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  1. Freeeeeeee. Well just dollars no need to trade
  2. Langdon, Tomlinson and Elliot would be a huge trade period. If Frosty goes we will likely still hold picks in the first and second round to.
  3. Can't keep them all sometimes... If he goes he goes, sure he has x factor and has improved however I think we have seen the best of frost which is a relatively inconsistent player which does 3 or 4 nice things a game but 3 or 4 wtf moments.
  4. That would be an insanely good trade period for us if we can pull that off. I think that will block every deficiency we have and push us right back up there assuming the boys work hard over summer and we remain healthy. We would still have to use our 3rd and fourth round picks in the draft in that scenario however, so we would need to clear a total of 7 list spots... Jeffy, Keilty, Lewis, Maynard (confirmed) ... JKH, ANB & J Wags?
  5. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-finals-2019-giant-trade-target-adam-tomlinson-shattered-at-brutal-finals-selection-call/news-story/d3095fff35f0d5c26ab05ea0b4a3cbb1 Featuring in 80 out of a possible 81 games and being dropped for their final doesn't really constitute "not getting a game"
  6. He has an equal or better tank than ANB. He could take his spot as a high half forward trying to out run his defender. He can also be utilised more on the wing and half back. He has been a best 22 player for a successful giants team for 4 straight years. I hope we get him across.
  7. GCDee

    GWS Surplus

    Yeah second round compo IMO likely a pick in the 30s.
  8. GCDee

    GWS Surplus

    If they get their hands on pick 3 it means that they will be able to take green with a second round selection as their first selection will be in before the bidders. They are essentially (indirectly) gaining an upgrade of their second round pick to another top 5 selection by doing the deal. So yes they will pay overs for pick 3.
  9. GCDee

    Rory Laird

    I really think you are forgetting about the salary cap bud... Unless you plan on trading out at least two of our higher paid best 22 players there is zero chance of this happening. You also need to use a minimum of 3 picks in the draft, do you really want us to be having to draft into the 4th/5th round taking up a senior spot?
  10. GCDee

    Rory Laird

    If we end up splitting the pick with GWS I really hope we go for Brent Daniels as part of the deal. 13 for Laird would be a no brainer, would add some serious dash and rebound ability in on our half back line.
  11. GCDee

    Rory Laird

    He is a 25 year old 2 X all Australian who is contacted until 2021... I really think a first rounder is this absolute starting point if we had a chance of getting him. I'd say a pick between 8-15.
  12. A few articles popping up this morning after talk on the radio that Laird "may be available" although contracted. At 25 he is a super star half back which could allow us to push Salem up the ground and also cover the loss of Lewis from our backline. I would assume a first rounder would be a minimum cost to acquire him, possibly more given his contract status. https://www.triplem.com.au/story/listen-andrew-jarman-believes-that-multiple-clubs-are-circling-rory-laird-146811
  13. I think we will struggle to get him in the cap....I believe his contract is in excess of 700k
  14. Perhaps may will go forward?
  15. Here is my scenario... 3+21 to Sydney for 5 + Papley (values Papley approx pick 12) 5 + 57 (1927 points) to WCE for 15 & 23 (2060 points) (WCE will want a higher pick to pip Freo in the Kelly deal) 23 to Freo for Langdon Take 15 to the draft Overall: In: Papley, Langdon, P 15 Out: 3, 21 & 57
  16. honestly... I'd take just a plan B with our coaching form this year.
  17. If he really really really really really really really really really wanted to leave the yes.... However I don't think this is the case.
  18. I cannot believe we are not throwing the sink at papley. Would take ANBs spot and fit our forward line and age demographic perfectly
  19. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/08/26/report-off-contract-sun-to-request-trade-with-six-victorian-clubs-circling/ Doesn't sound like we are keen... Would cost a fair chunk in salary cap and picks/players.
  20. A 23 year old pick 3 who polled third in the Brownlow last year and is currently contract for 3 more years will be fetching a lot more than a second round pick... Yikes
  21. 1) Misson not being around to mismanage our players. 2) Goody hopefully gets a kick right up the [censored] and realises if we start next year the way we started this year he is jobless. This could lead to him being less stubborn in the box. 3) We have higher than expected trade currency for this year. 4) Fritta being played as a permanent forward and kicking 50 goals for the year. 5) Refer to point one.... Getting our players back on the track and some continuity at team selection 6) Maxy becoming sole captain
  22. Yep has to be max and only max... Sorry Viney you need to focus on your game because the best use for you currently is being used as a tagger
  23. Love Lewis's comment to roughy, "if you were out here you would have found me open" shows how little faith he had in his team mates. Must be hard to run to space knowing 3 guys out if 22 will hit you.
  24. Dead set Jones anyone would know that kick needed to go down the line and we expect our boys to follow this bloke?
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