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  1. Win it first, Then put it in Black and White. I'll buy the limited edition print!
  2. Hopng that an ice bath and some therapy will make Joel S the running man that he is. A disclocation that breaks the skin, and Mr Ed was a real talking horse.
  3. Should've been Joel Smith. Reading too much on The Age
  4. Yeah they don't want the midfield setup broadcasted. I'm OK with that as I want them to win games with their innovation. Moonshadow, that is hilarious! Saty, didn't see you this morning. I was there early and left when it rained. I'm made of paper. Saw a bit of most of them. Lever running laps, Hannan walked a lap, not much more. Jones looks good. Preuss looked a bit tired from the run on Sunday. Jetta looked sharp. AVB is going to hurt a few this year. I wish Stretch had the size of Maynard, he is super fit, his accuracy was good today and he looks the part of a winger. Good luck chasing him all game. Tom Sparrow is the one to look for. He'll play this year. Just like the Man From Snowy River, the horse is 3 parts thoroughbred and a little undersized. He is young and will bulk up. He did a low jump, great scoop and handball off his feet to the running player. Followed it up by a beautiful long kick into the 50 for a mark. Good decision making as there were options and he hit his target unopposed. McCartney said hello over the fence and said something about the weather, very friendly. There were only 15 non MFC on the sidelines. OMac was running sprints with AVB there for a while. The new No1 May, had a lovely receive and kick into the F50. He'll get there, just needs a little longer for the preseason. Trac was switched on today, he was good. Fast, clean and accurate. Jones took a mark in F50 and Clarry came over and started pushing him around. Jones then slotted it. Saying both are comfortable at this level. Watch for Joel MacDonald in the F50 this year, with his size and speed, he is going to be tough to tag. He'll get the third tall defender and will roast them.
  5. Where can I get a deal like that. Turn up to work for one good day.....................
  6. Saty, love your work. Those 70s were a different time.
  7. ANB will be the transition player with his strong running. He'll set another record for km's per game expect 17km in a game, a few times this year. Midfield and Wing, then he'll run forward into a wide open 50 with his direct opponent a long way behind. Sparrow with his long kicking and solid possesion will be his trademark. We'll see him this year. Toby Bedford is dynamic, expect his fitness to increase and his tackling pressure reminds me ex-rugby junior Matthew "The Wrecker" Whelan. I loved watching him play. Haven't seen much of Marty Hore or Chandler.
  8. Looking at him at training today and on Monday, he'll be fine. Keep chipping away at it.
  9. Saw him many times as an 22yo new Demons member. He deserves it all. He lifted when Lyon was on the field and did some things that are brilliant. Love him, get him on board
  10. Brayshaw, Viney, Oliver and Harmes Lets see them escape those tackles. Keep the pressure up with tackles and poor disposal for them.
  11. Love it DV8, my favorite player for the last 2 years. I rode the bumps and ANB being dropped. He comes back and runs harder and the late Q4 goals are crucial, his fitness and running are rare. Keep on going nibbler.
  12. Love it, add Jones' celebration after his goal from the weekend game.
  13. On TV, looked like Essendon, go back to the brighter blue. At the game, it was fine. A Geelong mate said we looked good, its not a beauty contest we want to win. Reminds me of the advertising competition between BMW and Audi in 2006. Then Subaru chimed in with engine of the year. And Bentley outdoes them all.
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