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  1. It's a grand old flag, it's a high flying flag...
  2. The demonland photoshop afro optical illusion? I thought i was getting a bit carried away...
  3. Ah yes, senior players with experience to teach, pointing directions = lack of culture. But Frost having nothing to teach, and therefore nowhere to point = bleeding for the jumper.
  4. Interesting to note that our 3 senior recruits are all in the 65-75% Uncontested Possession range. It will be exciting to see some red and blue outside of the scrimmage for a change
  5. And even after Gawn retires, maybe it will be time to just have a plodder we can find on the cheap like Richmond did with ..Toby Nankervis. And put all of our cap space into other positions like key forwards and goal kicking mids. We don't need to use pick 3 in 2019 to have what might become one of the best ruckman in 2025-2030!! (Assuming he hasn't left by then anyhow)
  6. Now we just need a thread titled... Meet Kicking High Performance Manager Darren Bennett
  7. About time our club had a player that opposition fear, even if it was just their breath.
  8. You have to be an ornithologist to decipher this fixture
  9. You and @Watson11 seem to have found the smoking gun in this whole saga! ie Must've been a major selling point.
  10. "Disliked the Jordan Lewis trade" will be read at TGR's eulogy
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