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  1. How long before a ‘shake and bake’ segment?
  2. Hope we don’t trade. If next year is as compromised as it sounds......we’ll only get a good result in next years draft if we fail badly again. Take the picks to the draft and DEVELOP whom ever we select.
  3. Try living in the town....... I hate that they make finals due to a soft fixture then flunk it in September most years. I know asking for equality is just too much to ask for
  4. We can just complain to ombudsman that it’s not safe to play with the building cladding they have!!!
  5. ANB was a bit of a scapegoat for the teams poor year. The fact we had a lot F50 entries should have been his bread and butter, but like the other 21 the ball came out over their heads into our D50 in a flash. Not sure if this was rule changes, preseason or desire. But hopefully our recruitment of wingers will get ANB back to his 2018 best and if not even better.
  6. Fits the MFC mantra of hard at it (with questionable skills). Will it delay the progress of one of our youngsters? Probably, but it will show them what’s required to get to premiership levels. If dirt cheap why not.
  7. So you don’t want him to be captain?
  8. Max Gawn to change to no. 2 jumper......
  9. Good lead up play and gets in front of the goals and...........
  10. Gday Tom, sorry to hear about Oscar getting cut......Whoooaaaaat!!!
  11. ....... hoping for Geelong out in straight sets.
  12. The players worth getting from the cattery are pretty much untouchables. Dont see the fringe players on their list having anything over our fringe players.
  13. The MFC are on analogue. But the game is now played on digital.
  14. The umpires are looking for the soft frees. Greene must have mouthed off at the umpires for them to blatantly favour the dogs.
  15. How the [censored] isn’t that a free kick with the ones they’ve paid to the dogs [censored] maggots
  16. Hope the umpires are less biased in the second half. They brought the dogs back into the game. The free against mummy was atrocious. The free for Naughton was soft and only because he slipped at the same time.
  17. clubs will just recruit athletes in lieu of skills, which for me will cause a lot more angst when handballs and kicks miss targets.
  18. Can you elaborate? I also think there is something amiss, but I don’t know and would only be speculating.
  19. Useless as a [censored] flavored lollipop 🍆🍭
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