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  1. my criteria is nobody bringing up his name in the 3 or 4 yrs ive been lurking and posting. Marcus Seecamp is another, not obscure, but i think im the only one ive ever seen bring him up! i think it was a convo with you Rod about bringing in some muscle to stand up to opposition belting Gawn behind play.
  2. He was untackleable as he could hear the opposition coming from a mile away
  3. Another year without curling will just about be the death of me.
  4. He got the action, he got the motion. Yeah, the boy can play
  5. When will we get a doco on Wattsy coming clean on his addiction to mammary glands and swimming?
  6. The more i see people whip out this 4 week block as our measuring stick, the more i am repelled and feel like the real foundational hard work came from winning 10-12 matches in the 3 seasons leading into it. You only have to look at 2019 to see how fast it can all crumble with the advent of improved teams league wide Which brings us back to the question of Jesse and the work HE DID in that period from 2016-2018. Why are we so quick to devalue it? If he can return to that, how much is he worth to us in light of our current woes. Probably a lot more value than an inconsistent season from Gus again.
  7. Yes, but i am only disputing that we went deep into September. Producing some kind of competitive performance verging on an epic tussle, win or lose, is surely a better criteria of depth than just making a prelim. Showing up in the 3rd week in more than just name. Did The Roos go deep into September in 2014 and 2015? People scarcely will remember they were even there.
  8. Imagine if the Coronavirus had kicked straight. Close to a 200 point spanking
  9. No, but they've certainly not even been close to being grand final worthy teams since 2015 in the Hawks case and 2013 in Geelongs. Bit of a stretch to plan our future premiership attack on a forward line that defeated them both in 2018 Im beginning to think there may have been some truth in the Clarko quip about dancing fron the rooftops.
  10. Surely going deep into September means being competetive against any of the best 3 teams (WCE, Coll or Rich) in a prelim All we did was beat Geelong and Hawthorn.
  11. I know the pay issue is important, but it really highlights for me why ive turned off almost all afl media last year and already this year; Barely any discussion of games, and instead footy politics. Where were the 'on the couch' game graphics and behind the goal vision from round 1? Instead just a round table discussion on pay disputes. What a bore.
  12. Maybe im going blind, but i thought Viney and Oliver combined to make plenty of fumbles and errant handballs that led to turnovers that cost us in the first quarter and put us on the backfoot. Viney played very well for the next 3 quarters, but i swore i cursed a few times at Viney in the first, hunting the ball but undoing the good work by disposal. Any one with a replay can confirm or not? I think ive just lost all enthusiasm and excitement for the bullish chaotic ball winning in the contest, when i know our collective skills will botch the end result moving it forward. Excitement just invites frustration, over and over. Numb to it all really now.
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