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  1. Thanks. I was going to apologise to Linda for any responsibility in her being pregnant but it didn’t read well. Fixed anyway ... and apologies to both ladies. 😀
  2. Good to see that Preuss has been working hard during the off season so far. This time last year there was a lot of talk about the respective roles of he and Max under the new 666 regime but in the end, he spent a lot of time at Casey and with our KPF’s falling down, it all unravelled. Could his fitness be the key to a renewal of hope for the set up we expected to do so well for the team 12 months ago?
  3. There’s a lot of talk round here that Melbourne should split its pick 3 with the GWS Giants and take pick 6 and something else but I’m suspicious of this because in car dealing language, the pick is a lemon 🍋! Check out the chart from the AFL Draft Guru site Historically, players who have been selected at 3 have played an average of 132 games compared with 57 for pick 6. At pick 7, the average is almost more than double at 133 games. Pick 6 is jinxed - we tell GWS no to that pick. https://www.draftguru.com.au/
  4. I was in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda this morning and to my horror, I happened on the Gatwick which appears to be undergoing some change. Who allowed this and where are the former residents?
  5. The Trade Period runs till Wednesday. The Free Agency Period is now officially over.
  6. Apparently returning to his local roots. Wishing him good luck for the future - nearly two seasons out with hamstring issues is no fun.
  7. Well, the official Free Agency period has come and gone and the world hasn't come to an end. There hasn't been all that much activity with Tom Lynch being the big fish among free agents. There were some other fish caught and nibbles for a few others but it wasn't all that much of a big deal in my book and there are 10 free agents left without a deal. The next lot of free agents on the menu are the delisted free agents but they don't come into play yet.
  8. Pretty sure it’s Bugg’s turn to play the senior emergency role.
  9. Check out WJ's post of 29 July in which he discusses Murphy on this thread.
  10. This is the full list of 2017 AFL Draft Combine Invitees:- Vic Metro Noah Balta (Calder Cannons) Andrew Brayshaw (Sandringham Dragons) Tyler Brown (Eastern Ranges) Adam Cerra (Eastern Ranges) Nick Coffield (Northern Knights) Charlie Constable (Sandringham Dragons) Matthew Day (Oakleigh Chargers) Lachlan Fogarty (Western Jets) Joel Garner (Eastern Ranges) Sam Hayes (Eastern Ranges) Jack Higgins (Oakleigh Chargers) Hayden McLean (Sandringham Dragons) Dylan Moore (Eastern Ranges) Nathan Murphy (Sandringham Dragons) Trent Mynott (Eastern Ranges) Patrick Naish (Northern Knights) Tom North (Eastern Ranges) Ethan Penrith (Northern Knights) Jack Petruccelle (Northern Knights) Mitchell Podhajski (Calder Cannons) Cameron Rayner (Western Jets) Ned Reeves (Oakleigh Chargers) Ed Richards (Oakleigh Chargers) Jackson Ross (Eastern Ranges) Jaidyn Stephenson (Eastern Ranges) Ryley Stoddart (Eastern Ranges) Angus Styles (Sandringham Dragons) Will Walker (Sandringham Dragons) Toby Wooller (Oakleigh Chargers) Vic Country Aiden Bonar (Dandenong Stingrays) Jordon Butts (Murray Bushrangers) Hunter Clark (Dandenong Stingrays) Oscar Clavarino (Dandenong Stingrays) Brent Daniels (Benigo Pioneers) Luke Davies-Uniacke (Dandenong Stingrays) Tom De Koning (Dandenong Stingrays) Aiden Domic (Greater Western Victoria Rebels) Paddy Dow (Bendigo Pioneers) Kane Farrell (Bendigo Pioneers) Ethan Floyd (Geelong Falcons) David Handley (Geelong Falcons) Bailey Henderson (Bendigo Pioneers) Changkouth Jiath (Gippsland Power) Jordan Johnston (Greater Western Victoria Rebels) Harrison Jones (Murray Bushrangers) Matthew Ling (Geelong Falcons) Tom McCartin (Geelong Falcons) Matthew McGannon (Gippsland Power) Lloyd Meek (Greater Western Victoria Rebels) Gryan Miers (Geelong Falcons) Lochie O’Brien (Bendigo Pioneers) Ben Paton (Murray Bushrangers) Angus Schumacher (Bendigo Pioneers) James Worpel (Geelong Falcons) Western Australia Brayden Ainsworth (Subiaco) Oscar Allen (West Perth) Callan England (Claremont) Kyron Hayden (Subiaco) Tim Kelly (South Fremantle) Ben Miller (Subiaco) Aaron Naughton (Peel Thunder) Jake Patmore (Claremont) Brandon Starcevich (East Perth) Sam Taylor (Swan Districts) South Australia Charlie Ballard (Sturt) Callum Coleman-Jones (Sturt) Darcy Fogarty (Glenelg) Jordan Houlahan (Sturt) Nathan Kreuger (South Adelaide) Alex Martini (Glenelg) Andrew McPherson (Woodville-West Torrens) Harrison Petty (Norwood) NSW-ACT Jarrod Brander (Bendigo Pioneers) Brendan Myers (Wagga Tigers/GWS academy) Jack Powell (Ainsli/GWS academy) Nicholas Shipley (St George/GWS academy) Charlie Spargo (Murray Bushrangers) Queensland Connor Ballenden (Wests Juniors/Brisbane Lions academy) Brayden Crossley (Labrador/Gold Coast Suns academy) Jack Payne (Noosa/Brisbane Lions academy) Northern Territory Zac Bailey (Southern Districts/Norwood) Adam Sambono (NT Thunder) Tasmania Hugh Dixon (Kingborough Tigers) Pie father-son prospect among Combine invitees
  11. There's another interesting team selection along these lines being from Round 1, 2013 when the teams last met at the MCG. It was Ken Hinkley's first game as coach of a club that was going through a rough trot. MELBOURNE Backs Lynden Dunn Tom Gillies Dan Nicholson Half backs Jack Watts James Frawley Colin Garland Centreline Jack Viney Jack Grimes Jimmy Toumpas Half forwards Jeremy Howe James Sellar Colin Sylvia Forwards Shannon Byrnes Mitch Clark David Rodan Followers Mark Jamar Jordie McKenzie Nathan Jones Interchange Sam Blease Matthew Jones Cameron Pedersen Luke Tapscott Emergencies Aaron Davey Jake Spencer Dean Terlich New Shannon Byrnes (Geelong) Tom Gillies (Geelong) Matt Jones (Box Hill VFL) Cameron Pedersen (North Melbourne) David Rodan (Port Adelaide) Jimmy Toumpas (Woodville-West Torrens SANFL) Jack Viney (Casey VFL) PORT ADELAIDE Backs Tom Jonas Jackson Trengove Campbell Heath Half backs Jasper Pittard Cameron O'Shea Lewis Stevenson Centreline Matthew Broadbent Brad Ebert Kane Cornes Half forwards Justin Westhoff Paul Stewart Angus Monfries Forwards Chad Wingard Jay Schulz Jake Neade Followers Jarrad Redden Hamish Hartlett Travis Boak Interchange Matthew Lobbe Kane Mitchell Andrew Moore Oliver Wines Emergencies Jack Hombsch Daniel Stewart Aaron Young New Campbell Heath (Sydney) Kane Mitchell (Claremont WAFL) Angus Monfries (Essendon) Jake Neade (North Ballarat U18) Lewis Stevenson (West Coast) Oliver Wines (Murray U18)
  12. And so did Geelong after he joined them.
  13. If you think the 2017 draft is going to be good, what about 2018? Is your future now? Clubs weigh up picks ahead of 2018 'super draft'
  14. This article covers some of the players who missed out - The snubbed AFL draftees that deserve rookie lifelines. A few points regarding the rookie draft:- • Adelaide are able to take Ben Jarman and Geelong Sam Simpson as automatic rookie selections provided they aren't taken in the Pre Season Draft on Monday. • None of the Casey players in the mix were drafted yesterday. I'm expecting at least two of them to be rookied. • Norwood's Alex Villis was originally expected to be a first or second round selection but has been diagnosed with a heart condition that is potentially career threatening. • The decision as announced by Jason Taylor that the club will only take 2 rookies even though there are 3 vacancies on the rookie list is a bit of a mystery. The club is usually open about these sorts of matters - I wonder if they're go to tell us why?
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