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  1. Your team will probably try to snare him during 2020
  2. It’s a safe bet that any posters who feel impelled to be critical of a week one training report are not MFC supporters... Their posts, views, football intelligence, POV should be discarded and/or disregarded!
  3. ...and yet, Petty in, Frost out! Go figure....
  4. Pruess is very effective in getting first hand to the ball in ruck contests. He also follows up, and second efforts are promising. Yes, he looks a little cumbersome at times... a little unsure... I think this is because he came to our game later than most. For this reason I see upside as he works with coaches (and Max) at the elite level. He kicks like a mule and is good for a goal or two when bursting out of secondary stoppages forward of the centre. He is also on the aggressive side with physicality in the clashes. I expect he will improve as time goes on.
  5. Current forward options, round 1 2020 -> Melksham, Tom Mc, Fritsch, Weiderman, Petracca, Hannon, VDB, Hunt, Petty, Lockhart, J Smith
  6. I was totally engaged in the streamed version of the Bluey. Seeing an 83yo Ronald Dale present his leadership trophy to Max was worth the wait. Yes, there were some technical issues but we've come a long way on that front since '64, even though we've seemed incapable of ever moving beyond that 12th premiership. It wasn't so long ago that supporters who didn't attend the B&F would have to rely on a one paragraph report in the Sun, or HS, the following morning. Another highlight was Jon's involvement in presenting James Harmes with the Ian Ridley Memorial Trophy. Max's acceptance speech was uplifting, and Clarrie showed he is developing his ability to present on formal occasions, which he seems destined to experience a multitude of times in future years. I have no problem with the players and officials celebrating together, even after a disappointing year. Its not the GF that signals the end of our year, its the B&F. Now the entire list and the coaches can move on with new resolve! It is no surprise that the internal voting of the coaching panel differs from popular opinion and/or the view of the umpires. It always does... The voting at a B&F gives an insight into what a club values... all place getters deserve respect... and the love that Max refers to!
  7. Correct me if I am wrong... but the Bluey Truscott Trophy represents how a MFC player fares when compared to other MFC players throughout the season as judged by the coaching panel, right? Jayden Hunt was one goal from being our leading goalkicker and had the most goal assists... so he compares favourably with other MFC forwards... no big surprise that he finishes top 10!
  8. Viney had a 'bad' year in 2019! 7th for disposals (5th for average disposals), 3rd for tackles, 4th for clearances, 5th for inside 50's... I expect a big improvement in 2020 as he bursts into the new year from a full pre-season.
  9. Puts it all on the line every time, never shirks an issue! Attack on the ball is second to none. Toughness in the clinches is as good as it gets. Never a sniper... always there for team mates! What blindness is this that has descended on Demonland?
  10. The Viney haters just don't get it! They never will! Viney is rated so highly by those closest to him because of his LEADERSHIP!!!!!!
  11. I see that Tomlinson rated 19th for all player stats in his Prelim... and better than 14 players in GF by the same measure. A lot of sense has been expressed here about his likely influence at MFC, however, he was quite a way from being the least effective player in his two most recent finals.
  12. You need to look a little deeper NC... I was highlighting how ridiculous sweeping, unsubstantiated opinions are. I used a direct quote from another poster who has a track record on such matters.
  13. I think Greg Healy was a better captain than Robert Flower... after all, We averaged 15 wins a season under Healy and only 8 wins a season under Robbie... Furthermore, Robbie was always hanging out 20 metres from the forward contest waiting for the ball to come out for him to score a cheapie.
  14. At the moment I have the list at 36 (senior list) + 4 (rookie list) + 1 (category B) That leaves 4 spots on the senior list if we do not add any rookies Might be 6 spots on the senior list if what we are hearing about Stretch and Frost is accurate
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