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  1. I went for the toughest positions to pick first, so rucks, key backs and forwards where the bang for buck is best. Also, this exercise teaches you a few things .... especially that St Kilda has a terrible list. B: Harbrow. Rance. Laird. HB: Sicily. Andrews. Hurley. C:. Bontempelli. Fyfe. Yeo. HF: Billings. Franklin. Gray. F: De Goey. Brown. Greene. R: Gawn. Dangerfield. Cripps.
  2. I think ANB will be there in round 1. The role of small forward needs different types of players, and he has that bulk gut running ability to make like unpleasant for the opposition. Yes, he stuffs up some opportunities, but his defensive work is really good and he makes us a better team. He’s a serviceable player in a good team, but an ordinary player in a bad team. I suppose it depends on your perspective. If you mainly look at mistakes then you’ll hate him, but if you look at what he can bring to the team then you can see the value.
  3. I’ve used the Precision Footy at my footy club and it’s a really good training aid .... and I’m well into my 30s! It’s deliberate practice, especially at times where you are just doing a simple kicking drill (or warming up) and you can just focus on technique. Then, after repitition, this will feel more natural and will naturally transfer into time where you are not focusing on technique. I think the golf analogy is a really good one. Look at the best golfers do their warm ups. They have any number of training aids, from mirrors that they putt on, to poles to align their stance. Would you go up to Jon Rahm and tell him that it’s ridiculous to warm up with an alignment stick, since any decent golfer would already know where he’s hitting it?
  4. I agree that Dusty is the key to it all for Richmond and that, without him, they probably don’t win 2 flags. But my rationale is different. Richmond have a very defensive game style that revolves around always having numbers behind the ball. They then pick players that can run and tackle, plus bob up for the occasional goal .... but they only need a very modest offensive contribution from them because they are usually outnumbered in attack. This game plan means that it’s difficult to score. But they were top 4 in scores against, even without their best defender in Rance. They’ve been top 4 defensively since 2016 (when they only won 8 games). What Dusty does is allow them to score with a defensive game plan. He can beat multiple opponents and turn half chances into goals. He can burst out of congestion and create a goal. And when you are so miserly in defence, with players always set up behind the ball, each goal is more valuable. To illustrate the point, I’ve listed Dusty’s goals each season for the past 5 seasons, along with Richmond’s wins below. 2019- 32 goal, 17 wins 2018- 31 goals, 19 wins 2017- 37 goals, 18 wins 2016- 9 goals, 8 wins 2015- 24 goals, 15 wins Riewoldt also allows them to score, because he can beat multiple opponents and, sometimes, Lynch can. But, whilst the defenders are admirable and do an excellent job, without Dusty and Riewoldt Richmond wouldn’t be in the premiership class.
  5. I decided that I was old once I realised that, even if I sudddenly became Haydn Bunton, I still wasn’t going to get drafted.
  6. This draft period has been great, with pick trading, intrigue, bidding, and being linked with unconventional players whose selection will annoy large parts of the Demonland population. But there's only one thing that I'm disappointed about, and that's Gold Coast getting pick 2 instead of us ..... .... because this place would have been like the apocalypse if we had have selected Jackson and passed on Anderson!
  7. The tatts numbers were 3, 10, 28 and 97. I went to claim my prize, but the newsagent said that the numbers changed after trades and academy bidding. I'm not very good at future predictions ... and it turns out I'm just as bad at making predictions about what is going to happen in the past.
  8. Because, Hogan aside (with his unique situation), the last time we had someone leave Melbourne to go 'home' to WA was Jeff Farmer and Troy Longmuir ... nearly 20 years ago (2000 and 1999). The last player to go 'home' anywhere was Scott Thompson in 2004. As a risk it's way over-played, particularly for players leaving Melbourne.
  9. Or, Occam's razor says that it is probably because they don't rate him as the best player at pick 5. Likely not even the best player of his type.
  10. That’s a really interesting video, comparing with Jackson. It shows that they are actually quite different players, especially at that age. Grundy is mobile, but he’s mobile for a ruckman, whilst he mainly relies on his really big body and beating up on midgets. Jackson’s movement for a 200cm guy is just off the charts, even by comparison with one of the AFL’s most mobile rucks.
  11. I am wrong. I read the AFL headline advertising the coverage from 2pm. Apparently that's 2pm tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to cope .... I'd been building to my emotional peak for this evening. I'm going to need a cold bath and some valium.
  12. Maybe I'm wrong! Oh god, this would be embarrassing!
  13. Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi Minister for (Mid)Information .... the draft is actually tonight!
  14. I thought the argument against him was that we don’t need a ruckman, but we do need a half back flanker?
  15. Whilst I support Redleg, I have a gnawing feeling that Pickett could be another Eddie Betts whilst Kemp becomes an Anthony Morabito/Blake Acres type. 😋
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