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  1. I would like to see a fully fit team play: tmac Anb viney ....... if they are injured let them rest.
  2. Totally agree. Does the afl want the cash for the fake tanking fine? Why is there so much bias against us
  3. Wowweeeeee a [censored] consistent umpiring decision
  4. Nice replay of dusty dumping hibberd then using his forearm to his head....PLAY ON!!!!!!
  5. The umpires must have a line bet on and just checked the score
  6. I feel like the umpires conspire to make it impossible for us. Either that or they have money on the oppositions week in week out.
  7. Adam Papalia on Fox is the best. No identity and calls the game for what it is with no bias. I was hoping Bruce was going to retire when CYROL did. What I hate most is his use of ‘clever’ 95% of the time a knock on that was ‘cleaverrrr’ ends up in a turn over. Love the idea of only hearing the sounds at the ground. Hope someone from Fox is reading the thread.
  8. you say Bruce is a [censored]. I say bt is a [censored]
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