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  1. Swore violently at the TV throughout... called out the serial turnover kings etc... Just because I prefer to look at the positives, doesn't mean I disagree with the criticism leveled at individuals for poor skills etc. In the end, we did better than we have on many other trips to the Apple Isle. I agree with the glowing reports on Gawn and Fritsch... bur a few other observations concerning the much maligned...

    ANB was a contributor... the last kick fits snugly with the Norm Smith curse... the tragic past etc etc… but he gets the ball, he gets in scoring positions and he  can run out four quarters. His main weakness is body pressure... he caughs it up a bit, however, he is far from our weakest. I'd keep him and see if he can develop under a new regime.

    Cory Wagner has a go... he kicked a nice running goal and his second efforts are good, can improve, has pace and gets to the contest.

    Viney took Cunnington out of the game... picked up handy possessions himself... should be persevered with in this role.

    The inclusion of Preuss allows Max to be damaging in other ways... Pruess is never 'owned' in the ruck contest. He is so much better there than T Mc, Trac, Weid, T Smith etc. He can improve his marking and his running.

    JKH popped up for some handy marks and distributions... not a lot but enough to be a steadying influence at times... he didn't miss as many targets as he has previously... he didn't seem to get big game time... did not embarrass … can improve... not the worst player on our list


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  2. Has some zip about him... saw one Casey game that was televised and Chandler stood out from the rest of the small forward newbies. I thought Chandler and Jordan have what it takes to make the grade in future... don't mind that they have given him an opportunity a bit earlier.

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  3. Our captains between Neitz and Jones were James McDonald, Brad Green, Jack Grimes & Jack Trengove. Jones' longevity (at the end of this year he will be 20 behind games record holder, Neitz), durability and achievement (three B&F's) deserve total respect. Tim Watson names him as one of the blokes you would want beside you in the trenches, calls him a "real warrior". Now, it may be time for him to hand on the captaincy... he may have another good year in him... debate that if you will... but don't make glib comments about not measuring up to other captains in the AFL...

  4. The jumping to conclusions is like watching Wonder Woman leap across the chasm to the tower wall! Yes, I also listened to Viney on SEN following the 8:00am news bulletin. Viney is always going to put the team before his personal ambition... another trait of the desirable leader, I would have thought. As for standing up under pressure, I refer to the 17 contested possessions he had while blanketing Ablett in the first final last year (his first game back) ... followed up with another 17 contested possessions against Hawks... I think tackles were in the double figures as well... Baby with the bathwater folks!

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  5. Barassi in 1953, his second year...

    “At least one Melbourne supporter was not impressed with Ron’s efforts. After struggling on the Hawks’ Len Crane he was shifted to the forward flank for the last quarter. Over there, in quiet moments, a footballer having a bad day learns just how fickle supporters can be. This one in particular told him he was not half the footballer his father was, that he shouldn’t be wearing his Guernsey, and added that old favourite: he was only getting a game because he lived with the coach.”

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  6. 12 hours ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Viney will continue to be captain while daddy is there.. which is a joke really! 

    Gawn should be out right captain with Lever as Vice.

    What a disgraceful slur on two of the most loyal and passionate contributors this club has seen in the past 50 years!

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  7. This writing off Viney, as though he is a liability holding the team back, is ludicrous! He puts his body on the line in every game... part of the reason he has been struggling in recent times. Jack shows what it means to give one's all for the team, and has done so since his first game. He has played through pain, battered and bruised at times, to try and lift his teammates and this club! What short memories his detractors have! If bravery and competitive instinct are part of the good Captain's DNA, then Jack has them covered, and then some. Remember, Ronald Dale was struggling to find his place, early days under Norm Smith. It was said at the time that he simply banged the ball on his boot in careless fashion and was a danger to his teammates with his manic attack on the ball... does that sound familiar?

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  8. 11 minutes ago, titan_uranus said:

    Just had a quick look at the stats. Preuss has 25 disposals (23 kicks and 2 handballs), plus 7 marks and a goal, all to go with 52 hit outs. Not a bad response to being dropped.

    Thanks for this snapshot of a dominant display T-U

  9. 1 hour ago, Leoncelli_36 said:

    Keilty is a potato. Dunkley shows very little  at this level. Not sure what he did to warrant senior selection. Every game I’ve seen him play has been average. JKH comfortable at this level. Preuss is not accountable and way off AFL level. I like Jordon. We have nothing to be excited about coming through our list. We simply have no depth. 

    Went a bit early Cell...

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  10. Quite a few "Champions" of the game became a little suspect in on-ground behaviour late in their careers.... Think Plugger, Ablett snr and Lethal. I don't remember booing for them lasting beyond the specific game where they transgressed! There's the obvious division between Goodes the player and Goodes the eloquent spokesperson for his people. By the way, Plugger, Ablett and Lethal were never called upon to become spokesmen for their people... Goodes, throughout this period portrayed in the documentary, was by far the most considered, level-headed and eloquent voice on the issue that he chose to highlight. He made it painfully clear that he was a victim of racist behaviour from other Australians well before the booing hysteria developed. He stood head and shoulders above journalists, commentators and politicians in voicing, with great sensitivity and compassion, the issue of racism in our society. We can learn a lot from listening to and respecting that voice!

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  11. Haven't yet noticed any commentator, footy program or member of the MFC football dept. explain the holding the ball decision made against Max. Why is that? If it was a free kick according to the rules wouldn't an ambitious member of the (football) media want to impress the public with his/her astute reading of the rules? Its been relatively quiet on that front, while other contentious decisions from the weekend have been discussed on every program. If it was a shocker by the umpire in question, wouldn't the AFL come out and admit that a mistake was made... or vica versa? All quiet on that front as well... I have an opinion on this silent response by media and officials, but I would like to hear what others think.

  12. While we are on the topic of reduced interchange... Kevin Bartlett has been the most vocal critic of the current inflated interchange rules for some time now... Oh, yes, ..... he got the flick... more AFL interference or just another conspiracy crackpot?

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  13. I haven't read everything here as Ins and Outs discussion is erratic... but I can't ignore talk of dropping Oliver or Viney without some response. Viney was incredibly good just one match ago and was one of our better players last week. Open your eyes!!!! As for talk of dropping our most prolific talent... ffft!

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  14. B:   N Jetta   R Johnson  G Hardeman  

    HB:  B Lovett  D Neitz  S Febey

    SC:  Alves  B Wilson  R Flower

    HF:  G Lyon  D Schwarz  A Davey

    F:    J Farmer   A Jakovich  G Healey

    R:  J Stynes T Viney  N Jones

    Int:  J McDonald  M Gawn  C Oliver  A Yze

    Emerg: P Moore, A Obst, B Green, R Robertson

  15. Rusty Nails posted this in another thread... Seems like kicking efficiency is very much in the eye of the beholder. I gather that a kick is deemed efficient if it is marked or taken cleanly by another member of the team... doesn't seem to take account of the pressure one is under when taking the kick or the skill of the receiver when approaching the ball that was delivered. If the kick goes directly to an opponent who is under no pressure from one of our blokes... now I would regard that as inefficiency of the highest degree... At least this chart conflicts with some of the strong opinions expressed at Demonland. 

    MFC Ave Kicking Efficiency Rankings to Rnd 9, 2019


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