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  1. “Another poor umpiring decision” say the commentators.
  2. The female umpire just asked “Jake Lever” no 8 for the eagles to get back on the mark. The evidence of incompetence just continues to mount, minute by minute, game by game.
  3. Looks a lot like the first half of the Preliminary Final. But, of course we won’t remember that.
  4. A great game, and maggot 3 who paid the last horrific free, is a former player!! the AFL are just beyond belief - amateurs who think they “know best”. The maggots simply embody the complete amateur culture created by Gil, Hocking and the brown shoe boys who are ruining our game. I certainly won’t be around in 50 years, but I wonder what game, if any will be known as AFL.
  5. The AFL and their “rules” coupled with the clown maggots who make it up as they go, are just ruining our game.
  6. Darcy Moore has had 5 years? In the system, and despite being injury prone has shown this year that he can actually play. I have faith in the Weid. I also liked Petty’s game on the weekend, and even more so the poise and control he showed prior to injury for three quarters against Carltank the previous week. I also remember his embarrassing debut against the Saints last year. In a season of despair, there is some big picture thinking and promise here.
  7. Clearly, the ICC have been working behind the scenes with Gil, Hocking, the MRP to ensure that cricket will never have to endure farcical rule interpretations and decisions made up on the spot. Hang on.....
  8. To all the haters and advocates of “the worst game ever”, you obviously didn’t follow the Dees in the 70’s. I went back and watched the last 15 minutes of today’s game a couple of times - what guts and poise and character was shown by those fit enough to still be on the ground. I note all the whinging this year about lack of “character” and “leadership” - well go back and look that last 15 minutes. I do not care how bad the opposition were or how far we “should” have been ahead, a win is a win. And a win in extreme adversity makes it even sweeter. A diabolical year no doubt, but give give me this winning feeling any day. Go Dees.
  9. I’m really pleased that it looks as though we will have our list fully fit and rare’in to go by Round 23......
  10. High risk with only very moderate reward, due to mind blowing turnovers and skill errors. Having said that, Clarrie and Viney were being held at EVERY centre bounce. Not one free kick. Harmes tunnelled just before the break - “play on” from maggot 14. 20 seconds later the soft push in the back - thanks maggot 2 who then warned Frosty not give away 50. Gil really has got the game in good shape.
  11. From the broadcasting partner to the umpires department that would be on of the biggest con jobs I have ever seen. How corrupt and just plain incompetent is this organisation.
  12. Walters cleared - amateur hour continues.
  13. Despite what Gil might try to intellectualize, the AFL is truly an amateur outfit - a wonderful sport (Australian Football), run by complete and utter amateurs - at every level.
  14. I note also that Jadyn Hunt and a Freo bloke got pinged for wrestling - I’m assuming that it was the one on the southern wing boundary line. Whilst Jadyn was clearly milking the “tangle” of legs, the Freo bloke unashamedly dropped the knees into Hunt’s head - right in front of the adjudicating clown. No mention of this any where in the MRP comments. No thought of a free kick reversal there! Just another example of the double standards.
  15. Clean possession and penetrating long kicks to position (including through the big sticks). Love it. Natural, instinctive footballer - coaching staff, please do not try to “coach” this out of him!
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