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  1. A card board cut out of Steven may would have been more imposing...
  2. In: Salem, May, Lever, Hore Out Wagner, Omac, Stretch, JKH Fritta moved fwd/wing
  3. This club sure knows how to kick you in the d!ck
  4. How good has Brayshaw looked this quarter??
  5. This is the [censored] that frustrates me about these umpires... They pay the Viney one but let Atkins have about 4 seconds of prior and still doesn't get rid of it cleanly... These umpires are simply incompetent.
  6. He plays for Melbourne free against everyday of the week
  7. Spargo haters would love that... [censored] weak 50..
  8. 6 players with under 15 games out there today... Want to know why this team looks different from last year? Because it is a completely different line up mainly due to injury. We really are playing like a team with next to no chemistry again which makes sense when a third of your team are new inexperienced faces. Looks like this season might be done and dusted
  9. With both SA clubs losing this weekend this game has become that much more important... A win here and we are just a single game behind 7th and 8th spot.
  10. Oh I know why guys... Stevic is umpiring
  11. Maybe it's not us the umpires hate... They are trying their hardest to get WCE back into this one...
  12. Surely that wasn't Margetts making another mistake
  13. yes... then he got concussed again?
  14. Yep we need big Pruessy.... He will kick a bag.
  15. I guess accepting the Brown paper bag on match day might be a bit too public?
  16. I think we will need to agree to disagree here... No, clearly you need umpires to have a game... I just would think with the amount of money the AFL brings in they could have Full time and better quality umpires as I have previously mentioned... Too many of them are completely incapable of doing their job correctly, as we have discussed these could be a number of factors, lack of training, skill, knowledge or they might not just be up to officiating on the big stage. I'll ask you a question how could do you explain the constant discrepancies in decisions made each an every game which we can agree is more than the odd mistake? C'mon mate ask any AFL fan to name 12 umpires let alone 12 umpires they don't disagree with is something I can guarantee you 99.9% of the footy watchers cannot do. Umpires are not meant to be known, the reality is they shouldn't really even be noticed, the only time I ever look up an umpires name is when I am suspicious of them being corrupt... Margetts, Parnell, Stevic and Nicholls are my top culprits.. The only reason these names are getting discussed is because of how corrupt and or bad at their job they are. There is no "good game" for an umpire, they either do their job and not [censored] up or they do [censored] up and get discussed. To try and answer your questions regarding the umpires I like, I think Leigh Fisher does a decent job, Razor seems fair however does love the TV time but one thing you can say for him is that he is consistent. I also don't mind Rosebury as an umpire again seems to be quite consistent. I am sure there are more quality umpires out there which I have not named which I do not know... Likewise there would be more incapable umpires which I haven't named as well. Long and short of it the entire department is a mess, umpires should not be getting involved to assist the players ala the GWS v Carlton game, they are there to officiate and that is all, something they need more coaching and practice in so we have more consistent decisions.
  17. Again, high pressure environment, they are all big boys... It's not like its the first time the umpire had heard the word [censored]. Not sure what you mean exactly by "your day" you did mention in a previous post you were around to witness the 1960's so I am sure you remember BT going bonkers as umpires during his playing days throughout the 80s, if not see below... I would sure as hell prefer to be called a [censored] cheat than deal with what the umpires dealt with in "your day" I am not saying what Daisy did is right and yes he did deserve a fine... but it was probably 3 times more than what it should be, and why the tribunal hearing? They hung him out to dry for no real reason. A simple fine post match by the MRO for umpire abuse would have been sufficient... If the umpire cannot handle being called a cheat and it has affected his life outside of football then I suggest he needs to find a new career. Back to my previous post these people are paid very well in a high pressure work place, the reason they get paid well is to do their job well (as I mentioned previously the umpires are shocking at) and to deal with the pressure that comes with being in the spot light.
  18. I actually cannot believe he was fined $7,500 and sent to the tribunal for that... Surely these throw away comments are made in most if not every game. I really don't like Daisy, but he really got the short straw on this one...
  19. Yep... I cried watching this last night. What a champion, and his Dad did so well to speak so emotionally in front of so many people.
  20. I used to be a local footy umpire to keep fit when I was playing.... I would usually umpire a under 11s or 12s match before playing my under 18s game. Of course the level of abuse I took at local level is a drop in the ocean compared to what an AFL umpire experiences but what I would say is I copped a lot more abuse from across the fence when I was playing rather than umpiring .... My point is if you are an AFL umpire, same as if you are a player you get paid well, have an exciting job and should be capable of dealing with these external pressures as these are well documented before entering the industry... Hence the large pay packet, if you want to umpire for the love of it and want minimal pressure then go to your local under 12s game and enjoy the $50 per game. And to answer your question why don't I do it now.... I like KFC, beer and posting on demonland too much
  21. A part time job which pays over $100K PA working on the big stage week in week out... I think there are many who would be up for it.... Yes umpires are human, yes they will make mistakes however these guys are highly paid professionals in a nation wide sport where it seems rules and decisions are changed weekly, actually scrap that, between games. They in reality between the three field umpires should be nailing 95%+ of decisions, all be on the same page and have the same understanding of each rule which should be adjudicated exactly the same week in week out. Sadly this is just not the case, the frustration for fans comes when for example a really harsh HTB decision is paid then the exact same umpire in the next passage of play will make a completely opposite call. How could this happen in a nation wide sport? Of course fans will cause uproar and if we don't I think the AFL will continue to just go with the flow and keep on keeping on. We will continue to have head scratching decisions and confused as hell players. Maggots, sorry.... Margetts did everything in his power on the weekend to get his beloved Eagles across the line, there is no denying that.... He made many "mistakes" in that final term and should be held accountable. What that means I am not sure, suspension? WAFL time? no clue.... The first thing that should happen is never have a home state umpiring their own team, IE WCE V MELB should have only NSW, QLD, ADEL umpires. The next thing the AFL should do is make all field umpires Full Time, throughout the week they can work on positioning for best viewing of contests to limit "mistakes", fitness training, and reviewing footage of their daily [censored] ups and learn from these mistakes just like the players do. The end result would be a fair competition, if that is what the AFL wants....
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