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  1. And his hair, unless the mullet was a wig
  2. Mate, Deeamond isn’t in the dictionary either
  3. All the rules that are indecipherable like the Gawn blocking frees and umpire interpretation on intentional OOB are killing this game. Death by a thousand cuts (that is cuts and not a swear word describing the AFL).
  4. In this Master Chef analogy, is our coaches box the mystery box?
  5. Maurice - More than a passing resemblance to Warwick Capper (tight shorts assisting the high octave, plus the hair)
  6. All of my family are speaking louder by not filling it in......
  7. Let’s see how that pans out for Tim Kelly at Geelong...
  8. Which is exactly why Hogan was worth 2x first round picks....
  9. Are you sure they weren’t the umpires Moony?
  10. When Tim Smith marked the ball on 50m line and tried to pass that ball in the third quarter to a player no closer to goal rather than go back and have a shot, I reckon he earned himself a week off. I’d have Pruess in for Bull and play him out of the goal square with Weid and TMac playing further up the ground.
  11. Both jealous and proud of any Vic based dees supporters that have made a weekend away to fly the flag and watch this one. Wish I was with you. I’m bloody freezing.
  12. I was at the Oval in London in October 2000, just after we'd lost the grannie, to see the Dees play the Crows. It wasn't exactly hotly contested, but a ripper day given I hadn't seen the dees live for 2-3 years. I'm not entirely sure the runners weren't taking beers out to the players.
  13. So he’s definitely going to Collingwood then.
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