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  1. If we're imagining dream scenario's, i'd prefer the 'pick 6 gun running around this year with Lever in defence and FA May joining us for round 1 2020' scenario over yours 😂
  2. Just finished watching the game on delay. And let out an audible "[censored] Steven May" at the conclusion of the match for coming back unfit. As a result of a thought about how dysfunctional our forward line is without Hogan. I know there are many problems, but this one just seems like the domino pushing over the others.
  3. I watch on delay, so My MO is to skip ahead/fast forward when i get the sense the opposition is about to get a run on with my eye on the scoreboard changes to confirm. Rewind when we score a goal to see it. Then continue. I pretty much skipped over the entire 2nd half last week. Which saves me an hour of my life.
  4. Nothing is going to change. Just listen to our captains given reason for our form: “We want to play hard footy and we want to win. We’re not doing that and as a result we’re not winning, so we’ve got to change that.” Crack in harder and everything will be ok apparently.
  5. Even though i've mocked the captain for condensing all of what i perceive as gameplan issues against fast teams down to 'hardness' - we're lucky in that we're coming up against Richmond, the 2017/18 style measuring stick. where hardness and extraordinary effort might actually be the defining characteristic of matching the Tigers and winning tomorrow. I just hope our forwards and mids defend the ground ball/rebound in the forward line with their life ie with hardness! A gritty win will alleviate some of these sorrows at least for a week. What would be totally ironic would be if RIchmond, sensing that our club has been waiting for a year to redeem ourselves since last years chaosball championship , adopt the framework layed by others ie WCE control/possession and spread game style and beat us that way.
  6. “We want to play hard footy and we want to win. We’re not doing that and as a result we’re not winning, so we’ve got to change that.” Why are you blokes rattling on about prelim reviews and gameplans? It's only about hardness apparently according to our captain Hodge Junior.
  7. I call it an afternoon snack and a big dinner 2-3 hours later with Coffee and tea (no milk) all morning and early afternoon. Most people do it on a busy day.
  8. 2020 starts in round 23 with Spoonbowl. Front row tickets to the Ben Brown Show. C'mon Benny!
  9. Rowell, Rowell Rowell, Rowell Born is the King of Melbourne FC!
  10. We've never really been far ahead of them for very long, if you cast your mind back to a r22(?) game in 2016 at the MCG with finals chances on the line and their midfield rolling us. And then the following year they were quite disciplined with their press and worryingly lead us deep into the third before Lewis and Hogan threw a few punches, took them off their game before we ran away with it. We really kicked into gear in the following matches as we learnt how to beat up on weaker teams, but that standard was only shortlived it now seems.
  11. My post match analysis is that there should be an entertaining month of NBA playoffs ahead. However every time a team gets a fast break from a shitty offensive pass, ill be reminded of Dean Kent and our gameplan 😂
  12. Maybe he won't make it at another club, and is better off and content with being handy depth when the coach requires it. Why can't players make a career of providing 5-10 games of injury cover per year while making the VFL side strong with consistent performances? Every club needs their Brendan Whitecrosses of this world
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