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  1. I’m guessing that Geelong fans wouldn’t be too thrilled about getting Jack Steven.
  2. So tonight’s game could be the grand final?
  3. Melbourne Football Club: Injury List: Round 1 Kyle Dunkley (heel) — available Sam Weideman (ankle) — available Nathan Jones (Achilles) — test Braydon Preuss (knee) — test Joel Smith (quad) — test Mitch Hannan (groin) — 6 weeks Harry Petty (groin) — 6 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (foot) — 3 months Kade Chandler (finger) — TBC Harley Bennell (calf) — indefinite Kade Kolodjashnij (head) — indefinite Aaron Nietschke (knee) — season
  4. Pardon the interruption but I didn’t get a chance to watch the game. Where there any Injuries?
  5. Thanks for that. I just rescued the season's ticket as it was starting to melt.
  6. First praccie match of the season and we lose by 74 points at home. Season ticket going into the microwave?
  7. PLAYER INJURY EXTENT Angus Brayshaw Elbow TBA Kade Chandler Wrist TBA Kyle Dunkley Ankle TBA Max Gawn Knee TBA Mitch Hannan Groin TBA Steven May Knee TBA Harrison Petty Groin TBA Corey Wagner Knee TBA Braydon Preuss Knee 7-9 Weeks Harley Bennell Calf Indefinite Kade Kolodjashnij Head Indefinite Aaron Nietschke Knee Season
  8. The San Francisco 49ers are in next week’s Super Bowl and they have an offensive guard called “Tomlinson”. How’s that for an omen?
  9. Bad luck Aaron - frustrating to say the least but he can take heart from Maxy - the two recos didn’t stop him from being a multiple AA.
  10. There’s a theory that when clubs trade their picks, they usually discuss and agree among themselves as to who they won’t take with the picks swapped. If that’s the case, it’s feasible that we have some consensus from Freo that they won’t select certain players with #7 & #8 leaving Carlton as the party that could spoil our efforts to select who we’re looking at with #10. We could also have agreed with them that we’re leaving Jack Martin alone. This could leave open a clear path for us to get the man we want. This wouldn’t be so easy or clear cut if we then split 10 for 14 & 17 etc. Anyhow I think we’re done doing splits.
  11. Two important questions for me - 1. Who is the dude from the Dolphins? 2. Is it the Frankston Dolphins or the Miami Dolphins?
  12. Injury notes from the media:- • Jake Lever (ankle), Braydon Preuss (shoulder) and Sam Weideman (hips) have had post-season surgery • Adam Tomlinson (calf) and Charlie Spargo (ankle) had minor setbacks last week as they begin their program Injury notes track watchers:- • Aaron VandenBerg, Austin Bradtke and Harrison Petty - rehabbers increasing their work load • Oskar Baker and Mitch Hannan with Tomlinson rehabbers walking laps • Joel Smith appears to be on his own programme doing light duties • Neville Jetta, Kade Chandler, Lever and Weideman also on light duties • Clayton Oliver trained on Friday with his left shoulder heavily strapped and left training early again • Kade Kolodjashnij collided with Matty Hore at training and went off early favouring his right arm • despite those reports from earlier in the week Steven May trained on Friday in no apparent discomfort
  13. I wonder what’s happening with Sam Murray?
  14. There’s a bit of talk around that Melbourne might draft Brodie Kemp who suffered an ACL injury in July and will miss most of 2020. There is another player who missed all of 2019 through the same injury incurred at a pre season training camp - Flynn Perez, who might be available with that last pick of ours because he’s been off the radar. * not suggesting we take two players recovering from ACL’s.
  15. It seems to me that this 3rd tall forward to kick 50 goals is a bit of an elusive character. Are there any decent ones seriously available now that the trades are over?
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