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  1. I'm two minutes from 3Qtr time in the replay. Petracca just missed a snap for goal to put us ahead... I turned it off at that point because I know what happened next, but we were still in a winning position very late into the third. The point is that our efforts in the final Qtr are what really stood between a win and a loss. That is where our focus needs to be in fixing things... yes, I know we were shown up by not bringing more physicality to the game from the outset... and we didn't adjust to the PA team tactics against Max, however, this is fixable!
  2. 6 Salem 5 Melksham 4 Brayshaw 3 Fritsch 2 Harmes 1 Oliver
  3. Went to the G, read this post. A few observations... Max was barely getting off the ground at centre bounces. He was waiting until the opposition launched, then getting a hand to it. It wasn't so much that he was being beaten, it was more a case of timing. Instead of meeting the ball at his highest point, he was delaying the tap, hitting the ball when it was at his standing height. He got plenty of taps but the delay meant that Oliver and Brayshaw were less effective at the quick break. Fritsch was having a blinder from half way through the first quarter until things started to go awry nearing half time. At that stage I thought he was up there with Salem as our best. Unfortunately, not as effective in second half, but far from a passenger. I thought Cory Wagner worked his way into the game and could take ANB's slot if he can continue to improve... not afraid of body contact and can run both ways. Sparrow showed signs of fitting in at this level. Seems to use the ball well. I think he holds his spot. Most everything else I noticed has been covered very well by others.
  4. Its not the loss of Hogan that concerns me... we (and the coaches) knew this was coming! Its the loss of Hannon that hurts... a vital cog in our forward wheel... he just gets better and better. Come back soon Mitch!
  5. The JLT is a glorified practice match that helps boost ratings for Media outlets before the real Stuff... Teams are competing with different player numbers... we fielded half our best 22 last week... get a grip peeps!
  6. Oh, please! Listen to yourselves... Hibberd has just come off a magnificent season and you condemn him to the scrap heap.... Some folk are seduced to the title, “Waste of Space”.
  7. JKH has broadened his impact, skills and involvements steadily over his time at MFC. He was more effective than ANB against the Tigers... (and for that matter, Spargo) and ANB has already shown he can be effective at this level. I raise this comparison because I think the JKH detractors are stuck in the past. I'm not sure he will make it to best 22 in 2019, but he is very clearly on the fringe and may break through... have a closer look!
  8. After watching the entire recorded game, I have the following observations... Jordan did some nice things, was clean with the ball and might be our find of the draft Preuss had more influence than I had given him credit for. I have moved him from 'disappointing' to 'serviceable' Best were Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes, Salem & Fritsch, who all seem destined to continue on their merry way in 2019 Other 'serviceables' are JKH, Oscar, Hore, Weids, Kielty, C Wagner, J Smith, Petty, Spargo & Petracca 'Off-day' award, Tom McD & ANB Needing to do more to crack round 1 are Stretch, Frost, Hunt & J Wagner A fair way off are Maynard and Sparrow, for different reasons Unavailable due to injury... Jeffy NOTE: 'serviceable' = Had some good moments, gave something appropriate for the level, but inconsistent or faded out
  9. Keilty was more impressive than Preuss... now I know why we didn't play Max... Preuss was exposed. Thought Corey Wagner showed something... Jordan showed a little. ... Petty showed something in first Qtr not stepping up list Hunt Spargo Stretch Frost Pruess Maynard
  10. within four goals would be a very good result!
  11. That's our entire backline and half our midfield right there!
  12. I can't believe we will pass on the opportunity to test the Max + Pruess combo in a game that isn't going to cost 4 points if the experiment fails!
  13. I'm not convinced the so called "emergencies" aren't playing! Waiting for confirmation from MFC of final selection.
  14. The AFL needs to inform that second rate, wanna-a-be, suburban whistle blower that the hands in the back rule has changed!
  15. If the AFL want us to watch AFLW, and I presume it is in their interests, stop serving up second class suburban umpires. And while I'm at it... stop stuffing around with AFLX and put the money into the women, who have had a legitimate competition for well over a decade!!!
  16. Female game + female umps... the males are a disgrace!!!!
  17. Even more disturbing are those who have seen Preuss play, and regard him as pretty average!
  18. Cant wait for tonight's GF.... Which teams? Which players?... Don't stress, the Game Changer will be dropped in from the retractable roof and all will be revealed! Marvel Stadium... Transformers v XMen.... paper, rock, scissors... I'm on the edge of my seat... Does anyone on big dollars have any respect for the game?
  19. The members of the AFL executive who thought this would be a good idea should be replaced immediately. I found todays scratch match, MFC v Coll, infinitely more engaging. The attempts of the commentators to make this carp sound interesting is excruciating. Hey, AFL big knobs.... how about a State of Origin contest in some modified form???? Fracken who cares about this tripe??? You belittle the great game you pretend to be the guardians of! Disgusting, vomit inducing, commercial self-indulgent [censored]!!!
  20. Bradke has remained whilst most of his rehab group have departed. He is a keen observer of the senior players and occasionally gets instruction from a trainer on the finer points of the current activity
  21. Hibberd everywhere in 3/4 field match play.
  22. Bedford seems to have very good foot skills.... Pruess also hits targets ... Sparrow tends to give the short kick more air... Fritsch still the standout by foot
  23. Impressed by Baker’s size... has a body to back his pace... looks like he will get games in 2019
  24. The main group had a lot of fun in the initial warm up... the final exercise had pairs with both hands on the one football. When the whistle was blown the pairs had to try and rip the footy out of their opponents grip.., Jetta proved too tricky for Max, while Weids and May were called into the centre of the group to contest the ‘final’. The rest of the group were asked to stand behind the player they thought would win. Great delight from the Weiderman group when he was lightning in snapping the ball away from May... then ran off hurling the ball into the air to the delight of his ‘followers’!
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