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  1. When push came to shove, we weren't prepared to give anything significant up to bring in the superior Freo winger that would've made a far bigger impact with his disposal. We've thrown inside mids on benches, wings, has, instead of trading surplus to needs. I'm prepared to give Langdon time to grow into this position on the team. Fix flaws etc. But how can anyone not call his disposal terrible? He slams them on the boot with zero pressure, the way Viney does under pressure! Floaters straight to the opposition. Anything short of hitting leads lace out with bullets, kicking to space and directing the forwards, or drilling it up for KPFs to mark at highest point is not only the bare minimum as a winger, but anything short of that IS terrible disposal. It's a shared blame though with our forwards not providing the greatest of leads or halving enough contests for our crumbers to get to work.
  2. I'm guessing that you're about to tell us all for the 38th time that youre too busy volunteering at soup kitchens to get to that number. Gr8 b8 m8
  3. And it's still looking like we should have traded 1 of our surplus inside mids to outbid and overpay Hill to have his sublime kicks to advantage moving forward. Worth the money.
  4. We'll end up with an ANB, Lockhart, VDB, Melk, Fritta, Jones forward line by r12 With Kosi, Bedford and Bennell in the reserves chasing tackle numbers and high marks in the Goodwin Zone Class, to get back into the team 😂
  5. I think we're all just weary of Bennell getting the Garlett treatment. In and out all year because of fitness or defensive issues, but still kicking 1-2 goals a game and setting up a few others. If the season starts slipping away, then we might look back on r5-7 as a block of games we needed someone like him in. If he comes in later in round 8 or so, has a big impact but we're so far back that it's just an exercise in preparing for 2021, well what a waste. Hoping it's only weather related and he's in next week.
  6. I think the wet might suit us now more than in the past for Petracca, Viney and a smaller forward line or Kozi. As long as we exhibit 'learnings' and tap it on. I'm more afraid of a dry WA like deck and letting the opposition showcase their rebounding keepings off skill
  7. Let's be real. We'll be in it up to our necks but ultimately fall away in the last, it's the slow burn 2 season long form of "annihilation"
  8. Richmond aren't annihilating anyone but Adelaide right now. 😛
  9. Savage. With all due respect to those boys, but there's a reason that we got most of them with picks higher than 25 and some in the 50s or later. None are elite or have the potential to be elite, Fritsch perhaps the highest ceiling - but never A grade. Sure, we might develop cohesion eventually, with everyone playing their role perfectly, but right now we are lacking some players forward that will make something out of nothing happen. Players with class and skill. Players who can at least have a big 3 or 4 goal impact when they're on. Goody thinks he's Nathan Buckley, shuffling around Jordan DeGoeys and Jayden Stephenson's
  10. Spargo and Kozi - they party together, they chase girls and opponents together and they score goals and assists together. What's not to like?
  11. Who do you think we go for in the 2019 draft if we took B. King in '18? Hayden Young instead of Jackson? Do we stil take Rivers then or another player? Or still take Jackson as best available?
  12. Garlett would've been our top goal scorer last year if he'd played every game, so no. Rightly or wrongly, Goodwin's track record is caring about defensive pressure over goalscoring.
  13. Relax, Weideman is being saved for the games that we're out of contention for the 8. I can't wait to see him dominate before asking for a trade.
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