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  1. Do we have any cash to pay Goodwin out 💰? Might have to get used to it.....
  2. He shouldn’t be in the car. The conversation should be ABOUT him
  3. Do only the commission tower blocks have to isolate? dimma on the bench Holmes with cot chin.
  4. In the back on May. [censored] [censored] umpiring
  5. How is the guy whose had brain surgery and you can’t understand when he speaks be smarter than all of our players
  6. It’s exactly what will happen - no selection changes next week
  7. Umpire just making [censored] up. Viney prior opportunity pfffft
  8. What happened to the free for disabling the player after the dispose of the ball ? Hannan handballed then was taken out. No wonder TMac was caught when he had no one to assist
  9. This is pure interpretation cheating. Geelong [censored] us over last week with it.
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