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  1. I initially didn't see the damage done to Smith in the tackle, but I immediately complained bitterly about Jetta being able to play on from in front of the mark (point where initial free was paid against Smith for holding the ball). I concur with comments focused on Margetts' bias... its been obvious for several seasons. It was gutless umpiring to let Jetta run free after a dubious free and illegal tackle. This sequence of events, more than any other incident, is clear evidence of his willingness to assist West Coast in getting out of a sticky situation. Otherwise, it was evidence of massive incompetence and ignorance of what we commonly refer to as 'spirit of the game'.

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  2. Its unlikely that anyone will be dropped given the injury list. James Jordan had a solid game for Casey and is one to watch... may get a go if Lewis doesn't come up. Pruess -> IN, Kielty goes back, T Smith -> IN

  3. First up, an admission... I've never sworn at the TV screen more than I did yesterday... I reckon it is because we are such a frustrated mob in 2019... Second, yep, there were some terrible handling and disposal bloopers that players will not want to see replayed -> ever!

    Having said that, I thought the final minutes were fantastic! We refused to die! Hunt was great in those last 5 - 10 minutes... not just for the handball to Hore. He was one who seemed determined not to capitulate. The final thrust forward in the last 18 seconds was sensational... A surge toward victory that this club has rarely witnessed. To condemn those involved, and to complain about the chaotic nature of it, is to totally miss the point! These are exactly the moments that inject a steely resolve in the group going forward.

    Lets consider our opponents... GC have now played in five games that have been decided by less than a goal. Up until yesterday they had only lost one of these! They have wins over the Dockers and Carlton (two teams that look competitive after yesterdays events). They went down to WC in Perth by 23... We will be aiming to better that next week.

    It was slippery... it almost always is on a Gold Coast evening at this time of the year. Try handling a relatively new Sherrin after wiping it with a wet rag! And before you shoot me down on this... yes, I grew up in Brisbane and will be within 10 kilometers of Metricon this coming weekend... so I have some first hand experience!

    A note on Lockhart. He had 19 disposals, including 9 marks and 4 tackles. The radio station I was listening to post-game named him best Rookie in the match... Hasn't dropped away at all. Jones was very good for us in game 272. On that form he will be here in 2020, without any doubt. Wagner was good... I mention him because he cops so much! His willingness to put his body on the line is admirable. He holds his place as others go down!

    Ok, enough of the positivity!

    Brayshaw was weird! Often opted out of the contest, may have been worst offender with slippery ball. Led me to have a bet with my son that he was playing injured and would probably miss the WC game. We'll see! Billy was ordinary... takes too long to transfer ball from hands to foot... running a curve is becoming very predictable for oppo. 

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  4. This 'incident' has spawned so much sanctimonious claptrap here and beyond! May made a mistake, poor choice, let his guard down. I'm not going to execute him, or even ridicule him. The club will take appropriate action... no need for me to moralise or cast stones. I reckon May will play some good footy for us when the time comes. When he does, the current 'incident' will not seem like a hanging offence! 

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  5. People keep saying J Wagner is slow... if you watch the clip above of Oscar, Lewie and Wagner chasing O'Meara to the goal line you will notice that Wagner is the one who makes up considerable ground on O'Meara, leaving the others behind. Doesn't seem all that slow to me!


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  6. Didn't think I would come up after Saints game but the Anzac game is bigger than football. Saw a lot to like in first quarter but then the anxiety kicked in and we stopped taking the game on. The amount of skill errors was dumbfounding. We remained rugged in the clinches and kept within striking distance until the final quarter. The thing that stood out was our lack of synergy... players are playing for themselves... no consistent link ups between mates... no chain of events. We get in each others way more than assist each other to gain a clear passage.

    I thought Max was excellent. Hibberd did a good job on Dusty. Melksham played out the four quarters. Salem maintained good form. Hore continues to be a good contributor down back. Smith was the only forward to stick a few good grabs... he chased hard as well. 

    Weiderman needs a break at Casey. Hunt was all at sea. Jeff didn't give us much. I've never seen Fritsch mess up with his ball handling to that extent before today. 

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  7. One thing we all agree with, we must change direction from here! I agree with a hell of a lot of what others have said, but are now contemplating what an immediate change of direction will look like. We are not likely to find relief from those exiting the injury list anytime soon, so I'm afraid we will be limited to those names that can still stand up. Here are my suggestions... I don't expect the match committee to be brave enough to try them... they remain bunkered down!

    • Weideman to the backline in a direct swap forward with Fritsch
    • Garlett in / Spargo out
    • Billy in / C Wagner out
    • Hunt to the wing
    • T Smith in / J Wagner out
    • Lewis plays back / Salem plays mid
    • Jones goes back to inside mid / Brayshaw spends time at half-forward
    • Petracca spends time in centre square
    • Oliver instructed to kick 2/3, handball 1/3
    • Harmes plays mid/not tagging

    Dump the zoning and play 1 on 1 as soon as the oppo scores 4 unanswered goals... stay 1 0n 1 as long as it takes to right the ship!

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  8. I don't care where we finish... although I'm sure we are going to break some hearts when we dispose of finals pretenders in the second half of the season! I look forward to the development of a game plan for the ages... and I look forward to the arrival of new contenders... Lockhart has three goals from 2 appearances (How many do Weids & T Mac have ?) I know we have a few players yet to appear in 2019 that will improve us considerably. I know we will unearth one or two in the weeks to come (Jordan and Bedford spring to mind). We still have an excellent core but we obviously played above ourselves in 2018. Those that thought Lewis was immediately replaceable should admit poor analysis of the list! Bernie Vince was retired too early! Those that crowed about Kent and Tyson not being AFL level are exposed for lack of judgement!

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Deespicable said:

    We all sat through some impressive pre-season videos that made us all think we'd arrived and Champion Data backed it up saying our list depth made us flag favourites. Well it's fair to say that won't be happening now.

    I have four big requests for next week, not that it matters now as the errors have been made and a mid-table finish is all we can hope for now. The intensity in our game is gone and it's almost like we've morphed back into the nice old Demons. I am aware that this is borderline trolling, but it has to be said by someone.

    1) Tom Mac - Yes he has a big heart, but he is injured. He has never been a superstar that the club and media made out pre-season, but he has shown enough as a forward to make us all think he can play a key role. But so far this year he has been carried. he is not fit, he can barely run and his return - two goals in three games is abysmal, What's worse is that Hurley went to our only reliable target in Melksham, that's how little the Dons were worried about T-Mac. If he plays against Sydney, there is no point even turning up.

    2) KK - An inquiry should be done into who decided to rush him in two weeks ago and that person should have to write 1000 times "I must apologise to Billy Stretch". KK is loping around the field like Jack Watts. He looks good except he rarely gets it and his decision not to take the game on in the second term made you wonder why he is even on our list. He started wing and when he finally got his first effective kick in the third term it was a ripper - he thumped it 60m across ground and you got a glimpse why he was highly rated at Gold Coast as a defender. So what do we do, we send him forward  to be largely ineffective, although he did kick one long goal. But FFS, why was he rushed in. He's barely played for two seasons because of concussion issues and we throw him and the team in the deep end after just one VFL practice match. He still might be a player, but Goody please make him earn it via the VFL. He is the biggest selection rush since Petty v St Kilda last year. And we know what a mistake that was back then. And if and when he does regain his mojo in the VFL,  let's see him play where he once made it with the Suns - in defence. 

    3) O-Mac - You can't have a defender who is the slowest in the league and also possibly the least intense being the cornerstone of your defence. He is an unbelievably accurate kick, but he  lack's strength physically. He is Brent Grgic 2.0. He has played more than 60 games but will never make it to the top tier. He just doesn't have AFL level intensity and he's too slow to be part of our zone. It is now time to stop hoping his skill level will win through and just accepting you got it wrong - Neale Daniher did the same thing with Grgic. Try him as a forward Goody if you have a contract stipulation that you must play him for a certain number of games, but please, don't keep insulting us. 

    4) ANB - Yes we all love his workrate but he's just not linking up how we hoped when he was brought into the role by Goody three seasons ago. He needs to go back to the VFL for confidence and I'm sure he will play useful games for us down the track - just not at the moment.  A run on the ball is not such a bad idea, but it needs to be after a few weeks of Lachie Neale type stats in the twos. Nibbler is such a hard worker that I give hime three games tops before he is banging the selection door down again.

    Other than those four, everyone else had their moments when they looked the part and moments when they looked like Old Melburnian Amos standard.

    Weid - Started the game dropping the simplest of marks on a lead from Salem. But he did take a couple of marks later in the game and even won some clearances in the ruck. His long goal from a tight angle in the third made him look like a superstar again. But that's the problem, he looks like a beauty but so far he's not even averaging a goal a game. 

    Jonesy - Started like a million dollars finding the pill on his wing, creating and linking like Ablett in form. But after quarter time you had to check if he played and when thrown on to the ball in the third quarter, he lost a couple of clearances that made you wonder where to now. Goody won't drop him yet, but it's getting close. 

    Olly - He looked a class above everyone else in the second term with his run and carry but then he went back to his poxy short handballs and quick kicks and if that's where he's at, our season is over. He will lift next week I'm sure but he just has to realise that he's a gun, he has to act and play like one. Parish outplayed him tonight - my god I can't believe I said that!

    Frosty - He had an incredibly good second term when he got on tops of their bigs and became a defensive wall but after that he's lucky that his cohort in defence Oscar made him look respectable. Must have given away three stupid frees at least. But until May returns, he must play, it's as simple as that.  

    Trac - Had a chance to be a hero in the first term and couldn't hold the mark and later that term dropped a Jonesyesque sitter. But from then on he did actually contest and whilst there's no doubt he's down on confidence, it is hard to see how you could say he wasn't worthy of a spot based on that game.

    I won't keep going on, but I was rapt with Gawny's first half and Hibberd did return to his AA form in the second half after looking disinterested up to half time. Hunt applied pressure and was dangerous up forward but we lost his dash from defence and Lockhart has a go, although he may be too small to really make it as a player long term. Corey Wagner had a super first term and was a terrier until then as well but I think he got a bad corkie (injuries will confirm this).  Angus and Salem both were among our best, yet neither was able to grab control of things and Harmesy could not contain Shiel but he did end up kicking a couple of late goals to also be one of our better players.




    Best analysis so far! Congrats mate! This is informative and helpful!

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  10. 3 minutes ago, olisik said:

    He has had 4 tackles for the year and doesn’t defend. In case you forgotten his our captain. Did you see how Heppell played when the game was on the line? Jones never has or never will do that. His done.


    Just now, titan_uranus said:

    ANB, Oscar and Jones were our worst three players.

    Your comment was he was far from our worst, and I think that's incorrect. If he wasn't our worst player he was very close to it.

    He's having no impact on the wing. As the captain of a side which knew during the week that our disposal going inside 50 was a focus point, he took our opening clearance and mindlessly bombed it 50m to an Essendon player. He doesn't get involved in scoring chains, he guards no-man's land without taking a player, opposition players are running around him, he's fumbling the ball, he's turning it over. 

    I don't think I'm "blindly supporting the lynch mob". Indeed, I think you've got your Jones-coloured glasses on. As I said before, I've loved Jones and everything he's given to this club, but right now he's a bottom 4 player for us and he's holding us back.

    I think the blindness comes from an expectation you have of the quintessential captain... Barassi etc... I'm not suggesting he has risen to those heights... not many have... but the blindness fails to acknowledge the unspectacular contribution. I would agree with criticism in round 1... but you need to watch the full replay and notice the improvement, the endeavour and the leadership before sinking the boot into our best player for the decade! He may be reaching the end, but it won't be on your terms! He is better than that!

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  11. Just now, titan_uranus said:

    Unfortunately that's just not correct.

    Ok... ANB was better? Oscar was better? Frost was better? T Mac Was better... I could go on, but if you are going to correct me, make it a considered correction rather than blind support for the lynch mob!

  12. There were several moments in this game where I sensed we were getting on top. Look what happened next... Dubious umpire decision... Max "blocked", Parish was held, Ooops, missed those two infringements when Bombers ran through the protected area! But we didn't miss them last week against the Cats!

  13. 20 minutes ago, Dusty_Hill said:

    We were putrid tonight but the afl and their umpires have completely ruined the game. The umpiring was so so bad on both sides. Worst I can remember. Unfortunately for us it was usually at crucial times which made it feel like a fix up. The Jetta one the worst. Closely followed by the Melksham hit in the head in front of the goal, yes he should have marked it but that didn’t mean the umpire doesn’t have to pay a free. And the one against frost where frosts jumper is halfway up his chest whilst his arms are in the air, but then free is paid against him. Good trick! Should become magician. When Oscar was bending down to pick up the ball in the wing and was kneed in the head and they went on to score a goal. The 50 against Harmes but no 50 to us when “the package” drops the knee into our player after a mark right in front of the ump. The couple of protected area infringements on our forward flank that were ignored which would have resulted in shots in goal. The list goes on, there were more on both sides but honestly it ruins the game. Let it go or get em all. This nonsense where they seem to have a new rule of the week and ignore all other rules is ridiculous. When you have the commentators critiquing them the whole time you know it’s gotten bad.

    Really struggling to watch AFL these days with the the absolute pitiful standard of umpiring. I still tune in to Melbourne as I love the Dees for some strange reason. But honestly don’t watch many other games any more. In the past would watch 3-4+ a week. 


    How to fix this? Put some money in it and make them full time for a start. Can’t make them any worse. It’s not possible. 

    You are spot on... but don't apologise for laying out for all to see... I will do an analysis of the decisions (and non-decisions) in this game to highlight how the umpires enabled the Bombers to win

  14. Keyboard cowards announcing No 2's retirement... Was far from our worst tonight... 4 Qtr effort... Lets save the retirement talk for those that are seriously short of what we require right now... Frost, T Mc, Weids, O Mc, & ANB

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  15. Nothing but respect for Nev... the lack of umpire support for him is bordering on disrespect (I'm getting very close to using the "R" word!). Nev is a niggler... he even upsets his own team mates at training for his retarding tactics... but he is one of the best! However, if he is hit in the head from the front when about to take a well judged mark.... HE F*&*&*G DESERVES A F*^&^&G FREE!!!!

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  16. Stupid to blame Misson... Like blaming the bloke who was calling the countdown for Challenger for the disaster! TMac should go back to Casey... with Weids! Bring in T Smith and Kielty... yes, I'm prepared to wear further pain to punish under-performers. The Premiership is beyond us in 2019... We are only a week away from not being a final 8 contender. I can live with that! But I can not live with blokes who are being shown up as ordinary... getting games after demoralising losses... and I will not attend games where soft c&*%S still get rewarded with selection...

  17. The season may be finished... but if I was an AFL coach I wouldn't mind going into a season with May, Jones, Salem, Harmes, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Brayshaw, Gawn, Oliver, Hibberd, Melksham, Hannon, Jetta, Fritsch, Garlett, Hunt, Lockhart on the list... Just have to add to it

  18. I never once heard the commentators indicate that Melbourne received a fortunate free... I heard them question at least 8 frees to Bombers... Time to mobilise folks... bend over and take it or take action to expose this trend against us!

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  19. Look!!!! Anyone who thinks the criticism of the umpires is just scapegoat searching needs to do some simple, and documented research. The free kicks that were dubious (even to Wanka Carey!!!!) came whenever we looked like mounting a challenge... The umpires had an agenda!!! It is so @@####ing obvious!!! Do the re-watch folks... Stop searching for the players to blame and jot down the umpire number who made the decision! We have suffered from this for a long long time... and we will continue to suffer until the corruption (ok, if yo want to be kind... ineptitude, is exposed by data)

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  20. The umpires combined paralysis at paying Demon players hard earn protection = free kicks, should be exposed and researched as fondly as some so called journos spew up the Tanking headlines!!! (as if half the comp weren't doing same)

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