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  1. Out: Viney, Bugg, White, Harmes In: Hogan, Garlett, Kennedy, Kent I have Maynard at Casey and he can find the ball - his disposal needs cleaning up though. But he is a inside mid, he might get a game if Tyson goes out.
  2. I like what Bugg brings to the team also. He kicked a few this week and his field kicking isn't too bad. Plus he puts on good pressure and is a good mark for someone his size. In: Spencer Out: O Mac (injured) Harmes and Milkshake a little lucky
  3. FT Williamstown 12.11.83 Casey 8.12.60 Disposals: Trengove 33, Pedersen 29, Kennedy 26, Maynard 25, Hibberd 25, Brayshaw 24, Morris 23.
  4. We needed a big body Key Back to help out T. mcDonald. O Mcdonald is not the answer - he might be at some stage, but not at the moment. If Frost is fit, play him. Spencer in for Gawn Unless pedo has played well at Casey to replace either of T. Smith or Weidemen, i think that will be all the changes.
  5. I do like the option of Frost going into the ruck with Watts dropping back late in the qtr. They can't continue to play Watts as ruck. Other wise Pedersen or Smith. Smith has rucked games at VFL level, so i think they are both capable.
  6. B: Jetta, Frost, Hibberd, HB: Hunt, T Mac, Salem C: Stretch, Jones, Vince HF: Petracca, Hogan, Kent FF: Watts, Peds, Garlett Ruck: Gawn, Lewis, Viney Int: Tyson, Brayshaw, Oliver, Bugg Watts can't keep rucking, Peds to take over. Hibberd to be third tall. Looks a strong team!!!
  7. Out: White, Grimes, vandenBerg/Kennedy/Harmes, In: ANB, Bugg, Weidemen
  8. Disagree. he has been our best the last few weeks, cut the guy some slack
  9. Mitch White can go back to VFL and never play AFL again as far as i am concerned. He was seriously hopeless today. Beaten in one on ones, too slow, poor disposal, sh!thouse. Harmes doing the kick outs? ummmm.....i don't get it White, Harmes, Grimes, Kennedy, VandenBerg (in current form) cannot all play in the same team again, far far too many passengers. Neal-Bullen had 37 disposals at Casey, seriously give him a game! We need Salem back.
  10. How much longer can we continually play Kennedy, Kent & Harmes in the same side??? If they could play through the midfield then maybe. But they tend to play that half forward role and i'm not sure they bring enough to the team. I'd be swapping one of them for Neal-Bullen
  11. Casey 11.12.78 Richmond 11.10.76 FT Stats Disposals - Michie 31, Grimes 29, Neal-Bullen 27, Oliver 24, Brayshaw 22 Goals - Smith 5, Scott, Hulett 2, Neal-Bullen, Weideman.
  12. Harmes still in the team. Can someone tell me what position he is supposed to be playing? With Kent, kennedy and Garlett, surely its not in the forward line and i dont think his disposal is clean enough to play midfield. Any explanation will be appreciated
  13. Unfairly maligned I've watched him when the chips are down. He is the first player to pull someone off the ground if they've made a mistake and is one of the first in sticking up for a teammate, see Salem vs Vickery on the weekend...
  14. Pedersens 2016 averages: 11 dispposals, 4.5 marks, 4 hitouts, 3 tackles, 53 afl fantasy points Frost 2016 averages: 6.5 disposals, 3 marks, 0.5 hit outs, 0.5 tackles, 25 afl fantasy points There is a difference but its not huge. If you had to choose between the two it would be Pedersen. If Frost is in the side for tackling pressure (and Bernie Vince has more hit outs than him) then he needs to lift!! Pedersen was good against Frankston where he shared ruck duties to cover for Mitch King. Only upside with Frost is that he cannot get any worse and he is young - where i think Pedersen is playing close to his best
  15. No change Frost back. T.Mac forward. If Vince is rubbed out - ANB will replace
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