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  1. Yeah, haven’t heard “in Jason Taylor I trust” for sometime. As I’ve been saying, Jason needs to start getting em right.
  2. It is very easy to retain players if you overpay them. And clearly they are overpaid when you consider our lack of success over the last few years and we are so tight on salary cap we are never in conversation for Shiels, Kelly & Coniglio etc The guy managing the Pies & Tigers salary caps are doing a great job, please don’t tell me the guy managing our TPP is doing a good job
  3. KLV, the Saints were 1 or 2 games plus a lot of % better than us when they sacked Ricoh so not sure they came off a lower base. At the time Carlton sacked their Coach they were 1 game below us with a higher %. Again, not sure they were off a lower base either. My take from very early days was that Goodwin is a great bloke who the Players love. The fact the Players loved him so much, to me was problematic. I have always thought Goodwin is far too nice a bloke to be a Premiership coach. I heard Dunkley on Mike Sheahan’s Show the other day more or less say that Roos dropped him like a hot rock as soon as he’d played his last game, despite Dunkley continuously housing young recruits as a player and feeling certain he would get a post playing job offer from the Swans as either Assistant Coach or in Welfare & Development. Roos also refused to trade O’Connor to the Hawks and made him play out his contract with the Swans. These decisions further reinforced that Roos has a real hard edge despite his nice guy persona. Not sure Goodwin has this type of hard edge.
  4. Teague & Richardson can make significant adjustments in a week which yield extreme improvements, yet Goodwin can’t over an entire season. I’m afraid with Goody it is a case of he just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and we are paying the price again for an apprentice Coach that really didn’t serve a long enough apprenticeship. To have any chance he needed another 2 years under Roos. Let’s face it, he wasn’t even Roos’ first choice.
  5. You’re over reacting. He’ll be coaching in the Finals next year after a good pre season and a much lower injury list.
  6. Wow, the despicable adulterer of a teammate says we’ll be alright and challenging for the 8 after a good pre season and on the back of a soft draw for being absolutely insipid this year. Maybe now that he has actually seen a Dees game by virtue of Friday night football he might want to add a multitude of additional steps to a rebuilding plan which should include a major overhaul of the Coaching staff, Recruiting staff & Playing list to restructure what is clearly the most unbalanced Playing in the AFL. Many of us on here have been screaming for outside midfielders and fast, high pressure forwards for years, yet the bozos continued to recruit KPP’s & slow inside mids. To think our equivalent of Richmond’s small forwards eg Rioli, Lambert, Castagna, Baker, Bolton, Stack, are Garlett, Spargo & Chandler. And let’s not compare their outside mids to ours as it gets even more depressing. FCS, leave me out of Wayne Carey.
  7. Well I’d certainly respect and appreciate Nick Riewoldt’s opinion before yours. In fact, I don’t even rate your opinion.
  8. I’ve been sticking it up the Frost bashers for over 12 months. Great to be Proven correct.
  9. Clearly his supposed reputation for all this greatness to which you refer, has not resulted in much by sitting next to Goodwin for the last few years.
  10. Another sign that those who believe the failure of this season is primarily due to injuries and off season surgeries are incredibly off the mark. Keep ringing the changes. I would also hope/suggest Josh Mahoney & Jason Taylor need to have a very strong Trade & Draft to secure their immediate futures.
  11. Webber, if you are not already part of the Club’s Social Media PR team, you should be. Either that, or you define the term, Club Apologist.
  12. You can’t be serious! KK a great player? He’s a nobody. A player who may have played B grade standard at best.
  13. You can’t have it both ways. Surely you would argue that Lever’s got an excuse because he’s missed a pre season.
  14. They’ve hit the post 3 times and missed several other easy ones. If the Petty gift goal had happened to us, Demonland would be in meltdown. I also thought scoreboard flattered us to the tune of about 4 goals. They’re crap, in fact they asked for a Priority Pick 2 weeks ago and they were 7 goals better than us.
  15. My kingdom for some B Graders. We are essentially a team of C Graders with a handful of A & B’s. This recruiting Guru really needs to improve as well. At the moment he’s looking like a C as well.
  16. Langdon wouldn’t get a game at the Pies. Phillips & Sidebottom are both much better Wingers.
  17. Very ordinary player tonight. The knock on his disposal is correct. On tonight’s performance, a Pick around 30 is about right. On tonight’s game Zak Jones is a better player, he’d be worth about a Pick 25.
  18. It doesn’t matter who you drop them for, because you’re dropping them to send a loud and clear message to improve. That message is louder & clearer if you drop them for an obviously less talented player, but one that busts his guts and gives you all he’s got.
  19. Got news for you. Frosty has been among the better for many weeks now. Even the Frost bashes have gone silent. As far as Hannan is concerned, there was no cake and no icing today, as there hasn’t been since his return many weeks ago! Agree with Jetta. Terribly underdone. Needed at least another one at Casey. Another obvious selection mistake which required no hindsight as so many queried it pre game.
  20. Unfortunately when you get a chance against the bottom club, Gold Coast, and you look a million miles away, your cards are quite rightly marked. Perhaps a Similar situation with JKH, despite several Casey bog’s that insipid mistake in the dying minutes of the Crows game where he went to ground and allowed Jenkins to goal, may well have marked his cards.
  21. You make a great point and I should have elaborated on that part of my Plan. To get genuinely good players there, GC would be allowed to make these 2 players a very special financial offer because only 66% of their salary would go into their Salary Cap for the life of their GC careers. I want to stress that this is it, no more. After this it is relocate to Tasmania or fold.
  22. My recommendation is that GC are given 2 additional Picks before the second round commences. These 2 Picks at 19 & 20 would need to be traded for players that are no older than 28 to protect them from being stupid enough to trade for a 30 year old Bryce Gibbs etc. This would mean that in addition to having the first Pick in every Round, they’d get 2 quality players in the mould of a 25 yo Melksham, Hibberd who were traded for later Picks than 19 & 20.
  23. Well, those two are hardly good endorsements of positive behaviour. Shaw, a bogan Rat Pack member disliked by Buckley who pushed him out to improve culture and Goddard, another disliked teammate at two Clubs who would sulk and throw the lollies all over the change rooms at teammates errors. No, I’m afraid we’re going to need much better examples of genuinely champion players to convince me.
  24. Jonathon Brown, whose opinion I respect, said it went on far too long and he didn’t like it.
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