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  1. While we are on the topic of reduced interchange... Kevin Bartlett has been the most vocal critic of the current inflated interchange rules for some time now... Oh, yes, ..... he got the flick... more AFL interference or just another conspiracy crackpot?
  2. Aah, the VFL... where budding AFL umpires learn not to pay a free kick to MFC players!!!
  3. 6 McDonald 5 Oliver 4 Frost 3 Pruess 2 Petracca 1 Fritsch
  4. Jordan is the next 'find' from our Ressie team
  5. I haven't read everything here as Ins and Outs discussion is erratic... but I can't ignore talk of dropping Oliver or Viney without some response. Viney was incredibly good just one match ago and was one of our better players last week. Open your eyes!!!! As for talk of dropping our most prolific talent... ffft!
  6. Fortunately my bins are out and it will all be gone in the morning
  7. B: N Jetta R Johnson G Hardeman HB: B Lovett D Neitz S Febey SC: Alves B Wilson R Flower HF: G Lyon D Schwarz A Davey F: J Farmer A Jakovich G Healey R: J Stynes T Viney N Jones Int: J McDonald M Gawn C Oliver A Yze Emerg: P Moore, A Obst, B Green, R Robertson
  8. Rusty Nails posted this in another thread... Seems like kicking efficiency is very much in the eye of the beholder. I gather that a kick is deemed efficient if it is marked or taken cleanly by another member of the team... doesn't seem to take account of the pressure one is under when taking the kick or the skill of the receiver when approaching the ball that was delivered. If the kick goes directly to an opponent who is under no pressure from one of our blokes... now I would regard that as inefficiency of the highest degree... At least this chart conflicts with some of the strong opinions expressed at Demonland. MFC Ave Kicking Efficiency Rankings to Rnd 9, 2019
  9. If its match fitness we are worried about... yeah may need a full game at VFL level. If its injury or recurrence we are worried about... just as much chance at VFL level of that!
  10. Not up to what? You may delight in making sweeping statements about a player who doesn’t meet your lofty standards (without noting his obvious contribution in his most recent outing). I prefer to acknowledge those that were giving us something when it was difficult to find a winner across the board. We just have a different focus. You seem to have a very high opinion of your ability to identify a weakness, run a line through a player and cast a 25 year old to the scrapheap. I don’t have the same high opinion of your analysis. I quoted possessions as an indicator of his ability to find the pill. I also recognize that his finding of the pill was on the high side for the role he was playing… no more, no less.
  11. I'm delighted to bring you up to date on Wagner. His 22 possessions was 9th best on the day... that's 9th best taking all 44 players into account. We acknowledge that he lacks polish, but there is a lot to like, a lot that is coachable. He gives a contest and does not shrink back into his shell under pressure. He keeps at it, gives his all, every time. Yes, we have better players in his position. When they are all fit he is likely to find his way back to VFL ranks, however, we are fortunate to have players who will play their role and contribute when called upon.
  12. In the words of Bob Dylan, "I don't believe you...", I won't continue with what Bob said next but Hibberd has not been generally terrible this year. He did struggle early but was definitely on the up at the time of injury I don't blame the club for Jetta's absence May is not fat and lazy Lever is no more overrated on these boards than by the All Australian selectors Hannon was not dropped several times last year KK is not all but done
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