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  1. Buy a grand final guarantee? Forgot, I’ve already got three which I’m happy to sell cheap
  2. Hopefully Wiseblood bans himself from optimistic assessments today pre game that only depress me more (I generally do agree with you WB)
  3. Club website suggests you be seated by 6:45
  4. This sounds like every break up speech I ever made: It's not you, it's me.
  5. Buddy Franklin - One goal three Nice job Frosty.
  6. Lewis Jetta plays for West Coast, but I'd have him in too. Jokes aside, this is exactly what I'd have posted. Stretch, Spargo stay in. We need some outside run against the Saints which was painfully absent last year. Jetta for OMac only change for mine. Hore earned his spot with a cracking game so shouldn't be dropped in a straight swap. Of course they'll bring Lewis in as well, probably for J.Wagner, which will be good to blow some cobwebs out before Anzac Eve.
  7. And those 4 years are 1974, 1985, 2007 and 2013.
  8. Feeling underwhelmed by tonights game. Hopefully the umpiring is better than last week.
  9. Interesting that the Dees are making the banner this week out of all the negative things supporters have said about players. Great initiative and message. Pretty much look no further than Demonland for banner content.
  10. He’s definitely “in the conversation” Pettracaflab, which is a high compliment indeed. He’s well overtaken Stinger now in my eyes which is another high compliment (gees I had a man crush on him).
  11. Can we make the finals from there Adam?
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