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  1. Stupid to blame Misson... Like blaming the bloke who was calling the countdown for Challenger for the disaster! TMac should go back to Casey... with Weids! Bring in T Smith and Kielty... yes, I'm prepared to wear further pain to punish under-performers. The Premiership is beyond us in 2019... We are only a week away from not being a final 8 contender. I can live with that! But I can not live with blokes who are being shown up as ordinary... getting games after demoralising losses... and I will not attend games where soft c&*%S still get rewarded with selection...
  2. I have already acknowledged that Oscar and Frost were like witches hats... Others that disappoint are T McDonald, Weids, ANB, J Wagner... That's it... I thought all others contributed, and deserved to get 4 points
  3. The season may be finished... but if I was an AFL coach I wouldn't mind going into a season with May, Jones, Salem, Harmes, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Brayshaw, Gawn, Oliver, Hibberd, Melksham, Hannon, Jetta, Fritsch, Garlett, Hunt, Lockhart on the list... Just have to add to it
  4. I never once heard the commentators indicate that Melbourne received a fortunate free... I heard them question at least 8 frees to Bombers... Time to mobilise folks... bend over and take it or take action to expose this trend against us!
  5. Look!!!! Anyone who thinks the criticism of the umpires is just scapegoat searching needs to do some simple, and documented research. The free kicks that were dubious (even to Wanka Carey!!!!) came whenever we looked like mounting a challenge... The umpires had an agenda!!! It is so @@####ing obvious!!! Do the re-watch folks... Stop searching for the players to blame and jot down the umpire number who made the decision! We have suffered from this for a long long time... and we will continue to suffer until the corruption (ok, if yo want to be kind... ineptitude, is exposed by data)
  6. The umpires combined paralysis at paying Demon players hard earn protection = free kicks, should be exposed and researched as fondly as some so called journos spew up the Tanking headlines!!! (as if half the comp weren't doing same)
  7. Yes, at this stage I am writing off 2019. I'm giving Goodwin and coaching group until 2020 round 1 to reorganise this clubs onfield performance
  8. You only have to look as far as AFLW to see how contrived the FIXture is to ensure $$$$$ and that means favourable outcomes for the teams that have huge membership! We played a game tonight that would have resulted in a win if there were no umpires! If you or any supporter can't see that... you probably think corruption can only exist overseas
  9. 12 points at the moment... reflect on the soft Bomber, umpire assisted goals... I have it at 5
  10. Now before you start kicking the guts out of our team... analyse the influence the umpires have had on the result
  11. Oh the block on Stringer rule.... Do the analysis on that umpire
  12. Oh, the old kicking in danger comes out... do the analysis on that ump!
  13. Anyone surprised by the 50/50 frees to Bombers?
  14. Corruption clear as day all night long. Do the analysis
  15. Tell me the block free is not an umpire who is on the take!
  16. I won't go to another game if both Frost and Oscar are in the 22
  17. We won't make the 8! So Lets start thinking ahead
  18. We've lost! We deserve to lose! We are not picking a team that can win!
  19. AFL control the required agenda through the umpires... corruption rules
  20. Time to look at how many half-[censored] free kicks they have got
  21. Unfortunately some blokes have disappeared. Lockhart.... great goals but where is he?
  22. I want Petty! He was underwhelming at first run, but if given as many opportunities as Frost and Oscar he will win a Brownlow!!!!
  23. Below standard! ANB should have been dropped after pre-season! Does anyone want to see Frost again?
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