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  1. I thought it was hilarious. He was being held but played it up in such an awkwardly absurd way with the delayed reaction. He has no history of it, strong word not necessary.
  2. When/How the hell did Sparrow get injured?
  3. Both. It's possible to finish last on 11 wins, I saw some one on reddit r/afl with too much time on their hands create a ladder with the remaining fixtures that had every team on about 11-12 wins. 😁
  4. He had no place outside of the best 22 until a few days ago according to team selection. Easily gets a 1 year extension.
  5. I've got NFI who should play given i've watched zero neutral matches all year and have no idea who Brisbane's team and our matchups for them are. That being said I'm looking forward to our club taking on a team that seems to be on the rise like we were last year, so It's a symbolic match of sorts. And could be used as a way for us to put our stamp on them for future matches, given we plan to be back in the mix soon enough. Even though i'd love pick 1, to go on a run and beat up on some teams over the next 10 teams could be a great way of saying 'lookout' for next year. In: Lever, Hibberd, Dunkley Out: Wagner, Petty, Hannan
  6. Though he picked the one time when it wasn't necessary. Viney can more than hold his own.
  7. I'd just love to see a long chronological history of our desperate chase for outside runners in 2025 when we're folding and looking at the opportunities we should have taken but instead went for your inside sparrows 😂 I should probably add my take: I think we should offer Brad Hill 800K. Get it [censored] done.
  8. Carlton had massive rivalries with all 3 clubs in 80's and 90's because their fan base were as big a pack of C**** when they were up and about.
  9. I Raise But seriously @Matsuo Basho, maybe google old posts to add new info, so we can get a chronological history on players as trade targets? Or Mods can just merge threads?
  10. You're correct. I did the predictor this morning and i have us finishing 8th with a final against WCE.
  11. Chasing Darcy Parish? Sounds like a good title for the George Pell biopic
  12. Frequently dropping it too. Has Bull ever worn a glove? Might seem like an obvious and dumb idea, but.. just maybe it could give him a little edge in "catching" them like McGovern does with his sticky hands. Borrow Jayden's, he surely doesn't need em!
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