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  1. You might be thinking of a real tough nut called Garry Chapman. Was a very tough half back/midfielder with Prahran who went onto play 2/3 seasons at Fitzroy. Does anybody remember a big, overweight plumber full of tattoos called Steve O'Brien, Number 34 I think. Made Toby Mitchell look like a clean skin.
  2. I haven’t spotted May back early which is a real disappointment after his pathetic 2019 performance of turning up fat and then consequently breaking down all year. I thought he owed the Club so much that he’d be first back.
  3. And you can believe that AFL players care little about where they fit in on their Club’s pay scale if you choose, however, that would totally defy one of humans greatest emotions (envy) but maybe your limited experience with AFL players proves otherwise.
  4. It probably only indicates that Canplay led the witness/senior player with his line of questioning, however, nobody could possibly be the slightest bit surprised that the majority of Dees players would be shaking their heads at Tomlinson getting a long term, lucrative contract.
  5. If you hadn’t worked it out already, the only reason why he would talk about Young is that he knows 100% that Young won’t be there for their first Pick.
  6. You are so overthinking this mate. This is from a mate of 40 years who we each served as each other’s Best Man at our respective weddings 30 years ago. There is no bs with this info. For the last 10 years I get emailed his Club’s full Draft report about 5 minutes before the Draft and I have never let him down by abusing the trust.
  7. I perfectly understand that strategy and agree with it, however, you miss the point of my post which was all about the detail of a mock draft from an actual ELITE AFL club and who they had at 3.
  8. Ok, but what’s the point in nominating a Player that is 100% going to be recruited by GWS to whom he is “allocated”. Besides which he’s another inside mid. Puzzling post!
  9. Yesterday I had breakfast with a mate that has been part of an AFL club’s recruitment team for 10 years and due to him passing me info prior to the actual Draft, I would rather keep the Club confidential, however, let me assure you that this is one hell of a successful club. My mate’s role is purely Victorian based and focuses totally on the TAC, no other league. The bottom line is that he told me this Club had a major meeting last Saturday whereby all the TAC watchers met for a full day and compiled a mock Draft of Victorian TAC players. Whilst having to be a little guarded at this time of year, my mate told me that at Saturday’s meeting, Hayden Young was the almost totally unanimous choice as number 3 from the TAC. In fact, my mate scoffed at the thought of overlooking Young at 3 even after the interstate kids were factored in He was very strong in his praise of Kemp but didn’t want to elaborate too much about other players in the 5 to 10 range as this is where his Club would be selecting. He did however say that neither he or any of his other TAC watchers had Weightman in the first 12 and said he’d be highly surprised if any Club took him in the Top 10 after the interstaters were added in. Thought you might be interested.
  10. Doesn’t have a great relationship with Richo which wouldn’t help us.
  11. Very safe kick after taking an eternity to sum up his safest short option. Provides absolutely no run, much less burst out of defence. If we’re playing Oscar as a second KPD, we’re in trouble.
  12. Shows you how bad we were when Jayden Hunt finishes top 10 with that rubbish he served up.
  13. Herald Sun has written as part of his performance rating that MFC should reconsider their long term, big money offer.
  14. If you reckon he went missing today, you should have seen his last two games. He was outstanding today compared to the last two games in which his team happened to play very well. He is just a low possession, role player that gets more games than he should because he’s tall. Having said he’s tall, he can’t take a contested overhead mark to save himself. No wonder no other Club is currently chasing him.
  15. I guess we now understand why NO other Club is chasing him.
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