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  1. Hi DV, Keen to go around again. GrinterFC was last years team name. Cheers once again for organising. DS.
  2. Clayton Oliver James Harmes Jack Viney Max Gawn
  3. Neville Jetta Jake Melksham Jack Viney Max Gawn
  4. Clayton Oliver Christian Petracca Jake Lever Christian Salem
  5. I was having to coral kids while training took place so unable to provide a full training report. However, a couple of things that stood out to me were: Brayshaw doing match sim and taking marks one-armed. Thought it was a bit risky but everyone else stayed off from making contact with him. Some very willing tackling going on during a number of drills so the boys are definitely going at it. Couple of stingers to Wieds, Hibberd, JWagner and Pickett right in front of me as a result but all got back up and continued after taking a minute or two. Lever/May are great organisers and love hearing their continual voices to younger and less experienced players. Language used shocked some of the kids watching but its going to make a massive difference if we can have both playing 20+ games and get some continuity in our backline. Langdon/Tomlinson are really good gets as they were great during the match sim in creating options to move the ball out of defence. Tomlinson is very fit despite the setback at the start of the preseason while Langdon just keeps running as well. One-on-one contest comp between Trac and Hore at one stage that had the rest of the boys yelling and barracking. Was two-all from what I saw before Trac won the last contest in dubious style with a bit of a push in the back. Great feeling amongst the group as you can see they're enjoying things despite the hard work. Burgess has them doing footy-related fitness a lot of the time rather than just straight running. Makes a lot of sense and the boys definitely look fitter and more prepared this year. Didn't see the rehab group as I was on the other side of the ground but didn't see at all TMac or Vanders. Was really looking forward to seeing how Vanders went in particular. Reckon he could also play a massive role for us this year if he can stay fit. All the players were wonderful after training in staying out in the hot sun signing autographs and getting photos taken. OBaker was up for a chat as I'm involved in his former club up here in Brisbane while Maxxy was the last one out there despite walking with a brace and a big limp. Love his work with the kids and others supporters and he even joked with my son that the injury was just a ruse to get out of training in the heat. Overall, a great opportunity for Qld supporters to see the boys in action and get an understanding of training and the support crew required these days. The buzzing of the drones overhead throughout certainly tells you how engineered and structured everything is; also the coaches with Goodwin sitting upstairs watching it all while relaying info/directions to the assistants on the ground. My two cents anyway and a big thank you to all the usual track watchers who provide their reports on a regular basis for those who can't be there. 📃 DOCS DEMONS' TRAINING REPORT
  6. Steven May Jay Lockhart Bayley Fritsch Christian Salem
  7. Angus Brayshaw Christian Petracca Jake Lever Tom McDonald Neville Jetta
  8. Ed Langdon Joel Smith Marty Hore Jake Lever Sam Weideman
  9. Kysaiah Pickett Harrison Petty Luke Jackson Tom Sparrow Jay Lockhart
  10. Sounds like I'm in the minority but I'm actually glad its a Sunday. Friday is a work/school day and Saturday would stop a lot of kids attending, mine included,, due to Saturday sport commitments. Have missed the last two years due to the open session being on Friday/Saturday so looking mighty forward to it now.
  11. Personally think 15 minutes is right, and would be open to 10. Less time having to listen to so-called 'analysts' talking [censored] during the coverage. And at the ground, beers/feeds/toilet breaks happen at quarter time in 5 minutes so why the uproar about half-time? Footy wise, half-time should purely be a physical break for the players and a chance to regroup re: tactics. No way should it be so long that players need an extended warm up for a second time.
  12. I'm trying to grow some enthusiasm for Jackson given all the hype about us taking him at 3 at the moment. But I'm bloody struggling with it and I can't escape from the view that 3 is way too high. 8 maybe but not 3. I'm no expert (don't attend games, etc) but I've read an awful lot over the last few weeks and it seems to me that Rowell/Anderson/Green are clear top 3 standouts. GC will take Rowell/Anderson so we should be bidding on Green and if GWS don't match, happy days in getting a 200 game midfielder while letting them take the chance on a raw ruck prospect in Jackson. If they do match, happy days again and we take Young who I think is best available and also fits our needs. As I said, I'm trying to be convinced of Jackson but I just can't there. Particularly when looking at the high quality of the other candidates we can take at 3.
  13. Yeah, I like it. Can drift in and out of games but reckon that's mainly due to him being in/out of the Lions side. Not saying he'll be a star but adds something we lack and reckon he'd be a good contributor.
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