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  1. Great work Clucka. Hopefully the video is showing the start of the transition, albeit with still some difficult days ahead, to a new successful era. Loved the song.
  2. Besides lack of leadership and the coaches appearing to have no Plan B, C, D etc when Plan A is not working, the risky gameplan of using the corridor means that turnovers are heavily punished.
  3. Agree. Are the contracts of his coaching assistants, especially Mahoney and Royal, due to finish this year?
  4. Agree with bing 181. At this stage, only promote one of the rookies if the Match Committee actually wants to pick them in the side this week.
  5. Totally agree with the above 3 objectives, especially winning interstate.
  6. Agree ompletely with deefuture.
  7. Concur entirely with Hannabal. Excellent representation of what the club stands for.
  8. Miller has always been valuable as a leading marking forward. What has constantly let him down is his kicking especially for goal. Last night his kicking for goal was excellent. I remember reading in a recent post on one of the Casey games that Brad seemed to have improved his kicking for goal. Last night he and Watts performed a good double tall act on the forward line surrounded by the smalls. I think he could be a useful player as long as he continues with the form he showed that night. Jurrah, when he gets back, can always play forward pocket or half forward flank.
  9. Brilliant and inspirational video. Brings back many wonderful memories.
  10. Agree - we need to move the ball into the forward line as fast as posssible - the sideway movements in the backline give the opposition plenty of time to flood back into our forward line and mean that leads made by the forwards when in the clear cannot be honoured. Further the forwards must be told to lead and the ball kicked low and fast towards them so they can run onto the ball. At the moment forwards, such as Robertson, stand still waiting to fly for the high kick, and when it comes ithere is a pack situation. The ball should be moved by foot rather than by hand. A short kick over 15 metres to a player means the player has less pressure on him and can choose whether to play on immediately or go back and wait for a lead. Currently handballs go sideways to players who have to play on immediately. We also need 2 players other than Aaron Davey to have the task of kicking the ball in after a pont. They need to give the responsibility to defenders who can kick the ball out quickly. At the moment, time is wasted while Davey comes down all the way o collect the ball, thus giving the opposition to clog up the ground. His skills are needed further up the ground. Finally we should employ more man on man defence when not in possession of the ball and rely on our pace to get lplayers loose whenever we cause a turnover.
  11. I would endorse Clint's comments. I had Kaspersky's Internet Security installed on a new computer bought over a year ago on the recommendation of the salesman after I mentioned that I was not that happy with Norton. At the time I had never heard of Kaspersky. I have been very happy with the way it works quietly in the backgound until it suspects that you are trying to open a risky site when it alterts you in time to abort further action at your option.
  12. SEN have just announced that they believe it will be Scott West
  13. Geelong have asked to play us at Skilled Stadium in August next year to celebrate their 150th birthday.
  14. I understand that he was contracted to Hawthorn for the 2009 season but sought a release so that he could go back to SA for family reasons. If that is the case, he would not have been coming to us next year. In relation to our coaching group, does anyone know if Paul Williams will be part of the coaching group? I believe his contract was due to finish this year. If so, I suspect Bailey may want to appoint someone of his choosing.
  15. Noted the colours and had the same thoughts. Loved the red pitch fork. The correct name of the horse is Predatory Pricer. The horse has raced 5 times for 3 wins.
  16. Thanks Barry for all your reports over the years. Much appreciated your detailed reports. You helped to revive a past passion of following Sandy in the 1980's. Best wishes to you and your family with the move north.
  17. Deeview


    The AGM is likely to be held in mid/late December. I think the year ends officially at the end of October and the financial accounts need to be completed (and audited) before the AGM is held. I expect that a letter will be sent to members in November advising of the AGM's date and also giving details of how to vote on the Board members who will be up for re-election etc. All the Board members who joined in June will be up for re-election.
  18. The overuse of white in both of the suggested versions makes a mockery of our true colours of red and blue. Our Navy Blue is the colour which causes the AFL the most problems, particularly when we play Essendon and Freo. Why don't we try to design a jumper using a much lighter shade of blue. Royal blue is not sufficiently a light colour and was not a good look in the 1980's anyway. I was thinking about using the light blue colour used in the Argentine soccor jumper (which North Melbourne are going to use next year) to replace the navy blue. Surely that would be light enough to satisfy the AFL and solve any clash problems. What do others think of using a light blue in place of the navy blue? At least our colours would remain red and blue and not be seen to be white with a dash of red and blue as suggested in both the alternative clash jumpers which are being voted on at the moment.
  19. I believe that Brad Green should be the captain next year. His form has been very consistent this year and he has led by example in backing into packs, ground coverage and disposal skills. Both Bruce and to a lesser extent MacDonald have been less consistent and less inspirational to the young players around them.
  20. Gary Fila (no 20) who appeared to be the worst of the umpires last week, and gave that unbelievable decision against Bruce at a critical time of the match, has been dropped from the list for this week's matches. The umpires for tomorrow's match are Donlan, Kennedy and Ryan.
  21. While I agree with the suggestions involving most of the players mentioned, I have read somewhere that Carroll and Weetra have contracts covering 2009. Can anyone confirm this?
  22. When it was announced that the AFL gave us the OK to change our change strip at the end of the season, it was also stated that we would still have to wear the current clash jumper against Freo and Essendon this year.
  23. Thanks Bush Demon for another wonderful article.
  24. As I understand it, we need a new clash strip due to the change in clothing apparel sponsor. While it is clearly inferior to our normal jumper, I think the style and use of silver is acceptable as a clash strip. I think the use of silver is preferable to white. However the club should make sure that its use is restricted to genuine clashes only eg. away against Essendon and Adelaide. I don't consider away clashes against the Swans or St Kilda qualify.
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