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  1. I'd assume Tomlinson starts training on Monday 2 December if timing follows last year's break requirements for the grand finalists.
  2. I thought Mark McGowan was the premier of WA. What’s he doing writing an article for AFL.com.au?
  3. Maybe he does get there at 4:30am, would explain the wizened look. Beautifully worded @kev martin. Nice to see recognition for Saty’s considerable efforts.
  4. 8th best list. But will we make the 8?
  5. No chance and don’t call me Shirley
  6. When you can kick goals from 85m out like he did in Darwin a couple of years ago on the 3QT siren, play him in the backline and he’ll kick a couple from there.
  7. I'm tempering my enthusiasm - I agree if his calves can be fixed, we've got a beauty. Only 1 highlight in the Freo colours in Dante's video above suggests it's a long shot.
  8. But we did get a million dollar report from his brother @kev martin
  9. They're too busy ringing around at the moment trying to get us all to renew our memberships.
  10. FYI, I think you’ll find (i) Saty is not a moderator and (ii) you can’t delete your own posts (unless there’s been a software update). Whilst I didn’t read your post that was removed, the moderators have a consistent approach on removing content. There’s a pinned thread that covers this.
  11. I’m tipping my Sunday’s will be busy next year
  12. As Neale is the Reverend, would that make this book the bible? Hope it sells well, I’ll certainly pick up a copy. I was reading an excerpt in the Hun last Sunday and having a fair old 😢
  13. There would have to be a bit of going home risk in 3 or so years with him, esp. coming from a small country town.
  14. Yeah nah mono - I was just interpreting the psycho analysis above. I hope he is though 🤞🏼
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