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  1. Last round 1987 vs Footscray - symbolised that crazy last round. What more could you want?
  2. And of course the incomparable Doug Heywood leading the commentary! Different times.
  3. Traditional values, suburban footy, the game of the people, except there are no people!
  4. Early call, but the Baggers remind me a little bit (actually a lot) of our Neeld era club. Lots of very ordinary players, dodgy recruiting and “guns” who seem to be getting no better (Dow?). It seems they have put 30-50 games into a very ordinary list, and topped up the guns with very ordinary second tier players. Cripps a star, but apart from Walsh, no one else looking like it. Cheap shot by McGovern, then fell over like a pack of spuds. Ordinary! May they continue to suffer!!!!
  5. Agree. Barretr’s “yep” answers show him to be a very shallow interviewer. No interest whatsoever in the answer or nuanced dialogue. It shows he is a shocking listener and is simply keen to get to the next question. All about him, I suspect.
  6. Like most believe here, a fantastic appointment. Further, his “JLT” comment in the presser and subsequent off the cuff follow up was pure gold - Gil and his corporate jargon speaking clowns must be shaking in their boots. Goody’s face was priceless. Just love everything about Max!
  7. Victory for Burgess I reckon. Lots to like about 32, 36, 41, 15 and 20.
  8. Maggots are back. Crow 8 metre kicks and marks “paid” in the first quarter. “Play on” for Dees in second quarter.
  9. A incredibly significant game for me and my family. This was our terminally ill mum’s last game. As four generation Demon family, we went with mum every week. On this day as we walked with her slowly through the car park after Robbo had done the business, she quietly said “that’s it boys, I’m done. That will be my last game, but what a wonderful way to finish with a win like that” (against our mortal black and white foes)! She was gone a few months later, but we will always remember this day. Go Dees!
  10. The Shrine and hill sprints. Goose bumps!
  11. The greatest year of my Demon supporting life by a mile. I have posted various reflections in numerous topic forums over the years. Those last 8 weeks...........!!!!!
  12. Yep, time to shine lads! Get fit, prepare thoroughly and with purpose. Stay out of the media spotlight. Go over there, exorcise the demons of September 2018, but most importantly just get the 4 points! It is a marathon, not a sprint, but what a brilliant opportunity to make a statement! Go Dees!
  13. Just listened to the podcast. Refreshingly open and transparent. Yes, individuals may have personal views about Frosty, O-Mac, AVB, Nibbler and the like, but Mahoney presented clear and logical reasons for immediate short term planning. Proof of the merits of this thinking will obviously not be visible until the end of 2020. I really liked the interview and like others I do not understand the lack of love for Lyon.
  14. I found the whole “bringing the game into disrepute” comment by Ryan fascinating. Was it premeditated? Was it random? Whatever it was it was certainly bizarre to emerge in the middle of one of the more important games of the year. We then saw vision of Whitfield collapsing behind the play from a rabbit punch to his “bad back” from his opponent. The commentators noted the danger of this sort of precedent, when umpires acknowledge on-going injuries and “warn” opponents not to “target” them and in doing so “bringing the game into disrepute”. Just weird in my view and a massive can of worms waiting to be opened and dare I say exploited by our more lateral coaches. If premeditated, the unintended consequences of such clownery is so typical of how the AFL butchers the game.
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