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  1. Do we have any cash to pay Goodwin out 💰? Might have to get used to it.....
  2. He shouldn’t be in the car. The conversation should be ABOUT him
  3. Do only the commission tower blocks have to isolate? dimma on the bench Holmes with cot chin.
  4. How is the guy whose had brain surgery and you can’t understand when he speaks be smarter than all of our players
  5. It’s exactly what will happen - no selection changes next week
  6. Umpire just making [censored] up. Viney prior opportunity pfffft
  7. What happened to the free for disabling the player after the dispose of the ball ? Hannan handballed then was taken out. No wonder TMac was caught when he had no one to assist
  8. This is pure interpretation cheating. Geelong [censored] us over last week with it.
  9. Pert Bartlett and Mahoney should drive together to sydney.
  10. And then what? Richo takes over. Why doesn’t he give some advice NOW to help???
  11. Interpretation.....my interpretation is the game corrupt
  12. Is that injury, the club not developing or Weideman not being professional? Or all three?
  13. Umpires must have a sneaky punt on cats. They call things differently depending on the colours of the jumper.
  14. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/revitalised-hardwick-sets-tone-for-tigers Several have mentioned that players are frustrated, (I don’t know) but I think it is related to being requested to do ‘jobs’ not play football. The article above is how Richmond turned around their game plan and instilled trust in the coach and players. I believe Goodwin can be the man, however I want the best 22 playing. This doesn’t mean blooding first year players to get them games (unless they are in the best 22) and playing players out of position. The players need confidence that their teammates are the best players available. Dropping ex captains can cause factions if they believe he is in the best 22. I think the bombing into the forward line is potentially due to them not having a license to just play football and take the best available option. Hopefully it is just a trust issue, if it is, the recruiting, selection committee and game plan will all influence the confidence the players take into the game.
  15. If you were on who wants to be a millionaire and had to choose an MFC player as your phone a friend, who would you choose?
  16. Hibberd good technique. Dangerfield no technique. Hibberd is suspended
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