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  1. Queue discussions on how soft mfc is and why this kind of softness explains our performance
  2. I’m not at all enthused or “ patriotic” about Victoria and the big v who gives a fig its a great State but beating another state so what is parochialism alive and well
  3. I think Ed burston ended up a teacher at peninsula grammar big guy right? boy we bullied him cruelly which was not fair he was a nice guy but to a 15 year old fair game
  4. Beef him up and then he can come back for pre season having slimmed down by 7 kegs and be right
  5. Football gents don’t get me started on subsidies to industries owned off shore wealth transfers to rent seekers
  6. I honestly can't understand why with all the competition from Internet TV streaming services Foxtel prices haven't come down to better compete with them. Its a cash cow Most of their base doesnt comparison shop so cutting the price except to get new customers doesnt make sense Foxtel (assuming it makes money) now funds some developing product Also better for foxtel that they cannibalise their market than some competitor
  7. Im a dinosaur playing very occasionally for the Hampton Rovers Which claims to have spawned brayshaw salem etc Never saw them in the thirds though
  8. I suppose it comes down to scope for growth and development. I think with Pedo he got everything out that he had / no more development But with Smith they must see scope for growth For mine both pedo and smith dont fit anymore - not big enough to be keys not fast enough or enough tricks for small / medium fwds
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