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  1. Massive congrats to the guys who are still watching this season. I stopped caring letting it put me in a bad mood since the Brisbane game. Top golf was pretty fun today!
  2. Wow... Goody has been reading DL for his next coaching move.
  3. I know he is exactly the type of player we don't need, but I feel it is justice bringing Ollie to where he belongs and should be once and for all. [censored] you Neeld.
  4. Would love him at the club, wouldn't be paying much more than P20. Perhaps we can do P20 and swap our 3rd round for their 4th round pick. In terms of draft points this would value B Hill between P12-P15.
  5. 1) Gus will need to agree to go to the sun's not even dom Tyson signed a 5 year big money deal to go there. 2) GC got reamed with the Lachie Weller trade, no way they over pay like that again
  6. Yep completely agree... Seeing the boys coming off at half time he was the one player with a voice. Jones and Viney no where to be seen.
  7. Yeah switched it off and watched the cricket when graham kicked the goal from the boundary... Aussie bowlers have done very well getting us back into the test!!
  8. [censored] knows. But it gets Gils stamp of approval
  9. Any chance of recalling a boundary throw in which falls 20 metres short
  10. Meh... Over really caring.... AFL umpires are pathetic
  11. Looked very similar to last year...
  12. Lever looks like he has done a knee
  13. wow our medical/high performance team truly are a joke.... Watch Melk come out of the game on the weekend with "awareness" in the foot and it ends up being a further fracture and career ending.
  14. Agreed, P2 should have nothing to do will Hill. Freo paid P26 for Hill 2 years ago, his value will have only gone down or stayed the same given he is now older. P20 sounds pretty fair to me for Hill...
  15. God I hope we are tanking, and not just this bad.
  16. FWIW I think they will get one, just an end of first round pick.
  17. Making an informed & educated evaluation of how this year has panned out I think you can come to the conclusion that this year has been a big bleep in our development. We have been slowly but surely building a winning culture at the club with continued growth for 5+ years. I simply don't buy into this is who were are and where we belong given we really have been pushing for finals for the last 2-3 years with a VERY young list. Having a record amount of off season surgeries is not an ideal way to start pre season. Only being able to get 12 players on the park for a session at the start of the year should also be cause for concern and indicates how underdone or players were. Also being a young team we very much rely on confidence to get us through games, our confidence was absolutely shot by round 3 this year and there probably wasn't much hope in turning it around from there, especially with the injuries we were facing, just go back and look at how our backline lined up in the first few rounds. I think the media really has given us a bit of a mulligan this year, given its clear our list is talented and even though our season is shot we have not dropped our heads and are getting ourselves into winning positions weekly. However, 2020 there can be absolutely no excuses. We will be starting our pre season early, our list is beginning to look healthy again. We will also be "blessed" with a top 5 pick that we would not have been planning for or expecting. This pick will get more elite talent through the doors or could be traded for more ready made players to help us make a push back to September next year. As a previous poster mentioned, if we start next year 0-2 the pressure and media slagging will come down on the club and Goodwin like a brick [censored] house.
  18. For those who were keen on Sam Day he has re-sign with the GC today....
  19. Wow... That might be the worst decision of the year.
  20. Hibberd dragged off the contest... Also "not seen"
  21. How's that shove from Kennedy of course... "Not seen"
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