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  1. Couldn’t believe they played Tim Smith ahead of Preuss. Another raging selection error in my view.
  2. Pruess - should have played Smith - should not have Jones - slow to react Fritsch - coughs it up Stretch - makes poor decisions Hore - very good game Frost - positives outweigh negative Gawn - brilliant & brave Viney - use ball better Oliver - use ball better
  3. Well said. Fritsch really coughs it up in traffic and Nathan Jones is too slow to react to play as inside mid now.
  4. Frost will be blamed but Nathan Jones fumbles again which is why it ends up in the square.
  5. All the Frost haters must be starting to believe they’re simply wrong.
  6. Why on earth would the Club even think of recruiting another tall Defender when we have so many more pressing needs? Lever, May, Frost, Oscar, Petty & even Keilty not enough???
  7. I’m staggered that anybody could suggest that Declan Keilty should be dropped next week ahead of Oscar MacDonald. After those pathetic efforts of Oscar that cost us 2 goals in the last quarter, I’m done with him. The Club burnt Lynden Dunn to get games into Oscar and he looks like being a C Grader at best.
  8. It doesn’t matter how much involved an ex player is in their old Club if their offspring has no talent. Look, I don’t mind the romanticism of Father Son, in fact, it is probably the only inequity that I could live with. Are you saying to me that it doesn’t pizz you off that Collingwood, Essendon, etc never have to play Geelong in Geelong? That nearly every year the NSW & Qld Clubs have access to an Academy player for a Draft Pick much higher than that players true worth? That Collingwood make a Grand Final last year off a very soft Draw because we have such a compromised Fixture?
  9. So it sounds like you agree. All I’m saying is that it is the best game in the world but with heavily compromised fixtures, home ground playing advantages, and inequitable drafting, it has lost a lot of older supporters. Particularly from the non super power Clubs. Thank goodness the Swans shot themselves in the foot and the AFL abolished the COLA. Wasn’t that a leg up for the NSW States. No wonder the Swans haven’t bottomed out for 20 years! With COLA and Academies it would be nearly impossible to bottom out.
  10. Absolutely. If it meant a 100% pure, unadulterated Draft, yes. Who the bloody hell have we got from Father Son apart from Jack Viney who is just a good ordinary player. Father Sons have won Geelong numerous Premierships.
  11. I have been incredibly annoyed by the inequitable fixture for years but this anger has been overtaken by the unfair advantages given to certain clubs with these bloody Academies. Another player this year who is tipped to be in the Top few is a GWS Academy player. It is so far from a level playing field that my interest is now almost zero.
  12. How many times will “learnings” get a run?
  13. I don’t enjoy it or dislike it. It means absolutely nothing, it has no importance in the big picture of what is happening with my footy Club.
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