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  1. I wonder what will happen to Mr Margetts this week for clearly missing the Tim Smith dangerous tackle and subsequent play on fiasco. Or to the officiating umpire(s) - in or out of the zone, who missed the blatant throw that gifted the Eagles another goal in that final quarter. Or to Mr Western Austn Umpire No 7 who paid Cripps in the back when the ball fell free in the tackle - which led to another goal. We talk about Melbourne’s poor converting (no dispute) however this unadulterated maggotry occured in that 15 minute window in the last quarter when the game was there. Gifted Eagles back into the game, then snuffed any chance we had of coming back. 4 days on, I clearly haven’t moved on. The 3 officiating clowns will no doubt be fronting up again, probably in Perth again for homegrown boys No 6 and No 7.
  2. So much to like about effort and application. Skill errors and some really dumb things (Frosty), but, when the game was in the balance for the first 15 minutes of the last, the maggots came to the fore. Fair dinkum the system is corrupt. Proud, heartbroken but furious about the cheats in green. Isn’t Vardy a choice piece of work.? Rant over.
  3. How can this corrupt organization have 2 local umpires scheduled. Oh, I forgot, this is AFL
  4. Interesting to see that The Age have not listed which clowns will be officiating tonight. I would hazard a guess that Western Australian umpires 6, 7, or 22 would be every chance. We will see.
  5. Just turned the TV on and saw the Ablett report - the deathly silence.......then the commentators in unison framing the parameters of the “defence” - it was almost as if they were reading from the AFL script. Ah! Hang on, of course they were reading from the AFL script.
  6. Outs: Mediocre In: Mediocre Simply, this has to be the game that proves that football is played 95% above the shoulders. Go Dees.
  7. Just beautiful. All of us have there is so many ways over so many years. So many stories. So much meaning. Our club!
  8. The great thing about tonight is that one of them will lose! Much to dislike about both. (Haven’t noticed a big change in the quality of the commentary narrative).
  9. Beggars belief! Mumford..... Burton..... Of course! How silly of me! We are talking the AFLclowns here!!
  10. Cue in the rack lads - all will be revealed with our performance vs Port. Then Geelong.... then....No panic yet.
  11. Dunstall has just said it all - nearly half the team out, and most of our best players. No panics yet. Of course Dermie tries to intellectualise an opposite view. Absolutely no idea what he said or what he meant?
  12. Cripps is a gun. Francis is becoming a gun. Walsh will be a gun. The rest are just the same recycled hacks running around with sun tans.
  13. Great to see they are getting the ordinary games out of the way early.
  14. May have been mentioned already, but today provided a complete stitch up of Gil’s Absurd AFLX. A fantastic “practice match” match, organised by the clubs - great weather, great footy for February. When will Gil’s clowns realise that trying to recreate an American “game day experience” will slowly extinguish our great game. Give the girls in the AFLW some air and just let the clubs do what they have done for over 100 years build for the real season in March/April. Rant over! Whatever happens, always nice to beat the filth!
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