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  1. Do we get priority picks if we finish bottom 3? People are telling me the rules have changed, and that a team needs to put 2 crap seasons together before getting top picks. Anyone know the official word on this?
  2. I'm left with a hollow feeling. I thought a change of coach was required, but now I feel like a Judas. Even if hope beyond hope, our troops go on to win a flag, it'll not seem quite right without Neale to share in the celebrations. The footy Gods have indeed been cruel this year.
  3. The whole team is over rated. Bruce, Brock, Davey, the bloody lot of em'. Brock's got potential for sure, but Bruce??!! The game is called football. Foot and Ball. If you can't kick a ball anywhere near the sticks in this game, then what bloody use are you? Yeah, yeah, I'll get nothing but condemnation for you deluded fanatics, but look at the board. We're second bottom. We just got mawled by a stinker of a team. And I ain't surprised. When you accept the fact that we suck, defeat actually doesn't hurt as much. Victories and good performances are nothing but flash in the pans with this line up.
  4. I really thought this kind of inept footy was behind us. But what a fool I am. It was worse than the round 1 debacle. This is without doubt the most damning defeat for ND. 80 to 16 at half time against a [censored] house team like Richmond. And all those players who rallied support for their coach can shut their mouths now. Like their opinion counts for anything after that performance.
  5. Don't quite understand the whole debate over Bruce thing. He's a key player. Great hard ball getter. We need him. He's Melbourne through and through. I wouldn't say he had a bad day today. Par for the course really. I never expect him to kick a goal from a set shot. If he does its a bonus. Ofcourse I hurl a tirade of abuse at him when he misses another gimme, but I'm a footy fan. What would you expect?
  6. I retract my previous comments. The talent pool in AFL is such a shallow one. It's not like we're talking British Premier League here, where there's all of Europe to chose from with an abundance of coaches with proven track records, or American Sports, where there's heaps of College coaches ready to make the big leagues. ND is a quality coach. I personally don't think he can bring us a flag, but there are other variables that hinder us that are out of Danihers control.
  7. How many games have we won since the Bulldogs?
  8. He's been a wonderful coach, but he's only gotten us so far. 10 years of winning stuff all is enough time for any coach. I acknowledge his tremendous efforts, but it's time to move on.
  9. I'm not a true die hard fan! I'm what you might call a fair weather supporter. You'd call me that coz I don't go to all the games. In fact I haven't been to a single game this season, primarily because I moved to Sydney last year. Didn't bother going to the Sydney game either though, coz I knew we'd get thumped. We were playing like baffoons. I make no apologies for doing something productive with my Saturday night, rather than watching another spineless effort. I love this game, I love this team, but I guess there's degrees. They're certainly not my life. The last couple of months I feel like a bunch of imposters have been taking the field. If they show the kind of determination and application they showed today a little more often maybe I'll yet front up to a game this season. I take my hat off to you fans who suck it up week in, week out. Fans like my Mum and Dad, who've driven up from Rye every game this season. What compels you to do it when the team is 0 and 9 and counting? Where does that fortitude come from? My daughter is 10 weeks old. Before she was born, we'd already bought her baby demons attire. We've blighted her for life. She's waited her whole life for this victory today. When she heard the players sing the song on TV, she smiled the biggest smile. We may not be die hard fans, but MFC runs in the family and it always will.
  10. "We will bounce back. We’ve been good at starting games at home; it is on the road where we have struggled. We need to regroup and we get another chance next week." That's a quote from Danners after the game. Can anybody tell me what the hell he's talking about??!! I reckon he's lost the plot.
  11. Absolutely right. I've thought the same thing since day 1 of the season. They've been outsmarted and out muscled every game. Something's gone pear shaped at the coaching and training part of the operation in this preseason. They've gone from flag contenders to the worst team in the comp. Though I'm sure Richmond will give us a run. Disheartening!
  12. And that icing has gotten fat, slow and useless in the off season.
  13. This list can't win a flag! Who you all kidding. We're an average team with average players. They had a magnificent season last year. To be honest, I think that's the best we can hope for. This seasons a right off for sure, and there's more to it than the injury list. But even at full strength, we're never gonna compete with the interstate giants for the grand prize. They've got the money, the players, the coaching staff, the home ground advantage. We have none of that. My Dads been a fan all his life. He was a kid when Melbourne last won a flag. The way this now national comp is structured, I certainly don't expect the ultimate glory. Just a gutsy team with the occasional magnificent win.
  14. I think it's pretty much a given Daniher will be replaced next season, but don't everybody crud on him now. He's given 10 years of his life to this club and developed alot of talent. We all have lofty expectations and perhaps the time is right, even overdue, for change. But we could've done alot worse than Neale Daniher. For all his flaws there was genuine belief that this year we'd be a contender. If they'd stepped up a notch from last years form it'd be great, but alas that's not to be. I'm sure there's nobody more dissapointed than ND. I'm sure it's not his intention to lose. Finding a 'Mathews or Sheedy' will be a huge challenge. They don't grow on trees. I hope Daniher gets some kind of recognition and appreciation for his efforts when he leaves.
  15. You can put Danihers head on the chopping block, point the finger at emerging teenage talent, chastise our under performing guns, but Neitz has some kind of immunity. Apparently we don't hold him as accountable as the rest of the team.
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