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  1. One thing we all agree with, we must change direction from here! I agree with a hell of a lot of what others have said, but are now contemplating what an immediate change of direction will look like. We are not likely to find relief from those exiting the injury list anytime soon, so I'm afraid we will be limited to those names that can still stand up. Here are my suggestions... I don't expect the match committee to be brave enough to try them... they remain bunkered down! Weideman to the backline in a direct swap forward with Fritsch Garlett in / Spargo out Billy in / C Wagner out Hunt to the wing T Smith in / J Wagner out Lewis plays back / Salem plays mid Jones goes back to inside mid / Brayshaw spends time at half-forward Petracca spends time in centre square Oliver instructed to kick 2/3, handball 1/3 Harmes plays mid/not tagging Dump the zoning and play 1 on 1 as soon as the oppo scores 4 unanswered goals... stay 1 0n 1 as long as it takes to right the ship!
  2. 6 Gawn 5 Brayshaw 4 Harmes 3 Hunt 2 Oliver 1 Lockhart
  3. I don't care where we finish... although I'm sure we are going to break some hearts when we dispose of finals pretenders in the second half of the season! I look forward to the development of a game plan for the ages... and I look forward to the arrival of new contenders... Lockhart has three goals from 2 appearances (How many do Weids & T Mac have ?) I know we have a few players yet to appear in 2019 that will improve us considerably. I know we will unearth one or two in the weeks to come (Jordan and Bedford spring to mind). We still have an excellent core but we obviously played above ourselves in 2018. Those that thought Lewis was immediately replaceable should admit poor analysis of the list! Bernie Vince was retired too early! Those that crowed about Kent and Tyson not being AFL level are exposed for lack of judgement!
  4. Best analysis so far! Congrats mate! This is informative and helpful!
  5. I think the blindness comes from an expectation you have of the quintessential captain... Barassi etc... I'm not suggesting he has risen to those heights... not many have... but the blindness fails to acknowledge the unspectacular contribution. I would agree with criticism in round 1... but you need to watch the full replay and notice the improvement, the endeavour and the leadership before sinking the boot into our best player for the decade! He may be reaching the end, but it won't be on your terms! He is better than that!
  6. Ok... ANB was better? Oscar was better? Frost was better? T Mac Was better... I could go on, but if you are going to correct me, make it a considered correction rather than blind support for the lynch mob!
  7. There were several moments in this game where I sensed we were getting on top. Look what happened next... Dubious umpire decision... Max "blocked", Parish was held, Ooops, missed those two infringements when Bombers ran through the protected area! But we didn't miss them last week against the Cats!
  8. You are spot on... but don't apologise for laying out for all to see... I will do an analysis of the decisions (and non-decisions) in this game to highlight how the umpires enabled the Bombers to win
  9. Keyboard cowards announcing No 2's retirement... Was far from our worst tonight... 4 Qtr effort... Lets save the retirement talk for those that are seriously short of what we require right now... Frost, T Mc, Weids, O Mc, & ANB
  10. Nothing but respect for Nev... the lack of umpire support for him is bordering on disrespect (I'm getting very close to using the "R" word!). Nev is a niggler... he even upsets his own team mates at training for his retarding tactics... but he is one of the best! However, if he is hit in the head from the front when about to take a well judged mark.... HE F*&*&*G DESERVES A F*^&^&G FREE!!!!
  11. Stupid to blame Misson... Like blaming the bloke who was calling the countdown for Challenger for the disaster! TMac should go back to Casey... with Weids! Bring in T Smith and Kielty... yes, I'm prepared to wear further pain to punish under-performers. The Premiership is beyond us in 2019... We are only a week away from not being a final 8 contender. I can live with that! But I can not live with blokes who are being shown up as ordinary... getting games after demoralising losses... and I will not attend games where soft c&*%S still get rewarded with selection...
  12. I have already acknowledged that Oscar and Frost were like witches hats... Others that disappoint are T McDonald, Weids, ANB, J Wagner... That's it... I thought all others contributed, and deserved to get 4 points
  13. The season may be finished... but if I was an AFL coach I wouldn't mind going into a season with May, Jones, Salem, Harmes, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Brayshaw, Gawn, Oliver, Hibberd, Melksham, Hannon, Jetta, Fritsch, Garlett, Hunt, Lockhart on the list... Just have to add to it
  14. I never once heard the commentators indicate that Melbourne received a fortunate free... I heard them question at least 8 frees to Bombers... Time to mobilise folks... bend over and take it or take action to expose this trend against us!
  15. Look!!!! Anyone who thinks the criticism of the umpires is just scapegoat searching needs to do some simple, and documented research. The free kicks that were dubious (even to Wanka Carey!!!!) came whenever we looked like mounting a challenge... The umpires had an agenda!!! It is so @@####ing obvious!!! Do the re-watch folks... Stop searching for the players to blame and jot down the umpire number who made the decision! We have suffered from this for a long long time... and we will continue to suffer until the corruption (ok, if yo want to be kind... ineptitude, is exposed by data)
  16. The umpires combined paralysis at paying Demon players hard earn protection = free kicks, should be exposed and researched as fondly as some so called journos spew up the Tanking headlines!!! (as if half the comp weren't doing same)
  17. Yes, at this stage I am writing off 2019. I'm giving Goodwin and coaching group until 2020 round 1 to reorganise this clubs onfield performance
  18. You only have to look as far as AFLW to see how contrived the FIXture is to ensure $$$$$ and that means favourable outcomes for the teams that have huge membership! We played a game tonight that would have resulted in a win if there were no umpires! If you or any supporter can't see that... you probably think corruption can only exist overseas
  19. 12 points at the moment... reflect on the soft Bomber, umpire assisted goals... I have it at 5
  20. Now before you start kicking the guts out of our team... analyse the influence the umpires have had on the result
  21. Oh the block on Stringer rule.... Do the analysis on that umpire
  22. Oh, the old kicking in danger comes out... do the analysis on that ump!
  23. Anyone surprised by the 50/50 frees to Bombers?
  24. Corruption clear as day all night long. Do the analysis
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