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  1. An arm brace on Clarry to control whether he handballs or drops it onto the boot and a remote controlled leg braces for Gus to make him run the other way. Genius!
  2. A Friday morning training thread derailed by Sunday evening with general list related discussion? It's all just footy talk, i don't see the big deal or pity.
  3. Be that as it may, Jeff is also 30 years of age and just finished his contract. If you're finishing strongly, you get another 2 or 3 years. If you see out a contract in the way Jeffy did, whether there are a few mitigating circumstances or not, you're going to be passed up for a younger player/s that the club can get some games and experience into for the future. The club doesnt want to risk having another year or two of his total output again (Forget stats) especially for someone who'll be finished at the end of those years anyway.
  4. You been playing with yourself again TGR?
  5. But you're not tired of supporting a daycare centre for young players that will spend the majority of their short career in the vfl and will never be a gun for us in any afl match?
  6. Replacing Hogan with Hourigan, should solve our forward line issues.
  7. Exactly. The next step for me is for Weid to be 'inconsistent' rather than non-existent, in that we want to see him have a handful of big games this year. Not expecting anything close to consistent output, nor should anyone else. I really hope these comments come back to bite me in the [censored] though.
  8. Schache was 25 & 40. Weideman + 28 & 46 for a pick between 14-20 & a 4th or 5th round, perhaps a stretch - but won't be too far off the mark. I don't think he will have the ability to hold down the 1 or 2 spot this year ie succeed with us, but who knows, maybe he will show glimpses throughout the year that will entice another club to feel he might be an investment worth gambling on. Whereas with us after 5 years, it might be an investment we'd prefer to not continue with other players developing or wanting to be traded to us. Weid could slot into a 3rd tall spot with another club that views him as someone that will be able to become a key forward at the age of 25-26. Do we really have more than 2 years to give? We need an immediate impactful tall next to TMac to relieve the pressure on him. The one saving grace might be Mitch Brown giving Weid a little more time to develop and show he has a future with us by the end of 2021, when he's out of contract.
  9. I reckon he's going to be a key for us this year. ... The key to us getting back into the first round of this years draft that is! (In combination with some other picks) Sorry for the cheap shot, but i just don't think he has the ability to succeed with us.
  10. Tipping Swans and Blues to be contending for finals this year?
  11. All valid points, i was just making a pun on the Martians 'roasts' comment above and also want him to have that balance of fitness and endurance as well as bulk muscle strength he can throw around. So not turn into a vegan stick insect! ☺️
  12. Adelaide at Casey? If last year was the abberation, we've got 2 years age development into our list that demolished them by 100 and Adelaide are now rebuilding with coach stevie nicks... then i'm expecting the double tonne margin 😂
  13. Wait a year and he might be... Paging #ETTradeWhispers for the inside scoop?
  14. Plenty of players have looked like tanks next to Dustin Fletcher over the years.
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