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  1. She is a teacher right? What’s that proverb......When you can’t do.......
  2. The free should’ve been in the ruck on the wing not at half back. At least paid one of the two
  3. Umpires have a preconceived idea of who will win.
  4. The first post on the issue was on Wednesday night. Why three days later a fake news call is being made? Surely Whateley (who is in the afl media) could have put an end to it sooner. Just another reason not to like him.
  5. Add in: boundary and central umpires to throw/bounce straight after a decision umpires to be closer to the play so they aren’t guessing no more stars preferential rule treatment Pay a free for illegal disposal (it’s already a rule) no more rule of the week allow boundary umpires to make decisions to get 360 view (will need better boundary umpires that aren’t kids) Pay ‘run too far’ rule more (too often players run further than marks from short kicks - they are both 15m) Remove the mic from umpires and let them speak freely to players and vice versa allow comments about umpires that are both positive and negative from all hold umpires to account (how many umpire the following week after making mistakes) conversations between clubs and afl about officiating to be disclosed to the public Fix the goal review system with better quality cameras accelerators and sensors in the ball for touched decisions Pay frees for players not being self aware (ie leading with the head) Reduce penalties for for football actions (bumping with incidental head contact - ie May on berry) throw the book at non football actions (ie cunnington throwing punches) (this detracts parents pushing kids into soccer) Commentary to call out incorrect/poor decisions by all (players, coaches and umpires) make collingwood wear an away strip Ensure the fixture has teams never playing two home games consecutively against the same opponent (ie our last three against Carlton have all been away games) Get rid of Bruce and BT and employ someone to just call the game and not try and get a ‘following’ telecast in 4K with viewer options of angles Simulcast the grand final on FoxFooty And there are plenty more.
  6. If we didn’t beat west coast over there in the h&a last season......the media would be asking for another coach, another rebuild and probably for Melbourne to move to Tassie. I don’t think we are a basket case, but we need to build some mental toughness and with it a win at all cost attitude. If a PP gets someone in with those attributes....I’ll take it.
  7. Noted assume they are essendrug too?
  8. Good in theory, but relies on players wanting to go to GC. Melksham and Hibberd both wanted out of essendon after the drugs saga which gave essendon less bargaining power.
  9. Geelong have done an excellent job in being competitive for the last 10-15 years. But what has been the driver of the sustained success? Is it the development of draft picks and getting everything out of them? Is it off field culture? Brian Cook has been CEO for how many years? Coaches haven’t been turned over. Playing at GMHBA in a bubble? Or is it their on field leaders and a want to play for geelong? Dangerfield, Ablett, Henderson, Smith, Stanley, Tuohy, Rohan, Dahlhaus and s.Selwood, all started at another AFL club. A priority pick might help in time but without the above in place clubs won’t be able to ascend the ladder and experience long term success.
  10. Hand on boot. But umpires call. Afl are [censored] useless
  11. Tracc has been good ANB has been horrible
  12. His attacking kicking from defense is the issue. For some reason his f50 kicking is much better
  13. Would’ve been easier to pay the mark
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