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  1. An overweight retired player would be a better target than anyone in our dysfunctional forward line.
  2. I suppose Dew is not a Prik like Clarko when he flooded back and prevented Fevola from kicking 1 last goal to hit 100
  3. After watching the borefest that was Bris v Geel (Until last few minutes) - I decided to skip the WCE-RICH game. Mistake i guess, but meh, footy has been pretty garbage to watch this year on the whole
  4. The problem i see with getting "back" to a brand, is it's just a story we're telling ourselves based on the past, a deelusion if you will. Ask Adelaide about it. They had an entire year of people saying they just need to find that highly attacking brand and they'll bounce back and be a contender again - They probably all believed in internally. It's now dawned on them that they can never get 'back' to 2017, Things shift so fast league wide, and even list-wise. I fear that Goody, despite being a very good tactical coach, may just be exceeded in his abilities by 15-16 other current coaching departments, which will just make his job untenable. Only takes a very short time frame to lose it all.
  5. Exacty. this thread is totally [censored] absurd. Anyone thats been paying attention to footy in the last 10 years knows that Ben brown is a proud Tasmanian man that plays for a club that has an academy region with Tasmania that plays home games there. This is one of the most unlikely trade moves that could ever occur given these circumstances. The only chance he leaves is as a Tasmanian teams marquee player.
  6. This doesn't seem to be a topic of discussion currently, given what's happened at the 3 other clubs this year and how an assistant coach could realistically be temporarily at the helm and then appointed. Jennings, McAartney and others moved on, and yet we're not sitting here discussing an assistant to jump on board NOW like Caracella at EFC & Ratten the year earlier at St K that will be waiting in the wings for an opportunity the following year.
  7. How many footy minds has Jones seen? Tis a bit like Campbell Brown endorsing someone as a good bloke, hardly an experienced or reliable determiner on what constitutes 'good'
  8. FFS; Jordan Lewis is still one of our smartest players and most versatile - forward or defence. He even ran down and got a HTB tonight! He doesn't need to have speed with his positioning. Just looks like a completely different breed of player that sizes up the situation and applies the correct bodywork, tap, spoil etc, especially compared with the tactical immaturity surrounding him. If we're a shambles by mid next year and he's not in any way associated with the club be it player or coach (replacing Rooke? Jennings?) - then i'm done with the club. Has been my favourite player these past 3 years and still has better claim to a spot on the list with his current form, than half the list. Heck, he's got more claim to next year than Hibberd and especially Jones. And jesus christ do we need players like Lewis, that can hobble around and still be far more useful than the dirth of headless chooks ball watching Been supporting them in two stints ill admit, childhood age 4-21 and the last 7 years of my adulthood, settling down in 2013-2019 (Missed in between with other interests) - The hope of the club rebuilding and acquiring Roos got me back on board, but another poor year is just indefensible in terms of keeping footy in my priorities again.
  9. The score is currently 39-20 and watching on delay. I've just logged onto the latest page and I'm guessing we lose because we're playing with no heart at all. No interest at all in seeing it unfold, may as well save 90 minutes of my life. Edit: Ok, now to start back with page 1, and afl.com saying its 95-41 or something, ew.
  10. He's been working on his piggyback technique in the VFL and might be able to steer the opposition over the boundary line.
  11. Given our needs, Hayden Ballentyne deserves his own thread more than Daisy Thomas. I'm not game to create one though.
  12. Nah, we only play off and dish out last quarter spankings to Carlton in week 1 finals
  13. Would be a better place than Melbourne to spend the month of September
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