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  1. Maybe Pert and Bartlet are not the right guys also
  2. Also can’t stick tackles, strength training required
  3. Kicked 10 goals in a final
  4. It seems Goody and his assistants have escaped much needed criticism this season by the press. No one from the club has applied any pressure to the coaching or player group. just a weak club that is happy just to survive and be irrelevant members and supporters won’t to see some passion.
  5. Rubbish response, let people have their say and voice their thoughts.
  6. Jones has been a warrior for the club, was only highlight thru a dark period. i have the utmost respect for him but now it is time to retire, sadly he no longer has no influence in a game, beaten time and time again and not even offering strong leadership.
  7. Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. it don’t matter.
  8. Thought Brayshaw was coming in to some form after 1/2 time Also Lever showed a bit Hibberd put his body on the line a few times and will be a sore boy tomorrow Oscar wasn't to bad either
  9. Changes Game plan, if not change have one. No up and under mongrel kicks forward to no one Hogan to play and remain in forward of square Do not handpass to a stationary guy under pressure
  10. Rebook the camp for the bye week, and if anyone sooks up, delist them. Need to weed out the mentally week players.
  11. We are only a one quarter team, can't expect to win games only playing one good quarter.
  12. Once again Melbourne not switched on and Hungry for win at first bounce.
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