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  1. Solid post from an intelligent post. Well done Yze Magic.
  2. Whateley can talk, the word around the water cooler is that he isa serial poster on many sites known as "crannypete", did you see the gig he got in the Herald Sun? Nuff nuffs from Cranbourne don't pull those kind of column centimetres.
  3. Finally another person who understands footy. I think we are also forgetting how little difference there is across all theteams now that the AFL's socialism policy is taking effect. With lists of ~38 it is very hard to cover injuries to stars and all clubs face the same problem.
  4. That's fine and I see where you are coming from. Round 2, however, is not the time to jump off and create disunity. Spend the effort reviewing each player and his strengths and weaknesses, decide if he there is a place in the team (coaches included) and do something at the end of the season. Round 2 is not the time. We can do nothing about changing the cattle, they can improve their attack on the ball, their fitness and their skills. This will happen. we will win more than we lose this year, just be patient. Hawthorn were on the bottom of the ladder last week, now they are in the 8. We will turn it around.
  5. Yes, but there is a difference between you and others. You can state what it is you are disappointed about and identitfy areas that require varying degrees of improvement. I am not so naive, nor stupid, that I think we are perfect. Some posters note the problems, suggest and discuss solutions, understand that no one involved in the club is happy and have some faith that the players and coaches are doing everything they can to address the situation. Others just abuse the players, the coach, the waterboys without being objective. They would throw the baby out with the bath water.
  6. Hawthorn had no Vandenberg (would he make our team), Smith (possibly would, just) and Roughead (dropped). Would they have beaten us by more if they played? It is fair to say they had no injuries.
  7. A not too subtle reminder to some of our "supporters" : I understand the emotion of football that causes you to denigrate the club and its players at a time like this. However, I am very strongly of the view that too many are jumping off us too soon. We have yet to be beaten when at full strength. We have keys players out. We are winding up to peak at the right time, we are not anywhere close to peak fitness yet. On Saturday, we had one telling injury early and another one after the game was lost. We did not play at our best. We would have more to complain about if we were beaten by Hawthorn and we played to our full potential. We were playing a team that were roundly castigated in the press after a woeful performance, were close to full strength and had a 100% crack, as if their football lives depended on it. They won. This week, our football lives depend on a win. We will win. Do not turn on our team, turn on the other supporters. Defend our team. It is us against them. Be one of us, the alternative is got a good one.
  8. Not funny, he should avoid humour, it is not becoming of him.
  9. The quote on the other site was a direct quote from your post here, and then later you have the audacity to brag about it. I don't even know what this sentence is trying to say. "Verbotten" and "alud" - are they even words? We were all disapointed with the performance and rational and sound criticism of specific aspects of the performance is fine, but when you add "where's my skis" and then go bragging about posting this to stir things up, that is unacceptable. You can have your opinion as to our performance on Friday night, I do not share your negative view as to how this establishes us for the year, your "where's the skis" post is simply trolling, and you do yourself no favours bragging about it in another place.
  10. It was a direct quote from your post here and comments like that are not appreciated. Number of posts does not qualify you from some sort of exemption from being castigated for making troll like comments. No need to attempt to insult me, a review of your post will make it clear who has the "diminutive sconce". "Where's my skis" does not constitute an opinion, it is a smart arse wise crack based on misplaced stereo types of our supporters and I am offended by its wanton use by a long term troll. Comments about how the players played show your ignorance, you can guarantee they were trying their hardest at this stage and have no doubt they will improve and peak when it counts the most. It is clear you have never played the game at any reasonable level. I will play the man when I suspect that the man I am going after is not all he seems but a troll from another site trying to cause trouble. Petty insults reflect more on you indefensible position than on me. I have read a few of your posts and the site would not be the worse without you, you over value your own contributions.
  11. Don't get too cocky. Trash talking us when we have a loss does not allow you to inhabit the high moral ground nor does it bestow intellect upon you. I read on Saintsational that you are another poster here to troll. You have been caught out and should be banned. http://www.saintsational.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28320 - near the bottom of page 1 and start of page 2
  12. The troll was to the bloke who said "where's my ski's, brother. No offence meant to you.
  13. I'm new so it's probably been covered, but how disgraceful were the Fremantle coach's comments at the time Jeff left that club? Proved him well and truly wrong. Good on you, Jeff, if you ever come here!
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