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  1. My MFCSS says that Goodwin has selected these ins to show us why he hasn’t been playing them until now. To prove his point. I hope he’s wrong!
  2. I think OMac is a good selection this week - both Sexton and King are strong overhead marks and we need two lockdown defenders and Lever intercepting as much as possible. I'd like to see Viney and Hugh Greenwood go head to head in the guts. Give Clarry a bit of space to roam. Not sure Vanders on a wing is a good match for Weller or Brandon Ellis. As with most, very happy with Weid in the team as a 2nd tall, and can't wait to see both Kossie and Bennell in the same forward line. Congrats to Fritter on his 50th game.
  3. Connection though Saty relies on one player kicking the ball to another player who is able to catch it. I don't think 5-10 handballs until somebody is tackled and we turn it over counts.
  4. This thread feels just like the conversation with my in laws trying to explain the difference between mobile data and Wi Fi
  5. Absoultely Agree with the above. We could have had Ben King with Pick 6 - we already had Weideman with Pick 9. Even their graphics showed we absolutely needed to focus on defence based on 2018 stats - didn't rank in the Top 8 for defensive stats for a team that made a Prelim.
  6. I'd say this article shows Hogan was more the protagonist than unwilling participant https://www.qt.com.au/news/afl-stars-open-up-after-blockbuster-end-to-trade-p/3554148/
  7. The board should ask for financial assistance from the AFL now if they think the members are going to fork over $700K watching that rubbish then they’re living in fairy land
  8. Dazzle, the intra club game was 2 weeks ago
  9. I like that Goody's trying to stabilise a best 22 but agree with others on here we should do this with one more tall in the fwd line. And I'm still waiting (less patiently) for a Bennell/Kossie forward line. It's not too much to ask, is it?
  10. If that's the case, then I'd prefer Oliver kick the ball to him, he then stuffs it up as Oliver expects and the coaches then have a basis to drop/educate him. We need to ingrain good habits with all our players - take the right option quickly and hit up players in space.
  11. He expects finals, but presumably he agreed to Goodwin's contract extension? Oxymoron.
  12. Good summary on Footy Classified. https://www.9now.com.au/footy-classified/2020/episode-32?welcome - you'll need to setup an account. At the 35:20 mark of the show, so you can flick past the ads.
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