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  1. Yep, time to shine lads! Get fit, prepare thoroughly and with purpose. Stay out of the media spotlight. Go over there, exorcise the demons of September 2018, but most importantly just get the 4 points! It is a marathon, not a sprint, but what a brilliant opportunity to make a statement! Go Dees!
  2. Just listened to the podcast. Refreshingly open and transparent. Yes, individuals may have personal views about Frosty, O-Mac, AVB, Nibbler and the like, but Mahoney presented clear and logical reasons for immediate short term planning. Proof of the merits of this thinking will obviously not be visible until the end of 2020. I really liked the interview and like others I do not understand the lack of love for Lyon.
  3. I found the whole “bringing the game into disrepute” comment by Ryan fascinating. Was it premeditated? Was it random? Whatever it was it was certainly bizarre to emerge in the middle of one of the more important games of the year. We then saw vision of Whitfield collapsing behind the play from a rabbit punch to his “bad back” from his opponent. The commentators noted the danger of this sort of precedent, when umpires acknowledge on-going injuries and “warn” opponents not to “target” them and in doing so “bringing the game into disrepute”. Just weird in my view and a massive can of worms waiting to be opened and dare I say exploited by our more lateral coaches. If premeditated, the unintended consequences of such clownery is so typical of how the AFL butchers the game.
  4. Overt thuggery, player vulnerable on the ground, bringing the game into disrepute, close up for all the kids on prime time TV, strong track record for violence and sniping throughout the career, for a franchise club moving into week 2 of the finals = a fine. Incidental contact, in the flow of play, maybe late, maybe not (Melbourne player, as an example Steven May in the JLT says hello) = 2 weeks........... Gotta love the frauds in the AFL who run (ruin) our game.
  5. Thank God it’s finally over. Skills, skills, skills, outside run and somehow get some game/situation awareness. Just a team of dumb footballers.
  6. As an afterthought I’d add in Round 22 1990 (I think) vs Hawthorn (to make the finals) and then the following week to beat them again in the Elimination. Will NEVER erase 87 Prelim, and 88 GF, but certainly felt pretty good for a while.
  7. Round 22 1987, then daylight. Elimination Final 1987, First Semi 1987. Semi Final vs Carlton 2000. First 2 Finals 2018.
  8. As much as I cannot stand Toby Greene.....the maggots have just crucified him..... and then provoked the retaliation....turnover goal....prancing clowns who think they own the game....rant over
  9. A quiet reflection. Just imagine if we were actually contending this year and the disaster that has been 2019 did not occur! Where would your mindset be in preparing for what looked on paper to be a huge “3 Weeks At The G - Richmond, Collingwood and Sydney”? Are you thinking Gil and his clowns have handed us the draw from hell leading into the finals, or are you pining for a return to those fantastic two weeks we had in September last and look to embracing 3 blockbusters in a row! The mind certainly does funny things!! I don’t have a strong mindset about tonight. (My God, I”m sounding like the coach) I’ll drift in later, leaving the family in the warmth of house and I am sure I will return home full of disappointed learnings...(there I go again!). Go Dees.
  10. Interesting to see Gil on the TV - a tad dishevelled, tieless, engaged with his phone - obviously a big weekend on the Gold Coast - supporting his mates at Essendrug perhaps.
  11. “Another poor umpiring decision” say the commentators.
  12. The female umpire just asked “Jake Lever” no 8 for the eagles to get back on the mark. The evidence of incompetence just continues to mount, minute by minute, game by game.
  13. Looks a lot like the first half of the Preliminary Final. But, of course we won’t remember that.
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