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  1. I used to be a boundary umpire. The rule is that from the time the umpire commences his approach to bounce no one is allowed to cross the centre square, in or out - regardless if there are too many or too few in the square.
  2. Duh-Wayne is still saying the Aints are a show on Foxtel. . . .
  3. Louie


    I can't believe anyone would be looking to trade ANB. He's been here two seasons, absolutely been smashing the VFL and I don't see why he won't do the same in the big league in a season or two.
  4. Even if Pedo didn't mark it it should have been 'frontal contact'
  5. Those deliberate out of bounds are horrible. Kick long from a quick clearance and it's deliberate? ?
  6. I'm in San Francisco and will be heading to bed happy tonight after we smash Essundone. No chance we lose this.
  7. I reckon he'll go well at Port, but I'm well aware that there are just as many who don't care or think he will do no good, so there's no need to shoot me.
  8. My word is, and not from Judd's grandmother, is that Dangerfield is no chance to come to us. He knocked us back during the last trade period. It's between Geelong and Carlton.
  9. Sometimes it takes great hindsight to understand true genius at work. I salute you Tom.
  10. This article could be written about any club. They all miss out on good players.
  11. When I played junior footy I had to have #2 because of Robbie. RIP
  12. Not everyone can play for a successful team or have success in their playing career, it just doesn't work. All these young uns expect success and believe their longevity at a [censored] club means they deserve success elsewhere. Additionally, not every club can make the finals or be a contender. What I don't understand is how will the crap clubs ever get better if they have their free agents continually seeking out greener pastures. I like what someone recently wrote about banding things up so top 4 couldn't get FA's etc. Also interesting to see that most FA's are getting signed up on juicy long term deals, like their new clubs understand they are dealing with money hungry grubs. Edit: To get the font size bigger than ants.
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