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  1. Coming down from Brisbane for this (and Saints game) so just secured front of Q52 tickets. Not much left for those thinking about it.
  2. Wow. So many share the pain of the 87 Prelim. I was 12 at the time and was dealing with my parents splitting up. Consequently, Mum had moved us to Queensland earlier in the year which just seemed to magnify the importance of that run into the finals and then the thrashings of North and Sydney. So I watched it on TV at home and cushions were flying everywhere when the likes of Yeates and Eishold missed easy shots with only minutes to go. I was begging for the siren to sound as Langford took his kick-in and then had a profound feeling of inevitability as it went from Hawk to Hawk to Buckenara. Dad had always taught me to watch the goal umpire and see if he moves to try and work out if the ball is going through for a goal and the umpire didn't move. I dropped to my knees before walking outside and crying on the driveway for 20mins. Yep, the pain of the day means I still remember all the details and the feelings that went with them. As I said, I think my family situation meant it had even more of an impact as I was longing for my old life back in Melbourne and not really enjoying rugby league heartland where no-one understood or cared. It literally took me weeks to get over it. Don't think I even watched the GF which is probably the only one I've missed it in my lifetime.
  3. I was there yesterday and was mighty impressed with the Dees. Some great linkup work at times resulting in 5-6 chains of possessions and some classy finishing in front of goals. Stood up out of my chair whenever Newman went near it and Cordner completely blanketed Sabrina. North a big game this weekend but reckon our girls can do it after today. Great atmosphere at my local footy club (Wilston Grange) too. Lions AFLW traditionally play miles away on the outskirts of Brisbane so it was great to not only have a game in inner Brisbane but one against the Dees made it even more special. Copped it from my mates at the club walking around in a Dees jersey but the comments seem to stop in the second quarter. Wilston Grange is Oskar Baker's former club as well so another link to the Dees.
  4. should wipe out their pick 30 which is good for our next pick
  5. To GWS confirmed http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-01/giants-pounce-on-delisted-dockers-defender-sheridan
  6. That's too early for the bye. Scheduling Melb-Rich on the Thurs-Fri nights rather than the Saturday would have made good sense though.
  7. Two games in Qld for Qld fans. Happy days. And I reckon I'll be having an Easter holiday in Melb next year. Saints game on the Sat and then only four days til the Anzac Eve game.
  8. Maybe its done Rd 3 vs Bombers re: Daniher link
  9. Suggest we wait for the full fixture to come out before complaining about individual games. Context can be everything. But yeah, will not be happy at all if Essendon are gifted an awesome draw based on potential and hype rather than performance.
  10. That pick swap...something afoot you reckon? Got a feeling we're not done.
  11. Its going to be 6 and 23 from Freo. 19 to be used in the Lobb deal.
  12. Freo giving up pick 6 for 11, 23 and 30 from Port looks completely pointless now. Amateurs.
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