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  1. I think we end up at the same point in this, but I don't see it as arrogance. I just see it as an excellent footballer who is getting old and can't physically do the things he's been able to do before. It happens to a lot of footballers as they get old as they still have the competitiveness but can't do it physically like they used to so they play closer to 'the line' to make up for what they now lack. Letting go is hard, so sometimes you just do whatever you can to hang on. I think that this is what Lewis is doing (and Bernie too, to an extent). I certainly know that as my body slowed down my mouth sped up!
  2. Then deal with it through the correct channels, rather than by baiting and bullying. It's awful to watch. Posters get in on it together and figure it's OK to do it because there are other people doing it. It's not. Stop bullying.
  3. I disagree with much of what he says, but this is rubbish. A group of posters gang up together, bait him, and then smash him whenever he opens his mouth because they know he'll react. It's been happening for years and those posters should be ashamed of themselves. It's like high school. He likes thinking the best of the players. Why don't you just view his reports through this lens and not be a [censored] about it?
  4. I appreciate Saty's reports of training. I don't always agree with what he says but he fronts up and gives us his thoughts and descriptions of training. He (correctly) called out a poor comment from Dr D (whose report I also appreciated) that Bradtke won't make it .... based on a November training, which is an immensely premature call to make on the least developed player on our list. That's fine and both posters are entitled to their opinions. Both acted very respectfully. But the posters coming in afterwards are a waste of space. Posters complaining that their posts will be deleted .... they bloody well should. Small minded bullies. Posters ganging up to bully Saty are just pathetic.
  5. I think Bedford will be bid for somewhere in the 30-50 range, otherwise we wouldn't have done the pick swap for 28 with St Kilda.
  6. Membrey was only a delisted free agent because he was out of contact and a prospective deal from St Kilda, who had pick 1 in the preseason draft and didn't do a trade deal with Sydney. That's why we had to trade for Friday, as St Kilda threatened to use that pick for him. Roberton requested a trade back to Victoria, which didn't work out so Freo delisted him before St Kilda signed him.
  7. That's the most disappointing nickname attempt since someone here tried to start calling Trac 'Petraccattack'.
  8. Overall, Hogan to Freo was the equivalent of pick 2.
  9. Overall it's Neale for the equivalent of about pick 3 by itself. It's pick 6 and 55, plus an upgrade of 30 to 19. The pick shuffles at the end aren't actually worth much overall.
  10. I think it's probably the sort of thing that comes with experience. In his first year he's trying to win every deal but soon he'll realise that the true value comes from having the assets available when the real bargains are there to be taken. He'll probably start realising now when all of these bargains are going to go around and he's too busy haggling over an unavailable 5 vs the 6 they had originally!
  11. The only difference it will make is that Freo could have got the value in shifting 5 to 6 instead of Brisbane. I suppose that's the problem with waiting. Effectively it means that Freo received two picks for pick 5 instead of 6, so they lost value there. Also, would Gold Coast view 6 as being 5 in a May deal? For us that's all that matters. Brisbane is extracting the value at the expense of Gold Coast.
  12. Via trade radio: Eade on May: He's a really good player. He can play tall but where he can be best used is on the medium types like Robbie Gray that can be hard to match up on
  13. There's no skill, art or guile in this sentence. It's like a tail ender facing 1000 throw downs a day in the nets before closing his eyes and slogging as soon as he gets to the middle. 200 posts a day isn't trolling. It's a cry for help.
  14. It's very sad watching you flap around like a dying fish. You've entirely missed the point, and art, of trolling if you're the one that ends up making all of the effort. You're just trying pathetically hard. This is just painful to watch. Please stop, it's making me sad.
  15. What, an injured player who is a massive risk with a giant contract that his previous team is happy to shift? Apples and oranges. KK is young, talented and is entering the productive part of his AFL career.
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