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  1. Thoughts on Jordan Murdoch from Geelong or Alex Morgan from North as outside runners?
  2. Yeah that's the best I've found as well. Thanks anyway though. Someone will probably chuck it up on Youtube at some point. There are plenty of games from previous years up there
  3. Anyone know where you can find a replay of yesterday's game online? I love the IRS
  4. wow you guys weren't exaggerating when you said the music was bad... this is genuinely painful
  5. I see him playing a similar role for us as Robbie Gray does for Port
  6. Someone posted this on another thread a while back, but I'll repost it here. The legend that runs it usually puts games up the day after they're played https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/the-melbourne-replay-archive.1144478/
  7. I only started following the footy around 2010 so my list is all quite recent. In no particular order Green Jamar Jurrah Davey Watts Gawn Wonaeamirri Vince Tyson Jones
  8. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2016-12-21/lumumba-retires-from-the-afl
  9. Jetta, T. McDonald, O. McDonald Hibberd, Frost, Melksham Hunt, Jones, Vince Petracca, Hogan, Watts, Garlett, T. Smith, Kent Gawn, Lewis, Viney Stretch, Salem, Brayshaw, Tyson Emergency: Oliver, Bugg, Pedersen
  10. Oh man the swans didn't stand a chance after halftime. I don't necessarily think it was solely due to the umpires, but they just couldn't hit the scoreboard. I don't actually think they were that much worse otherwise
  11. I reckon this is the best game of footy I've seen since the 2012 grand final
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