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  1. I couldn't agree more with what you are saying, it's just that we don't have anyone that has yet shown they can do that. It's like playing with one player short. If one of them does give a consistent performance of one or two goals per game and an occasional bag full, and consistently chases down players it would be great. But that hasn't happened yet and I'd rather have someone who lets the defender know he's around and can still get that 1 or 2 goals a game. I hope you're right and one of them does it.
  2. I agree with how you've broken the forward line up into 5 sections, but I think you've missed 2 sections. Resting on ballers of which Petracca, AVB and maybe Brayshaw, Sparrow or Clarrie would mostly utilise one high half forward Flank. I doubt Viney would go through there. They can't all be on the bench at one time. Resting Ruck of which Gawne, McDonald Weid take up one. I think for that reason we might go 3 talls. Petty/Jackson or Brown as the extra. So that we have two marking targets when Gawne goes to the bench. Fritsch and Melksham are certainties so only leaves one small forward spot. Picket and Bedford are untried, Jackson goes missing in about 70% of his games but maybe improves it this year, Hannan can also mark but again he rarely gets more than 5 possessions, Chandler and Wagner are more consistent but at this stage neither has done brilliant things. That leaves ANB (running ability but not a marking option, has defensive ability, but not strong in a contest), Jones (experience, goal sense, leadership, defensive ability, hardness, can mark) and Hunt (Pace, marking target, x factor). I'd go with Jones but I see why others might pick another.
  3. Most of the negative comments about players are in the back half and fringe on baller types. But when you look at the side, you just wonder where the goals are going to come from. We need 250 plus goals to be succesful in a year which means we need lots of 20-30 goal a season players. Hannan is one of the possibilities, so I just hope he can get back to 2018 form and stay injury free.
  4. At one stage he ran 80 metres at full tilt to get back from helping out in defence, just in time to jump across the front of the pack to take a contested mark at its highest point. Weid did a similar thing in 2018 but didn't go on with it this year. Will wait and see.
  5. Love his intercept marking. Was in the top couple in the league before he was injured.
  6. In my mind he has all the attributes, but a bit like Stretch was. He gets found out at the higher level because he doesn't have the will to get inside or centre side of the contest. He's always between the contest and the boundary line and unlike casey, at the top level you run out of room. Maybe if he builds his body up he will get the confidence to change. James Hird used to call it sheep dogging - circling the pack but going nowhere.
  7. he gets a game because of his two way running not his skills. If he kicks 30 goals its a success, if not it's a failure.
  8. He's a small forward with ability to jump for marks. Our fastest small forward to create pressure, and kicked our second most goals. With a better forward line he could boost 20 goals to between 30 and 40. That's our problem - where do the goals come from. He's a necessity.
  9. So with just 35 on our list and 2 selections, how do we get the senior list to 40
  10. I can only find 18 players on our current list left from last year and not including any we have picked up in the trade period, who are in our best 22. By jumper number May Jones Salem Harmes Petracca Viney Lever Brayshaw Gawne Oliver Hibberd Melksham VanDenBerg T. McDonald Hunt Fritsch Hore Jetta The rest are just fill in for injury types, untested over a quantity of games or development types. We need every best 22 we can get whether it's Bruce or someone else.. To get a best 22 you need at least a best 26 to cover injuries and create competitiveness. I even think there would be debate whether all the above should be in a best 22.
  11. Hannan is too soft and doesn;t get the ball enough. Smith is better especially when he is the 3rd tall which he will be if we play Preuss and Gawn. So Lever for Hore, Gawn for T Mac and Smith for Hannan. If Petty still concussed then either J wagner or Oscar. Jetta needs another week.
  13. Baker would be the outside runner. At least a run for 3 games just to see how he goes, even if only as experience for next year. Can't do much worse than the others and he has a bit of height to take a mark.
  14. thanks. With so many injuries you'd think they might give him a run at vfl
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