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  1. There's not a player I dislike more in the AFL.
  2. If he has season ending surgery, when he could just have it now, after a 1-5 start to the year I just won't know what to think. But can see it happening being a Melbourne supporter. Hopefully the fact that he's only missing a couple means there's nothing structurally that needs fixing.
  3. Won't be surprised at all. We are the kings of 'response' games. Goodwin has done nothing to meaningfully address core problems that have existed for three years now due to his rigidness and belief that his game-style and the personnel he has brought into our club will ultimately bring us success. We made a prelim. Our game is strong in certain areas, but he has ignored the warning signs that some of us have seen for years now. Aggressive zone-defence, one-paced midfield who run to the ball like bees to the honey and playing guys in the wrong positions for how long? I'm viewing this year as a learning year for Goodwin. Like Buckley before he changed, like Hardwick of 2014-16 when he tried to play 'Hawthorn' football with players who couldn't execute. Like Chris Scott who has completely re-calibrated Geelong's forward half game by changing personnel. He needs to realise that change is welcome.
  4. Our game-plan needs tweaking, especially now with 6-6-6. We are one-dimensional and have been flogged a number of times by teams who did their homework on us and who played a disciplined game-style to counter ours. Those teams are Collingwood, Richmond, West Coast, St Kilda, Hawthorn etc. I'm talking about those games we're we look completely rubbish and are blown away. I understand that when it works for us, we're extremely hard to beat. But those losses were always huge warning signs imo. Our zone breakdown namely. What's he done about those games? Like seriously. What's been addressed? After these horrible games, all we do is follow it up with a 'response' type of game. Like we did against Sydney and possibly tonight against Richmond. And like we did many times last year after those types of losses. They're bandaid wins. The problems have never been addressed by Goodwin in a consistent way because he refuses to budge with game-style or personnel. It's been happening for three years and whilst teams around us have tweaked their game-style, setups and personnel, Goodwin has remained extremely rigid on the style and type of player he wants in our team. It's biting us big time now. Tyson, Jones, Lewis on wings. Contested and one-dimensional midfielders as half-forward such as ANB and Vandenberg. One-geared midfield who are all drawn to the ball. None of whom are elite kicks. We've had the same setup for three years when you look at the types of players he plays in certain positions. Ranty Ranty.
  5. Haha, interesting bump. I won't mention the club I was doing some work for that year. But let's just say it's clear they had a set of criteria that every player had to meet before being selected at those earlier rounds. Spargo possesses unquestionable competitiveness and his body of work is a lot stronger than Petrucelle's. I really rate Fritsch, but I'd have taken Petrucelle over Petty. Goodwin has been uncompromising in the type of player he wants. And now it's coming back to sting us a bit. Still looking forward to seeing Ling play for the swans. He's been super unlucky with injury though. Fyfe was drafted at 75 kg. Two more than Petrucelle. He has incredible natural power. And neither one of Fyfe or Cripps have great foot-skills. They are simply contested animals that are physically bigger and stronger than their opponents and therefore have an enormous advantage at the coal face. Fyfe of course has some other tricks. But no one predicted them to be the players they are today. That's the crazy thing about the draft. Cripps went outside the top 10 and Fyfe went in the 20's.
  6. Fundamentally, I've come to realise that who we have playing as our back 6 won't actually matter if the break down continues further up the field. That's not to say that I think we missed Oscar. Clearly, he is vulnerable in more ways than one. But this issue runs deeper and is now on Goodwin's shoulders. He has continued to play an extremely aggressive zone defence that relies on everything going our way further up the field. I will continue tomorrow though. There's much to talk about.
  7. Lols. I have a plan to make a long-winded post tomorrow re: our game-plan. Edit* I should have said, you're not entirely wrong. It's more about game-plan than personell at this stage.
  8. You could ask yourself the same question.. Your life must similarly be as little and you must have very little going on in your life given the frequency of your responses to the very threads you're fed-up with.
  9. I watched him play as a small forward last year. Don't know about this year. Perhaps part of the positional changes are due to the fact that he is yet to do well in any of them.
  10. Seconded. He is fast but lacks in ball use, class and doesn't hit the scoreboard enough as a small forward.
  11. Stretch is not fast, not sure why so many think he offers pace. He is aerobically fit, so he can run long distances. But he is not fast and is not powerful in his running movement. Oscar is slow and is stinking it up generally and St Kilda have a small forward line so Lewis and Jetta make sense as ins. Lewis offers some composure with ball in hand also. Jetta can lock down on Gresham hopefully. St Kilda's hard running will only hurt us if we're poor with our ball use. Anything like the first three rounds and we lose. I'm not confident because of our form but if we can link up well through all areas and if we're efficient inside 50, we should have a comfortable win. Their back six is sketchy.
  12. Do you mean he'll never make it if he doesn't show something in the seniors? If so, I agree.
  13. It's happened. Finally. @binman, thoughts?
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