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  1. Just found this thread, in good time too. Go you spurs. Champions League, Having a laugh.
  2. Miller for JB, youre crazy... They would have to give us thier second round pick too, haha.
  3. Are these still on the go? And would you deliver one to the MFC megastore before Friday's game?
  4. Can I vote for this thread being worst?
  5. Ive been checking all injury lists and no mention of beamer... Do you have a "possibly" injured list somewhere you can reference too?
  6. One of the umpires run into Bate when he was trying to get to a contest in the second quarter i think.
  7. Big win for Carlton, Juddy is a star on and off the field. Carlton got arguably the best player in the league, and on and off field leader. Think about the confidence boost all the other Blues would have got knowing they would be playing beside Judd.
  8. LOL... Agreed thats one ugly demon, I like the predominantly red one from prevous years B for me.
  9. Nah he meant that if WC have PSD pick one they wouldnt pick him up if he doesn't want to be in WA... My money's on him not making the PSD at all. He definately has trade value.
  10. Yeah, but its exciting when the big russian lines up the sticks, anything could happen. My top 3 from 50 1. Wheatley 2. Green 3. Bate
  11. Fair call, but if he is as promising as this conversation suggests we will have to give up something for him.
  12. Sorry to be the one to burst the bubble, but I thought Robbie Warnock was in talks with Richmond and the Tigers were planning to pick him up in the trade period.
  13. It's a footy message board... Besides, I didnt raise the thread.
  14. nope, but i think it was put up as more of a hypothetical... people are allowed to dream, no matter how farfetched it is...
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