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  1. He's a small forward with ability to jump for marks. Our fastest small forward to create pressure, and kicked our second most goals. With a better forward line he could boost 20 goals to between 30 and 40. That's our problem - where do the goals come from. He's a necessity.
  2. So with just 35 on our list and 2 selections, how do we get the senior list to 40
  3. I can only find 18 players on our current list left from last year and not including any we have picked up in the trade period, who are in our best 22. By jumper number May Jones Salem Harmes Petracca Viney Lever Brayshaw Gawne Oliver Hibberd Melksham VanDenBerg T. McDonald Hunt Fritsch Hore Jetta The rest are just fill in for injury types, untested over a quantity of games or development types. We need every best 22 we can get whether it's Bruce or someone else.. To get a best 22 you need at least a best 26 to cover injuries and create competitiveness. I even think there would be debate whether all the above should be in a best 22.
  4. Hannan is too soft and doesn;t get the ball enough. Smith is better especially when he is the 3rd tall which he will be if we play Preuss and Gawn. So Lever for Hore, Gawn for T Mac and Smith for Hannan. If Petty still concussed then either J wagner or Oscar. Jetta needs another week.
  6. Baker would be the outside runner. At least a run for 3 games just to see how he goes, even if only as experience for next year. Can't do much worse than the others and he has a bit of height to take a mark.
  7. thanks. With so many injuries you'd think they might give him a run at vfl
  8. KC Bradke not selected and not on injury list. Any reason?
  9. There's no point in playing the Wagners and Lewis. They won't be there next year and we need to get game time into some of the others, regardless of the results
  10. sounds like the coach gave the better players a break on the bench in the last quarter
  11. Sparrow Has had a taste and will be a good player but not yet and cant be carried in a side under performing Petracca needs to go back to Casey and get some confidence. Can't mark, can't kick and can't chase and fumbles at the moment. Neale Bullen - all at sea at the moment and can't get to where the ball is Hunt - should have been left forward but now lost confidence and needs to go back to casey and played as a forward. Let him get a couple of bags of goals and then bring him back as a defensive forward. B Jetta McDonald Keilty HB Hibbert May Frost C Viney Oliver Salem HF Melksham Weid Tim Smith F Lockhart McDonald Preuss R Gawn Harmes Brayshaw Int KK Jones Fritsch Baker Of the doubtfulls May gets benefit of the doubt due to corky but has to attack the ball more and no silly free kicks in front of goal Jetta maybe carrying an injury, but too good to throw out. He'll come good Keilty deserves a chance to show what he's got Frost Makes blunders but there is a lot of upside when he goes well. Gives better balance as 3rd tall Weid - we just have to persevere Tim Smith - At least he can take a mark and certainly adds pressure Lockhart - did enough and you don't drop a kid on 1 game unless he has a shocker Preuss - The only time their back line looked under pressure was when Gawn went forward and 2 or 3 had to go up against him. They have to try it at some stage. McD and Weid are good runners so you don't lose too much defensive run in our forward line. Jones and Fritta are making mistakes but at least they are getting the ball KK looked ok but went missing too much. Deserves at least 2 games. Baker is a taller and quick midfielder who can't do any worse than the ones left out. They might want him to do more game time at casey , but I'd take the chance.
  12. Seems to me we have 3 problems 1. Too many players back after injury still carrying after effects combined with lack of game time 2. Too small Jetta, Harmes, Jones, Viney, Hunt, Spargo, Salem, Neale Bullen, Sparrow, Lewis and Wagner from last week are all under 185cm 3. Too slow. Only Frost and Hunt have short burst pace. Until we get better players back from injury and game time into those returning we need to look at pace and height. The only options are May, Preuss, Keilty, Kolodjashnij, Baker and Garlett I'd take Kolodjashnij Baker Preuss and May and lose Hore, Neale Bullen, Sparrow and Viney(he's obviously carrying something). Did anyone else see Oliver vomiting down on one kneee after the half time break? I wonder if a virus has gone through the team.
  13. In aflw the boundary umpires have been throwing the ball in from about 20 m inside the boundary line so that it ends up as a contest close to the front of the goals from anywhere inside the forward 50. Defenders knocking the ball to a place where it might go out rather than trying to get it past 50 is not likely to continue. More players would have to be around the contest for defenders at throw ins as well. I'm not even sure if this is going to be trialled/accepted in JLT and season games. Are they doing anything at training about that.
  14. Weid had a problem of positioning himself or making his leads so that he found himself under the ball too often. Towards the end of the season he was coming in from the side and took some great marks. Has anyone at training seen that he is building on that.
  15. Before VDB came back from injury our best players available to fill gaps were JKH, Garlett, Stretch who are lightly framed and easily pushed off the ball. VDB gave us that extra grunt around the packs. If he goes there's no one on our list of a similar type to take his place. The nearest from Casey would be Lockhart and he's not on our list. Baker is probably next cab off the rank but he is more like Clarrie
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