decade and what that looks like going forward? - Collingwood are a big four club and get huge crowd numbers to games weekly, he is extremely tight-knit with many of his team mates. - There's no 'go home' factor like there is with Tomlinson or Langdon so the comparison is silly Both of those boys are Victorian and one of them was dropped last week in a final having been on their list for six + years. Security for Tomlinson is another factor. Sure we may be a more favourable club of choice than St Kilda or North Melbourne for Tomlinson or Langdon, but that's a separate argument. We're Talking about Elliot. I could go on. I don't share the same view and I highly doubt Elliot does. Unless of course he likes dollars and we're offering an amount that can't be resisted. We've been a rabble for over a decade. Our finish this year had a very 'Melbourne of old' feel to it. It would be completely naive to believe that a player like Elliot wouldn't think about that sort of thing coming from a big and successful club like Collingwood.
  4. Would absolutely love him but can't see him in a Melbourne jumper for the life of me. Regardless of the money, I get the feeling he'd have no interest in coming to us given the rabble we're in.
  5. To the first sentence, well done. You've just further indicated to me that no matter how many training sessions you attend, you genuinely don't know the intricacies of off-season preparation and what coming back 'underdone' means at this level. And to the second paragraph, Goodwin has now stated numerous times that we had far too many players go through an interrupted pre-season which had a direct impact on our season. For someone who consistently repeats the words of MFC coaches, it really doesn't make any sense whatsoever that you 'don't believe it should be an excuse'.
  6. Scratch the surfice. There's a whole new world of understanding out there.
  7. Good god man. Conspiracy theories?! How do you think the footballing world, (media in particular) would react if the club released reports that Viney and Rawlings were encouraged to seek opportunities elsewhere because of a rift/disagreement/didn't meet the standards of the board etc etc? We would be met with a bombardment of further negative news and unwanted attention. All giving rise to further disharmony, disconnect and pressure on the playing group, Goody and club as a whole. Clubs have a right to protect themselves and full truths are not always told for absolutely good reason in an industry where the microscope is forever over your shoulder watching your every move. It's absolutely fascinating that you would think such a thing is a 'conspiracy theory'. As if such scenario is so unimaginable and unfathomable to you. I can only imagine how you reacted to the time we were caught manipulating the equalisation system. You know, that word 'tanking'. Is this current scenario more or less believable than that? Man, if you think this is a 'conspiracy theory' and that it is complete coincidence that Rawlings and Viney have left post season on their own terms.. (on the back of one of the most embarrassing season we've dished up, a year after making a prelim, with other assistants already out the door, after the club mooting there'd be major change)... .. Then it must be quite a cosy bubble you live in.
  8. I find it extremely difficult to believe that Viney and Rawlings leaving on their 'own terms' is just coincidence given the season we've had.
  9. I don't understand your post. For every positive piece of play you name, I could name a negative one. I hold an indifferent view when it comes to Frost. I mean, if we got a second round pick for the former rookie we'd be laughing but if we didn't I'd rather persist. The point is that there seems to be an imbalance in the views of supporters on here in regards to what Frost offers. Why name all of those positive plays without acknowledging the goals he gifts opposition sides, free kicks he gives away or turnovers he makes? It doesn't make sense.
  10. I wish someone would post the 'out on the full' kick he made after this tackle. It's a much more accurate representation of what he offers the team.
  11. What do you mean? One is a top 5 talent for reasons that the other is not.
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