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  1. I'd love jack martin at the club, however I'd much prefer to have cap space and be in the picture for those 2020 free agents. [censored] that list looks amazing
  2. Yes very decent draw. Play in QLD twice again which makes me very happy. No excuses next year. Top four should be what is expected with top 6 being a "pass"
  3. Hahaha, so many auto correct errors on my phone then! I just meant why would GC delist Martin now & let him walk for free to the blues after their negotiations fell over. At least if he goes into the PSD the Blues will squirm a bit and will likely overpay him in terms of salary.
  4. Why would that do that when the were at an impass at the trade table? Even if they (and us) have no intention in taking him in the PSD they should make them squirm a bit
  5. This would actually be so amazing and the biggest FU to those carlscum supporters if we nab him in the PSD. Here's hoping he is good mates with May and or KK.
  6. B+ trade period for me. We will hit the draft and get some genuine A grade talent through the door. We have improved our current playing group adding two genuine wingers. I would have loved to get a fit Elliot accross the line because I am still a tad worried about our forward line. Time will tell I guess.
  7. Yep agreed I couldn't believe the "experts" were rating him as a mid 20s pick. Surely a pick around 12-18 is what was needed to get him over the line. Carlton fans surely will be fuming, I'm sure a 35 year old Betts might get a goal of the year nomination for them.
  8. GC want a first rounder to be part of a trade. Carlton need 9 for Papley and would be crazy to give up their first rounder next year as it could likely be a top 5 pick. I like Jack Martin I think he could be a genuine role player for us however I think his asking price is a bit too much.
  9. Yoko has gone very quite, I don't think there is any deal for a Victorian key forward getting done in 10 hours which the media hasn't sniffed out yet....
  10. Sounds like a trade we cannot lose... Just imagine if GWS fall and we pick up an early teen pick
  11. I don't think the slide will be that far.... However even if that's the case we still "win" from a points perspective
  12. I hope they hold him to his contract and lose him to FA next year
  13. If we are getting back into the first round next year and only going back 3 spots this year in what seems to be a very equal draft from picks 3-12 seems like a massive win for us.
  14. I couldn't be happier with this deal if it goes through
  15. The Hawks are taking on A grade talent which are paid like A grade talent with D grade output. GWS needed Scully and Patton off their books so they can retain they players which aren't injured and know will play their best.. whitfield, cameron, Coniglio etc Even though Scully came back and played most of this year he hardly had much impact. Patton I dare say will be much the same
  16. haha yeah most of them should be ashamed of this year....
  17. With that logic.... Would you take a second rounder for Tmac?
  18. I will laugh so much if Hill falls over and he ends up with another club on 700K
  19. The bloke is a dead set liability if the ball hits the ground and he rarely leaves the goal square. If we get which I REALLY hope we don't I would be happy to eat my words if he can perform but I really cant see him being anything more than a list clogger which could potentially limit Weid's development.
  20. Not that I am wanting him on the list... Pick 79 will get it done considering he is not wanted at all.
  21. If the pies salary cap is so tight we should make a play for Tom Langdon at 25 he can play on a key or small forward and could want to line up next to his brother.
  22. Interesting we have pick 26 which will trump the dogs now in dealing for bruce.
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